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Salmon Ninja is a fast paced action platformer. With a handy grappling hook you can quickly traverse the environment by grabbing onto walls, ceilings, and even enemies. Thi 5d3b920ae0

Title: Salmon Ninja
Genre: Action, Indie
Krax Games
Krax Games
Release Date: 29 Sep, 2016


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#yoin! everything as expected, saw it many times in the stream and it's hilarious to play and watch. good luck furthermore D.. I stumbled onto this game while looking at upcoming releases. It looked fun and engaging, so I bought it pretty much immediately on release. I have to say, though, I'm left more on the disappointed side so far. On the up side, the game has some definite style in its visuals and sound, coming across like a sleek upgrade of a retro game, with fluid-looking movement and eye-popping colors. In terms of gameplay, it obviously draws a lot of inspiration from Super Meat Boy, but its central difference is the grappling hook, which is part of what caught my eye. But I'm left unsure of how to feel about the hook. For the purpose of specific aiming of the hook, you need keyboard and mouse controls, which feel a little awkward during certain fast-paced segments and contributes to some of the difficulty if you're more of a controller gamer (like me). But for all that, the hook doesn't even seem like the central gameplay gimmick. Most of the early levels just focus on your ability to execute precision jumps. It feels like the hook should have been made a bit more necessary if it was going to be part of the game. The thing that really bothers me is the progression. One could argue that dying a lot is definitely expected in a game like this, but at times because of the fast movement and perilous obstacles, you'll find yourself dying a lot if you're not the most skilled gamer (somehow that little ninja can be very slippery sometimes!). Here's the biggest problem with that: your ability to progress in the game and clear worlds is dependent on getting gold medals by clearing the levels effectively and efficiently. This means that progression in the game is essentially more of a "hardcore" feature than a "casual" feature, meaning a lot of your potential audience may be shut out from experiencing the game if they don't feel like re-running the levels to get them just right. Things like leaderboards and achievements and their in-game bonuses are great features for rewarding players who really polish their skills. Being able to simply play the game should not be a reward. Overall I can tell there's a lot of heart here, and pieces of a really fun game. But what stops it from being a classic is that clearing levels alone isn't enough; you have to master them, meaning that a lot of the game's content might end up being replaying the same levels, which I don't personally find to be fun enough. It ends up feeling like the sort of Flash game I would have played on Newgrounds back in the day and thought was cool, but I after a few minutes of retrying the same level I'd probably get bored and find something else to do. I think tweaking that alone would be the difference between me recommending it or not. EDIT: Based on feedback, the medal requirement was removed. The game is still super challenging, but it feels much more accessible now.. If you like hardcore platformers you will love this game. It has all the basic elements you would want, tight controls, great level design, and a cool grappling hook mechanic that opens up lots of fun level designs. It also has a cute story and well written dialogue that will make you chuckle from time to time. The game is divided into 4 worlds, each with 7 levels, one story segment, and a boss fight at the end. Each individual level is further divided into several checkpoints, which is great, because even though you will die a lot you will never have to replay long sections of a level and there is literally always a check point after a tough segment. The bosses are standard fare, you will die a few times learning their patterns but none of them are tough once you know how to dodge their attacks. The game took me just shy of 2 hours to beat, there are also leaderboards for time trials if you are into that sort of thing. The game has a pretty good difficulty curve, the earlier levels teach you the skills you need to pass the later levels and other than an obscenely difficult last level, the game never feels unfair. Definitely worth a buy.. Just picked up the game today, certainly fun, with tons of origional art and stuff! One thing I keep running into is clicking off the game while its in fullscreen and it bugs my game out, having to restart the whole thing. I know its because I have two monitors, but I would hope my cursor would stay in my first monitor, because I could be on a sick run! I'll definitely be playing it for a few weeks minmum since im a leaderboard junky! I hope the story elongates in the future, since it was short! (For me atleast).. Fun game. Really enjoyed the artwork.. It's actually a lot of fun.

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