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You are a mine worker, stuck deep in an underground cave system. All you have are your hi-tech mining tools. In order to get out of the caves, you will have to shape the dynamic environment to your advantage. You can also create force fields for different purposes. Roast enemies with the laser field or jump higher with the bouncy field, for example.

The game contains many puzzles, deadly traps, and bloodthirsty monsters. You will have to use clever and unconventional ways to get past them.

By finding treasure you can boost your abilities, making your quest for freedom and a well-earned vacation slightly easier to achieve. Get a scanner to see through walls or a scifi version of the good old ninja rope to be the king of the rock jungle!

And of course there's a story! Something weird is going on in the mines. Your employer isn't what it looks like, you are hearing strange voices, and there's some maniac running around in the mines and sabotaging things. What's your role in all of it? Find out!

There's also multi-player! Whereas the single-player mode is more about adventuring and solving puzzling problems, the multi-player mode is all about fast-paced action and destruction! The dynamic environment and many different weapons, tools, and tricks allow endless tactical possibilities to beat your enemies. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Sandmason
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Release Date: 4 May, 2015


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a very solid and enjoyable puzzle fps. red faction-style terrain destruction tied to some clever puzzles, plus a rad force-field gun. it's good and you should buy it!. This game is very Portal-esque in a spiritual way. It does, however manage to create a great spirit of exploration. I actually feel the need to dig more, and the puzzles are challenging to boot.. Wanted to like it, but it reminds me of kids playing with map settings in different creators. As they continue, the maps become crazier & sillier. The same happens here.. Very fun and good game to play with friends, worth the price for some good entertainment. I'm very impressed with the game so far. Interesting, fun game play and soundtracks are great as well. This game is easily worth 4 dollars. Was a ABSOLUTE bargain for .79 cents... go on....BUY IT !. I played the demo quite a bit longer than an hour, but I only just purchased the game, so it only says an hour. Anyway, this is a puzzle type game in the style of Portal, where you run around in First Person View Mode solving puzzles in the environment with what I call a 'Themed Mechanic'. In Portal, the Mechanic was, obviously, portals made with the portal gun. In Sandmason, it's dirt if said in its simplest form. You have a can that can dig and store dirt from the environment, and then be placed down again in the form of spheres made of dirt. You use this to reach places n' stuff. Along with various puzzles involving moving to places, there are ones where you need to help get a ball shaped power source to a socket, and also contend with giant slime creatures and get creative when avoiding/killing them.

There are various power ups too, like jetpacks and super speed that are fun to use.

It's a very fun game, and there's also a demo, so try it out. I recommend it.

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