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Original Title: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Genge: Action,Adventure,Drama,Fantasy,Romance,Sci-Fi





































Darth Vader's secret apprentice, codenamed Starkiller, is trained in the Dark Side to defeat the enemies of the Empire, but must find his own path when his master betrays him.
Darth Vader's secret apprentice, known as Starkiller, is sent on a mission to hunt and kill the few remaining Jedi. But a cruel twist of fate, the manipulation of his master and the guidance of a Jedi will lead him on a path that will forever change the galaxy.
Ahhh, yes, another entry into the ever-growing and seemingly endless canon of Star Wars related video gaming and all of its hit or miss nature. Although, that's where the true challenge in reviewing this game lies; for all its hits there are misses. It doesn't swing one way or another. It's kinda just… there.

The plot is actually the only driving force behind this game once you get past, say, the first five levels. Vader and his secret apprentice Starkiller (which was Luke Skywalker's original name – surrogate son, anyone?) are continuing the work of Palpatine in hunting down and exterminating all Jedi under Order 66 post-Episode III. The reason you're a secret apprentice goes with what Yoda says in Episode I about "Always two there are, a master and an apprentice, no more, no less", and mostly because if Palpatine found out he'd kill both Starkiller and Vader… Air-knee-way, Vader tells Starkiller he wants his help in overthrowing the Emperor so the two of them can rule the galaxy, yada, yada, yada and you are sent out on several missions to help train you in taking on the biggest baddest Sith of them all via many, many Jedi encounters.

You naturally start off with very little power and a whole lot less skill. But as with most Star Wars games, the more you play, the more you unlock and the more powerful you get. Force Lightning, Grip, Throw, Pull, Repulse, and so on are all very entertaining unlockables but the game seriously lags as soon as you play past the first few levels. It becomes samey all too soon. You find it too easy to simply blast away Stormtroopers and when it comes to finishing off the Jedi you are actually accompanied with on-screen hints on what buttons to press. Challenge? There ain't much of one.

Also, there are some God-awful levels/planets you visit which you are then sent back to at a later date. As if the developers were trying to make an amazing Star Wars game only to bail out and say "Here, go to this crappy psychedelic mushroom planet again, we can't be arsed." Now I am admittedly a Star Wars fanboy, but frankly I cannot even entertain the idea of picking up the controller again now that I've finished this. It drags on and as I stated before – it's the plot more than the gameplay that you'll be interested in.

Given, the game looks beautiful. The graphics bring the Star Wars universe to life brilliantly and there are some great parts to this game such as the teaser trailer Star Destroyer sequence you get to play out, some of the more elaborate combo moves and Force powers, but at the end of the day this feels like a rushed draft more than anything. For what it could have been after all the hype and anticipation, The Force Unleashed is ultimately The Force Unrealised. Although the revelations in the plot which are canonical to the film series make it worth finishing just so you can enjoy some pleasant ironies on the Empire's behalf.

Apart from that, it's a one-play game. I guess the title of this comment pretty much says it all. From what I can see there are two possible outcomes when played on the Wii console, only one of which could be considered as coming close to fitting in with the already somewhat shaky continuity of the new Star Wars universe. If you haven't played the game to the end stop reading because I'm about to tell you why the two outcomes don't really work other than as Expanded Universe material.

The better ending, where you resist the dark side, turn against Vader's teachings and fight the Emperor to save the fledgling rebellion had me absolutely enthralled the first time through. I was also wowed by the fact that we had just been told that the birth of the Rebellion was actually pushed into being with the help of a plot by Vader and his secret apprentice to "out" the would-be rebels. (And the use of the name Starkiller was also a nice nod to old, concept-Star Wars material that didn't quite make it into the film...the name was at one time even the last name of Luke!) But then after playing it through a second time I realized that something didn't quite fit. The fact that Vader finds out that Bail Organa, Leia and Mon Mothma are all rebels prior to the events of Star Wars A New Hope in which Leia and her family reveal their allegiance by stealing the plans for the Death Star doesn't work well in terms of continuity and theme. The dialog in the original 1977 film would suggest that Vader would still have a lot of trouble proving to the Senate that Leia was a rebel without the stolen plans. But in the Force Unleashed the Emperor commands Vader to go out and hunt the now exposed rebels mercilessly. If the game had made some excuse as to why the Emperor and Vader would have to contain their anger and try to expose the rebels some other way, say perhaps that they are embarrassed and thought that a loss of power through fear would be the outcome if they had to admit they were defeated by a young apprentice and the escaped rebels, then it would almost work. Or perhaps the game should not have allowed Vader to see who the rebels were and instead the apprentice protects them and confronts Vader before he finds out their identities...but having brought together the Rebellion nonetheless. Regardless, as an "alternate universe" idea it is very interesting. Also, to complicate things, Lucas has always said that the Star Wars radio dramas are considered canon and in those it is made quite clear that though the Organas are suspect they are still far from being exposed as rebel sympathizers.

The second possible outcome is most definitely NOT canon. If you choose to obey the Emperor and attack Vader to finish him off you end up wounded and reconstructed as a new, ninja-like Vader and the rebels you assume have all been slaughtered with perhaps no hope that Luke is ever contacted on Tatooine. I don't think that game designers were in any way the trying to make this alternate ending fit in with the films, it was just another way to end the game.

The game play on the Wii is great! Not having to "thumb" your light-saber moves on a more traditional game pad, and even pull off some Force moves like "push" by actually pushing with your own arm, is fantastic, even if the graphics are less spectacular and the game engine less "next generation" than the X-Box or PS versions.
No, in actuality it's a sound-alike. LucasArts hired actor/director/comedian Matt Sloan of YouTube's: "Chad Vader - Day Shift Manager" series. He has also voiced Darth Vader for other video games: Star Wars - Empire at War: Forces of Corruption & Soulcalibur IV. In the book "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed", which was published around the same time the video game was released, Senator Bail Organa reveals that Starkiller's real name is Galen Marek. This was the original intent, since it was co-conceived by George Lucas, making it G-Level canon. However, with the purchase of the Star Wars property by Disney, this is no longer the case. Since then, the Star Wars canon has been reshuffled with the addition of Star Wars: Rebels (2014) and Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015). Finally, the events of The Force Unleashed were directly retconned by the events of Rogue One (2016): in Force, senator Bail Organa knows of the existence of the Death Star because he was briefly imprisoned on it; this clearly has not happened in Rogue One, since he knows nothing of it. So Force Unleashed is now in the Star Wars Legends.
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