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ThreadSpace: Hyperbol Full Crack [portable Edition]

ThreadSpace: Hyperbol Full Crack [portable Edition]

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About This Game

ThreadSpace: Hyperbol is an action-strategy game set in the distant future. Players battle each other on roads in space as they pilot massive ships capable of firing a wide variety of weapons. Create defenses, coordinate with your team, and launch an assault against your opponents to achieve victory!
  • Countless strategies: Over 30 unique projectiles are at your disposal to attack the enemy, fortify your defenses, and assist your allies.
  • Tactical team play: Coordinate with a team of players to defeat your opponents where every player can have unique strengths and weaknesses. Up to 16 players online.
  • Customizable ships: Acquire ships to control and customize their design by selecting different parts and colors. Customize the way your ship behaves by installing new components that alter its attributes.
  • Persistent universe: Play as a character you create that can gain levels and credits. Purchase new ships and components with the credits you earn to truly distinguish your character in the universe.
  • Online ladder system: Compete against other players online and see who the best pilots are. Earn rewards for being on top.
  • Awards: Demonstrate your skill by earning in-game awards like "Bounty Hunter" and "Combat Mastery".
  • Voice communication: Talk to your team to plan your attacks and coordinate your abilities.
  • Create custom maps: Make your own maps with the Map Editor to play them online and with your friends.

Title: ThreadSpace: Hyperbol
Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy
Iocaine Studios
Release Date: 12 Jul, 2007


threadspace hyperbole

Unique game, but not a lot of players.. Easily the best game of this type I have ever played. I bought it within a month of release a long time ago and had a blast the whole time. I saw the community start and die, but the game runs without issue 99.9% of the time. I remember chaining projectiles with my friends and throwing hyperbols behind huge waves of defenses; sometimes the enemy team would manage to build a gate of lasers in time to stop the wave of destruction! It is a very intense and real-time strategy game that I wish still had people playing. The game is great as ever, it just requires human players to be fun... :( I wish that it became viral somehow, even if just a little.. This is a 10 year old strategy/arcade style shooter where you control a futuristic "tank" on a 2D space platform. The game is PvP arena multiplayer only (or skirmish vs AI).

The game has a reasonable degree of complexity despite the minimalist graphics. Overall, however, the gameplay isn't that much fun, and the multiplayer scene is dead.

$10 is far too much to ask for a multiplayer game with no players. Cannot recommend.. The moment this game hit the net it was feature complete and perfect. Never seen anything like this ever since! Every little items on your ship and every little move you took could mean a complete disaster or a Heroic move that you remember for the rest of your life!
You had a reason to fight for! I WANT THAT ITEM SOOOOOOOOOOOO BADLY!! but i don't want to change factions. COME ON!! Rally behind me! WE GOTTA DO TIS'!!
Each game you feel as this is the moment this is the game if you win this, if you just do this one thing, your faction will conquer the land and everyone will reap the rewards! Ppl will remember you as the one who just pushed the bar that one time and will silently pray that you just jump in again as a true member of theire faction.

(too bad you couldn't completly win ever :P but that might, just might change :D). Awesome game for LAN, but be warned, their servers seem to be completely down for online multiplayer. It would require something like hamachi to play

I used to play this back in college in 2007, but it looks like its dead now, RIP. This is how "abilities" should work in a game, none of this lock on insta hit spam spells or +12 damage aura garbage. Every skill has to aimed or placed in position, creating many tactical possiblities. Plenty of weapons/defenses with upgrades, if someone just spams hyberbols at you there are plenty of ways to bounce them back into thier face. Best space tank game ever made. But you shouldn't buy it since theres no one left to play against.

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