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The Lonesome Fog Crack Highly Compressed

The Lonesome Fog Crack Highly Compressed

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About This Software

Might and Delight invites you to step into an interactive diorama that expands on the world of Paws and Shelter 2. Welcome to The Lonesome Fog!

The Lonesome Fog can be found in the software section of your Steam library.

The Lonesome Fog is a living book that seeks to expand on the concept of storytelling and explores the plight of a young cub trapped in a cycle of fear, cowardice and uncertainty.

What becomes of you when you let fear dictate the way you live your life?

The roughly twenty page living book hopes to uncover that.

Main features:
  • Well established sounds and tracks from the Shelter series.
  • Environmental elements such as trees and water will be brought to life.
  • Navigate around animated scene to breath life into the illustrations
  • Seamless animated page transitions add depth and character to an already detailed experience.

Title: The Lonesome Fog
Genre: Design & Illustration
Might and Delight
Might and Delight
Release Date: 24 Mar, 2016


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A brief disclaimer: I'm yet to play any of the Shelter games, so I'll refrain from making reference to them beyond this point...other than to say that this product has a wee advertisement for Shelter 2 at its climax, and should therefore have contemplated giving itself away for free. Five dollars is certainly a tad excessive for what you're getting here. On with the review, then.

An absolute aural and visual delight, The Lonesome Fog is nonetheless a product of interest only to those who don't mind that it "isn't a game", is insanely short, and is firmly aimed at kids<\/i>. It also "boasts" a click-and-drag feature that, to the best of my perception, didn't add much to the experience other than allowing the viewer to appreciate the images from a slightly changing perspective. If you wanted to, you could just as easily limit your interactions to clicking the arrow leading to the next "page", and you honestly wouldn't be missing much. The image-dragging mechanic is a cute novelty, but that's about it.

Might and Delight describe this as "a living book", and that's a fair enough description I suppose. So for the love of all that's warm-hearted in the world, please<\/i> just move on if you're the type who whines incessantly about what should or shouldn't be sold on Steam, or you're someone who expects more than ten minutes' entertainment for five bucks. I mean, even I'll concede that I'm not sure what the devs were thinking when they slapped on this product's price-tag, but come on: be a smart consumer, know what you're buying, and don't expect the entire marketplace to revolve solely around you. Different strokes for different folks.

An easy recommend for parents of young children and\/or those who allow themselves to be young-at-heart, at least upon occasion. I wouldn't go paying more than a couple of bucks for it, though, no matter who<\/i> you are.

Verdict: 7.5\/10.

(PS If you enjoyed this review, feel free to check out my two Curator pages: http:\/\/\/curator\/9284586-ReviewsJustfortheHELLofit\/<\/a>

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