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About This Game

The Wild West is plunged into chaos when the land is cursed by an artifact known simply as The Cursed Revolver. Discovered by an unsuspecting cowboy, the revolver becomes bound to him and demands only one thing: payment of life. The cowboy must now face the Deadly Demons of the West if he is to have any hope of breaking the curse.

Can you beat back the demons with your Cursed Revolver?

The game focuses on constantly creating risk vs reward situations. The player must use their abilities only when necessary, but need to keep an eye on their health at all times as every ability costs health.

You find yourself cornered and your revolver just isn't enough fire power? Use your abilities for a quick escape. Or use your abilities to take out the massive horde descending upon you.

Key Features

  • You can equip multiple abilities or weapons with each level up!
  • But each use of these abilities will cost health!
  • Multiple Abilities
    • Shadow Clone Ability to fool the enemies and allow you a quick escape
    • Minion Summon allows you to use dark magic to make your own minion to fight for you
    • Shotgun Ammo to take out large groups of enemies
    • Magnum Shot for a more powerful revolver shot
    • And More!
  • Multiple levels that are procedurely generated to make sure every play through is different!
  • Ending in an epic battle to free you from the curse of the Revolver
  • This game supports keyboard and mouse, but recommended to use Xbox Controller

Title: The Cursed Revolver
Genre: Action, Indie, Early Access
The Cursed Revolver
The Cursed Revolver
Release Date: 25 Apr, 2017


This run-and-gun shooter is super fun. Definitely worth it for the price.

Having different level setups every time you play, as well as being able to customize which abilities you use keeps the game fresh and exciting in different playthroughs.

One thing that could be improved is giving a direction of where enemies are. Sometimes I found myself wandering through the stages trying to find where the last few enemies were.

Other than that, solid and fun game. Would definitely recommend!. The Cursed Revolver has easily won its way into my heart, with it's cute 'Don't Starve' esque graphics. It's also the first bullet hell game I've actually had some (if any) hope at beating, others I've played being Issac, and Enter the Gungeon. Both were fun, but not for me. This, this however strikes a vein of players not 'hardcore' enough to enjoy the harder games, but still interested in a bullet hell 'shoot'em up' sort of thing. That's not even mentioning that the game is in early access, and most likely has more wonderful content to come. And yet another plus; it's a small crew, as indicated by the Unity slide saying 'home version'. This means that it isn't a cash grab, and most likely won't go in that direction in the future. Overall, I'd give it a solid 7\/10. All I really want at this point is some art of the revolver itself.. Great mechanics and art style would support a sequel. My "First Play on Launch Day" First Impressions REVIEW Video:

Not only does this game get my "recommend" but it scored a whopping 95% using my unique scoring criteria that puts the "value" a game delivers as the highest part of the score (40% of my overall score is based on gaming "bang for your dollar"). I rated this game as my first "Must Buy!" game of 2017 and here's why..

A) While the game doesn't offer a lot of fancy options or menus at this early access launch release, it does deliver super fluid and responsive controls that are a joy to play whether you use a controller or the mouse & keyboard.

B) The procedural level generation and special abilities mean that no two games will be exactly the same and will give this game a replay value that you'd only expect in games costing much more.

C) Challenging and progressive gameplay that rewards you for quick timing and risking your health to get out of dangerous situations.

D) The art style and music are both great and help make this game a special game in your Steam library.

It's an awesome game, especially for the price tag, and I want to personally say "thank you" to the developers for offering a fantastic value on that game which they could have easily asked many times their $2,99 price tag for! I look forward to both playing this game and watching its progress as it goes through its early access period and hopefully only gets better! (psst please add sound and music volume controls, screen resolution settings, customizable keys and buttons etc)

My Score: 95 out of 100. - Highly recommended!. Addicting gameplay that requires fast reflexes. Reminiscent of Diablo but with a unique twist. The enemies come at you quickly which keeps it exciting.. A great roguelike experience for the price!

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