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The End Of An Age: Fading Remnants Crack Pirates Bay

The End Of An Age: Fading Remnants Crack Pirates Bay

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About This Game

'The End of an Age: Fading Remnants' is a story-driven RPG game for PC and is a Single-player experience. It is the first in the 'The End of an Age' Trilogy. The game is being developed to fill the huge void left behind by one of RPG's greatest sons, designed to be reminiscent of the earlier Final Fantasys' with a focus on character development and an enriching story.

Whilst it is a small-budget game, I am doing my best to make the game as good as possible with the funds and resources I have available. The game is being produced with RPGMakerVX Ace as this is a platform which I am able to utilise and is fitting with the JRPG Genre as well as art style. Of course, many aspects of RPGMaker can be customised with the use of scripts and imported graphics and art, which will be revealed and put in place during development.

A few of the key features:

*Between 40-60 hours of gameplay.
*Turn-based ATB battle system with random encounters.
*Many dungeons to explore. And Puzzles to solve.
*An engrossing story of betrayal and honour.
*In game battle arena to earn big rewards!

The story takes place in a fantasy world with a mysterious great evil threatening to destroy mankind and all that it has touched. 'Fading Remnants' focuses on the character of 'Wilfred', the son of a famous knight who was driven to madness during his many years of battles. He eventually died, while still claiming 'a great evil from another world would destroy all'.

It begins as the King's castle is attacked by the Empire and their Skeleton horde, and Wilfred must return and save his king and kingdom from destruction.

Will he discover this other world and defeat the great evil within ? 7aa9394dea

Title: The End of an Age: Fading Remnants
Genre: RPG
Poetic Justice Studios
Poetic Justice Studios
Release Date: 16 Sep, 2019


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