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Dr. Eggman (aka Dr. Robotnik) has returned, turning helpless animals into robots and forcing them to build his ultimate weapon, the Death Egg!
But this time, Sonic h 5d3b920ae0

Title: Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Genre: Action, Adventure
Sonic the Hedgehog
Release Date: 26 Jan, 2011


  • OS: Windows® XP or higher
  • Graphics: 32MB or greater graphics card
  • DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0


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I loved playing this game again. It was like seeing a long lost friend. Once I started playing all the levels came flooding back to me. I feel this game is much better than Sonic 1 but this is probably coloured by nostalgia. The game is a lot more forgiving, where in Sonic 1 you always seemed to be falling to an instant death, here in Sonic 2 you fall to an alternative route. This, like Sonic 1, is a very good platformer but it is probably only of interest to those of you who played this as a child.. I loved playing this game again. It was like seeing a long lost friend. Once I started playing all the levels came flooding back to me. I feel this game is much better than Sonic 1 but this is probably coloured by nostalgia. The game is a lot more forgiving, where in Sonic 1 you always seemed to be falling to an instant death, here in Sonic 2 you fall to an alternative route. This, like Sonic 1, is a very good platformer but it is probably only of interest to those of you who played this as a child.. u30e1u30acu30c9u30e9u30d1u30c3u30afu306bu306fu5165u3063u3066u306au3044u3088. 9/10 played it through long ago and now again for about the 3rd time, and its as good as i remembered.. So I got a lot of feedback on my review of the original Sonic the Hedgehog . It largely consisted of tantrums and gross misunderstandings of what a review is actually intended to be, but it was feedback nonetheless. I canu2019t speak from the perspective of somebody living in the Dark Age of 1991, but I can pretty confidently state that Sonic isnu2019t a lot of fun in 2018. Maybe I didnu2019t make it clear that I think it has nicer graphics than many, more modern games featuring similar styles, but it definitely isnu2019t a good or well-designed platformer by any stretch of the imagination. Sonic 2 is somehow worse. My first impression was actually somewhat positive, mostly because I started with the local co-op race mode which automatically makes it more fun that running headlong into pits alone, but upon further perusal I was met with even more offensive level design than the original. Weu2019ve got the same u201cfull-pelt sprint to precision platformingu201d transition taking place at a momentu2019s notice, weu2019ve got enemies that can only be killed from specific angles, weu2019ve got lengthy underwater segments where you often cannot physically move quickly enough to leave the water before the game kills you for being under too long. Itu2019s another god-awful game whose graphics are no longer impressive or new enough to make up for the haphazard pacing and design of its demented platforming.. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is a big sequel to Sonic game, being same old platformer, but fast and rolling. Now with inclusion of the second fluffy character! And bigger. It was developed by Sonic Team members that flew over to Sega of America in order to also share experience with STI team, that also helped to co-develop 16-bit Sonic 2 as well. It came out in 1992 almost simultaneously across all regions, all for u201cSonic 2sdayu201d event, at 24th November. It came on 8 Megabit ROM, quite standard by then. And then went to become a new pack-in title for console. And yep, there are 8-bit version of Sonic 2, but it's not a port, just a different game. What you should be looking for are remasters of this game, preferably the one for smartphone. 3DS one isn't bad either. The game that you have here is nothing more than emulation of Sega Genesis version. It's Revision 01, the most common one. That means glitches to avoid. Now, technical part about Sega's emulation here: The Sega Classic games that you purchase on Steam count as DLCs for "Sega Mega Drive & Genesis Classics" game that should appear in your library. It has Bedroom HUB which is the one with many features yet lags for many and Simply Launcher which lacks Workshop and Online but at least it works just fine for everybody. However, Simple Launcher has it's fair share of glitches as well. It can crash. And it does the second time you go to main menu, so always quit after saving there so it doesn't crash when you want to save next time! Emulation itself, mostly sound, isn't that good but it does it's job. Also, yes, emulator supports quick saves. As alternative, you can use external emulator to run games that you purchased. Sega kindly placed in all games that you purchased in "uncompressed ROMs" folder that program itself doesn't use, just change file extension to ".bin" or so. The file for this one being "SONIC2W.68K". I also demand you to read digital manual of this game first. You can find it here on store page or go to "manuals" folder of game root and open "13 STH2PCMGEFIGSUSv6.pdf". Has online (in Bedroom HUB only) and local multiplayer. Also, the developers used console feature for 2P VS vertical splitscreen that doubles resolution on those old TV standards. However it looks quite ugly on this emulator, as if the resolution didn't increase or something. The game was quite rushed. For example, Wing Fortress laser boss has absolutely no sound, sound coding going dead on 14 Lives cheat code making Oil Ocean music play without end. Here are two things you must avoid doing: 1) Don't jump after signpost once you collect 7 chaos emeralds and with 50 rings, it will softlock. 2) Avoid killing plesiousaur-like robot in Hill Top zone. There is a small chance to crash the game. Robotnik has build the Death Egg in space and he is taking over West Side Island where Sonic was resting. And this time Sonic is being stalked by his fan number one, Miles u201cTailsu201d Prower the Fox, who can use his two tails like a number one fan and also had honor to star in Japanese Sega manuals as the tech loser. He is the cutest fluff ever and you should buy a plush of him to your girlfriend. But not doll, okay? Once again you have to run through few stages, rolling down the slopes to gain even more speed, being able to attack enemies from any angle and using same ring health system that scatter around when you are hit. There is a new move: spin dash. Just keep down button and press jump as many times as you want. Release. Shwoom. You shoot yourself forward, rolling. I do feel that it's focused a bit less on gaining speed this way. And they put more effort into level design. Now there is only two acts per zone, but there are more zones, more variety. They appear to be bigger and have more multiple paths. Strangely enough, the game somehow feels much more straightforward than before. Maybe it's a bit too easy, aside from cheap enemies on last zones. You can also get continues quite easily by bringing 100 rings to the end of a stage. Oh, and let's not forget about Tails. In main mode, the Sonic is constantly followed by Tails. Sonic is the star of action. He is the one who can die and camera only cares about Sonic. Tails on another hand can't die by normal damage and if he falls into bottomless pit or gets crushed or simply gets too far from Sonic, he respawns, flying back to you. He is usually controlled by AI but you can always grab second controller for coop. It's not much but it's fun for kids. And Sonic was designed for kids, you know, you silly teenagers that complain about Sonic not being mature enough. Tails, however, doesn't contribute much to the gameplay. He couldn't fly when controlled yet, so playing as Tails alone isn't much different from Sonic. Having him as buddy just lets you beat bosses cheaply. Then again, I enjoyed to have a foxy buddy nearby, I missed Tails slapstick humor so much. Nothing like hearing this clumpsy pixel-brain AI getting spiked when he is not seen on camera. That sure ain't same as in u201ctaking care of kid sidekicku201d in modern games. Oh, and if you try to hit boss right after Tails hits it you will pass through it to your doom! Oh, and there are special stages. You get to collect 7 chaos emeralds this time around and you access special stages by getting 50 rings and jumping at checkpoints. This game is the one that first introduces u201crunning forward in a tubeu201d type of special stages in Sonic games, where you grab needed amount of rings and avoid bombs. While looking impressing, the draw distance is low in this one. Game also does cheap shots, like when tunnel bends down and boom, bombs on the bottom! And it's actually recommended to play special stages alone, not with Sonic & Tails in same time unless you have a friend. Tails AI keeps running into bombs. He doesn't lose your rings, as Sonic and Tails have separate ring counters. But here is another thing: when you are playing as S&T the special stages often require 10-20 more rings than usual, taking inclusion of Tails into account. And Tails is just way too unreliable. And if you get hit by a bomb and Tails doesn't, then he will stay in front of you, ruining the run. Oh, and there is no reason to get 7 Chaos Emeralds as Tails, not even ending changes. While Sonic gets something wonderful, but no big changes in ending. There is also VS mode for 2 players, where Sonic and Tails race with each other. You can play Special Stage there. Characters change their position to be in front or behind when they jump, so it gets hot. And then there are 3 normal zones taken from main mode where you get vertical split-screen. Everything looks squashed but you get used. Sonic and Tails can't interact with each other directly. But the item monitors now give you random items, which also includes self-damage or shuffling two players positions around. You may think that coming first is the only thing that matters. Nope, it looks at all 5 criteria, such as ring amount or score. So it's not so simple and dumb. Try it, it's a good fun with friend. And yep, there is options menu. Just press down two times at main menu. Kinda hidden. There is usual sound test. Ability to select if you want to play as Sonic, Tails or Sonic & Tails in main mode. And you can set if you want monitors to be randomized in VS mode or if all of them are shuffle ones. And yep. Graphics in this one are even better. Music is as awesome as ever. Overall, it's a great sequel. Tho, personally, I think that it's the weakest in Genesis trilogy. A bit less focus on rolling platforming, more focus on fast. Still platforming though.. 9/10 played it through long ago and now again for about the 3rd time, and its as good as i remembered.. u30e1u30acu30c9u30e9u30d1u30c3u30afu306bu306fu5165u3063u3066u306au3044u3088

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