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The Hong Kong Massacre Torrent Download

The Hong Kong Massacre Torrent Download

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About This Game

Blast your way through the streets of Hong Kong in a fast-paced, top-down shooter.

Inspired by classic action movies, The Hong Kong Massacre places you at th 5d3b920ae0

Title: The Hong Kong Massacre
Genre: Action, Indie
Release Date: 21 Jan, 2019


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 x64
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM


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Miami Payne.. Cross hair blends in too much with the environment making it hard to tell where you're aiming, enemies with shotguns are too strong, enemy bullet tracers are near enough invisible leading to many frustrating deaths. Level design is uninspired with too many long corridors you cant see the end of. The game actively encourages you to not use the slow motion, one of it's main mechanics? Bland story, low quality cutscenes. only 4 weapons but the shotgun is pretty much useless. Shooting a destructible wall destroys the bullet, making shotguns incredibly useless. No way to melee at all. Lack of colour leads to the environment and enemies blending together, making it hard to see whats happenning.. So, this came out of nowhere for me. I saw it and immediately pressed my wallet to the screen. John Wick, The Matrix, Equilibrium, John Woo fluidity and all of it wearing a hotline miami costume. Not a ton to do at first glance, the writing is poorly translated, but the action is all butter. I have to say, this little gem actually pushed my GPU to 60+ degrees! Destiny doesn't even do that on my system. 8/10 Don't sleep on this one. Get your gun on.. Game is pretty fun,The soundtrack is OK and as for the story I didn't really care about it so I can't say. The turning is the absolute worst though, it feels like tank controls from the old Resident Evil games. EDIT: the movement/turning issues have been fixed now. It also has some other bugs (you can check the steam forums to see what I mean) the dev has replied to some of these bugs so hopefully they get worked out. EDIT: some of the bugs have been fixed. I do like how the enemies try to react to what you do and are generally pretty smart and will even try to dodge bullets (like you do) the AI feels a lot smarter than it does in Hotline Miami. If you're looking for a spiritual successor to Hotline Miami I wouldn't look here. But if you want a similar game that's pretty fun (pretty short though) I think you'll like this although the $20 price tag is pretty steep for a 4-5 hour game. This game also seems to run really hot on my GPU like 75-80c. I'm using a GTX970, i'm not really sure what's causing this game to use so many of my GPU resources but it is. The game is overall pretty fun although I do wish there were more variety in the weapon selection, you also can't drop your empty gun(you can pick up another enemies gun though) and as far as I know(correct me if i'm wrong) there's no way to melee anyone or attack enemies at close range which would be helpful if you ran out of ammo. Overall a decent fun game but i'd maybe wait for a sale.. Watch any youtube vid of gameplay , you really do get what you see. lacks variation in guns it feels a bit shotgun or bullet binary choice. the gameplay loop is not very varied where it comes in is in doing each challenge for each level , a time trial , a never miss and a never slowmo challenge. repetition to perfect. not for everyone but if you have seen the trailer and gampleay vid youll get what your expecting.. Was fun for about 30 minutes. Gameplay is quite repetitive, Upgrades to weapons don't really feel that important (so why bother doing it), Challenges are the same for every level and basically take away the "fun" mechanics (don't use slowmo, only do oneshot kills) of the game; Bosses are the same encounter again and again. Controlls just don't feel good for a fast paced game, aiming somehow doesn't feel good at all and super stiff (even though its just mouse) - I thought you'd just have to get used to it, atleast I myself didn't. Alot of the time everything just feels chaotic on screen. AI sometimes just feels weird and is set somewhere between lobotomy and xrayvisioned hawkeyeaiming instantgibber. And last but not least gunplay also feels weird because of collision problems - Walking through a door/jumping through a window etc. and gunning down people simply doesnt quite work because your bulltes get stuck somewhere (that happend several times for me). Overall I'd say it's "meh" even though I really hoped this was nice.. Yes but this is an impression, may change, skip to the bottom for pros and cons Yes my angels of death (while swallowing painkillers) but with these caveat, So I can't recommond this to anyone who couldm't beat, enjoy hotline miami or its sequel, enjoy refernmce to hard boiled, city on fire, etc, or just generally have a self esteem issues that causes you to smash everything in you general area/room (I may have notice enemies trying to get the drop on you so yeah souls AI), its ok, therapy/psychiatry can help. It's recommended to enjoy a great game that pays homage (Atleast I thinks its homage) to films starring Chow Yun-Fat, Jackie Chan, Etc (sorry I could only remember those legends), And on the gameplay side, it just doesn't take the hotline formula in a new direction, It also seem to pay thanks (beginning was a give away) to Max Payne, the remedy blessing to all of gaming, the former undercover NY Detective, who uses 5 Ds' of dodge ball and applies with bullet time to line up shots (sliding and I think the butterfly kick are in its stead). This game is worth it in my opinion based on what I experienced, so far so good Pros: -Challenging yet fun -Source of insperation hasn't been used in a while -reasonable price -possible replay value - replayable missions for challenges -animation and presentation -level design is great Cons -Music (subjective, to focus in combat) -plot still hard follow(my opinion so take with a grain of salt) -(Not personal con) could see how the "1 hit your dead" mechanic can send keyboards flying.

Patch 1.04 Released : Hello! We just released patch 1.04. This will add two new difficulty settings(easy, hard) to the existing(medium) one. Patch Notes Added: Hard and Easy difficulty settings.. Patch 1.02 Released : Hello everyone. Today we are pushing out a small patch to mainly adress the aim speed when using the mouse. Patch Notes Added: Added the option to restart a level when died by pressing the reload button Added the option to change the crosshair color Bug Fixes: Fixed bug that did not save some settings when exiting the game Fixed bug that made you unable to change/save quality settings Fixed bug that made the game not start when in offline mode Fixed bug that showed wrong and low-res controls for game-pad Changes: Removed mouse slowdown in slow-motion, can be activated back with Legacy Aim in menu. Balanced the default mouse speed, and making it possible to have a even lower speed.. Patch 1.04a Hotfix : A quick hotfix for a bug in the latest patch. Fixes: Fixed bug that depleted slowmotion power faster on medium setting than before the patch, also fixed depletion on easy mode, being 50% slower now.. Patch 1.03 Released : Hello! Today we are releasing patch 1.03. This will add the option to rebind your keys and fixing some minor bugs.

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