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The Quiet Sleep Ativador Download [hacked]

The Quiet Sleep Ativador Download [hacked]

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About This Game

The Quiet Sleep is a collection of stories set in a simulation/tower defense game in which you build out your mind in order to achieve your personal goals and maintain control over your emotions.

Develop your traits to gain new abilities! Decide whether to turn your ambition to the highs of the feeling of achievement or the lows of self-loathing. Choose whether or not to renounce your homeland. Determine how alone you really are.

Convert different qualities! Take your love of music and your resolve to make something great and use them to think through problems with your songs. Convert your industry and energy into work that will get you paid and then take that money and add some flirtation to go on a date! Use your will to get the strength to feed your callousness enough to help you through a tough time.

In addition, you will:

  • Make great music.
  • Spy on a local teacher.
  • Unpack clothes.
  • Woo someone delightful.
  • Struggle to maintain a relationship with someone else.
  • Be inspired by your muse.
  • Go on walks to help you remain calm.
  • Realize that you will never be understood.
    and much, much more.

Title: The Quiet Sleep
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Why Not Games
Why Not Games
Release Date: 30 Jan, 2018


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There's a neat idea in this game, though its not fully baked. The interface suffers (and windowed views have scroll bars). The is confusing.

It is an intresting art piece at this time, but its not something I would recommend someone else get unless they were enthralled with the idea of an emotion based towerish defenseish or writing a thesis paper on all of the variations of tower defense that exist.

As a game, it might be ok if it were easier to play (and I mean interface - not game challenge). As it stands now, I can't suggest that people get it.. I wonder...

Was it when a new revelation made me stop and stare at the so logical and so unexpected plot twist in a tower defense\/resource management game? Was it when I fuelled antisocial actions with energy borne out of frustration at this country? Was it when I found inspiration in and prospered because I still had some remnants and scars of earlier joys and sorrows? Was it when I complained out loud that it's not fair, it's so much easier for him, when that was the entire point?

At which point did I decide that this game is brilliant and I have never seen such a good marriage of themes and unexpected mechanics?. A story that can best be described as "Millennial Snowflake Simulator 2018" plonked atop a clicker.

I did not find it fun. It looks logistics-y but it's not. Horrendous mobile-style interface.. More a puzzle game than something story based. The mechanics and interface are clunky. Only $5, but not really my thing.. Interesting idea but bad execution. A unique take on the struggles of the human mind and a few surprising stories told through mechanics. What more could you ask for in a game?

- lifeOne download 5kapks
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