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Monsters are attacking! Click to defeat them, save the village! Love Clicker/Incremental games? Inspired by Clicker Heroes, Tap Tap Infinity takes things to the next level with tactical Hero and Spell upgrades, an XP/Rank system, an unfolding story, fancy-pants 3d monsters and environments, endless gameplay, cross-platform cloud syncing and awesome graphics. Super-simple to play ... but with more strategic depth if you want it!

Level up your Heroes so that they farm gold and search for the fabled Infinity Tokens, even while you're not playing! Earn XP by defeating monsters and clearing levels to unlock mighty Spells and gain a DPS bonus per Rank! Get to a high enough Rank and Ascend over and over to gain double the DPS bonus per Rank each Ascension.

Find the Tokens of Infinity and trade them to the Guardians to unlock Powers. With 16 different Powers to choose from you can customize the game to play how *you* want it. 'Go Infinite' to restart at level 1 but with your Infinity Tokens multiplying your DPS so you can reach further and further into the game as you try to ultimately defeat 'The Master' !

Tap Tap Infinity is free to play and incredibly easy to get into:

★ Click monsters to kill them and collect their gold.
★ Hire the beaten Boss monsters to help you do extra damage as you level them up.
★ Your Heroes earn gold for you while you're not playing, even if the game is closed.
★ Find Valor Points and use them to Upgrade your Heroes, doubling how powerful their Skills are!
★ Gain XP and unlock Spells to auto-click, do more damage or even skip instantly between Boss levels!
★ Find Infinity Tokens to start all over again but with a permanent boost to your DPS.
★ Trade Infinity Tokens to The Guardians of Infinity for Powers that customize the game play or use them to upgrade Spells to make them more powerful.
★ Save your game to the cloud and keep playing on mobile!

The game is already live on iTunes (4.5/5 star rating) and Google Play (4.4/5 star rating). Looking to discuss the game or check in with the TTI community? Check out the subreddit:

Tap Tap Infinity was built by Scary Bee LLC, a one-man coffee-fueled indie game studio in Seattle. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Tap Tap Infinity
Genre: Action, Casual, Free to Play, Indie, RPG
Scary Bee LLC
Scary Bee LLC
Release Date: 26 Jun, 2015


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This is a clicker game, but 3D graphics!. Just like any other clicker\/idle game, you click monsters and baddies off of themed map backgrounds. Hire the bosses you defeat to fight for you upping your dps to help defeat more baddies to help move to higher levels and so on and so forth. Pretty generic, but the graphics and characters are nice and cartoony with fun humerous names and abilities, OH and after hiring a boss to fight for you you level and give them abilities that help your clicker or your dps with the gold you get for killing thus baddies and monsters. There are infinity tokens you get for restarting the game and beating up too so many level(s) bosses that help you get better and better with dps or clicker or gold income upgrades. Nice, but you have to restart. They're given to you by 4 infinity gods that'll give you the tokens and want you to find out why baddies are baddies that wern't always baddies. A STORY LINE? play and find out.! tap tap tap.... I am mostly speaking from the "technical" side of this game. The FTP Clickers, I have tried seem lackluster or uninspired, but this game has a great on-the-fly tutorial. This tutorial system is done right: not too intrusive and straight to the point. It gives a bit of story line as well.

Where the game really gets me, is in the actual coding. I use a Razer: Orbweaver & Ornata Chroma: i.e. Razer Synapse Software. With both devices, I have so many KEY combinations and MACROS, it blows my mind. As anyone that would play this game does, I created a LMB macro, that I set to a key on my keyboard, to Left Mouse Button Click every 0.050 seconds.

The other 3 Clicker games I have played, recently, have shown me that this is not a good idea, when the games is poorly programmed\/optimized.

The good news is that this game and Adventure Capitalist (AdCap) are spot on! The other two are feet to miles apart - programmaticly! - but, still good games (High Profits - Not Bad, but issues at higher click rates: and Clicker Heroes - Just BAD!).

This game has good graphics, for a FTP, and the story and levels are thought out well. Using my Synapse Software to click through, is consistent and does not make the game laggy, nor process intense.

Overall, 9.5\/10. dis is an awsome idle game

10\/10. Half an hour in and I can already tell this is quality. The developer has put in an obscene amount of effort (particularly with smaller details), putting it well above CH on that merit alone. Really, just sit down and study CH in detail for a little while; it's got tons of problems in every area, and all the developers can hope for is to just put out a good sequel that wipes the previous slate clean.

So what does a great game like TTI here get? Multiple clowns in the reviews bashing it for insane reasons. I felt it deserved an upvote, so here it is.. I like the fact that you can get Prestige faster than other clicker games.

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