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Time Tenshi 2 Torrent Download [Xforce Keygen]

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About This Game

The Girls of Time Travel return...

Using an incredible invention, they travel through the centuries to battle a new evil...

... that threatens the entire planet!

Rose and Kyo - the Time Tenshi (Time Angels) - are joined by new recruit Tessa on their voyages through history, powered by the work of Tensai Shiro, the genius inventor behind the Time Window: mankind's first functioning time machine.

Time travel is fraught with danger and still largely undiscovered, and until recently only females were allowed to go back into the past. The powerful forces of their journeys also seem to have some surprising effects on their bodies in certain areas!

But there's a problem. Chrontek, a sinister organisation that somehow managed to access the Time Window, is endlessly tampering with the flow of time as they try to rewrite history. Only the Time Tenshi stand in their way to prevent catastrophic changes in the past from affecting the present - or even the future.

And when Chrontek stumble across a mysterious, ancient power in history, they unwittingly unleash a dire peril on the future...

How far can the limits of time be stretched?

What dangers does the future hold?

And is the mysterious, ancient force... truly unstoppable?

-- -- --

Time Tenshi 2 is a hotly anticipated anime/ecchi visual novel! You'll join Kenji Johnson and the girls in Tensai Shiro's lab facility on a thrilling adventure through time itself, full of twists, futuristic action, ecchi humour and plenty of fanservice! b4d347fde0

Title: Time Tenshi 2
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Simulation
Silver Cow Studio
Silver Cow Studio
Release Date: 14 Jun, 2016


Alright, regardless of what people on my friend list have said about me playing this particular visual novel series, its a good one. One of the few I actually played (mainly because the others are a bit pricy, this one wasn't really). I have thoroughly enjoyed Time Tenshi, Time Tenshi 2 with DLC, and Busted. For Time Tenshi, the story was really well done; it was a rather interesting take the sci-fi concept of time machines and time travellers with an anime twist. Kyo was probably my favorite character, I'd say. I wouldn't mind there being a Time Tenshi 3 or a whole series of games involving these characters and future additons. From what I've seen in Busted, there are characters that may show up in other games by Silver Cow Studios.

Overall though, this was probably the most interesting visual novel game I've played. While I'm not very partial to the genre itself, this is one of the few games that made me want to play a novel game. There are others, but this was the first and best one I've played so far.. Being a huge fan of anime style Visual Novel games, and big breasts (and breast expansion), I was a fan of the first Time Tenshi game. Sure it was nowhere near being the best, but it was enjoyable for what it was. So of course I wanted to get the sequel, and it did improve certain things.

Like the first game, Time Tenshi 2 is short enough to be played through in one sitting (i think it took me around 3 hours), and also like the first game, it had only 2 choices to be made (unless i remember wrong). So if you're looking for a VN with more interaction, this is probably not worth the time.

The art was definitely more consistent this time, and people like me who love anime\/manga style artwork it's great.
Also the game has some "animation" when it comes to the breast expansions and growth which is very simple stuff, but still great and i found it to be quite hot. It's a bit dissapointing that the breasts keep shrinking back when they return to the base, but I suppose they don't want to make the breasts big enough so that the girls would be unable to move around.

The story continues from the first game, and short as it is, I don't really think much can be said without spoiling it, but it flowed well and was completly fine. And the music of the game is quite good.

So it's a game I'd recommend if you like anime style VN's with big boobs, extremely simple story and if you're fine with it just being "ecchi" and not real "hentai".

Also if you're a fan of giantesses and giantess growth, I really recommend the game! A couple of the girls grow into fine giantesses, which is one thing that makes me love the game. I love giantesses and growing females so damn much, so that they added them makes me love the game developers, as there's to little giantess stuff in this world. There's unfortunatly not a lot of scenes with them in the game, but I found them all to be great.

Now If a third game gets made I would really hope that they start letting the girls keep their expanded breast sizes, and let them keep growing through the story. Also more giantesses please! And bigger giantesses please, preferably with boobs bigger than the sun :D. But for now, this game is, as I've mentioned, an enjoyable story if you like big boobs and breast expansion (and giantesses :D).. This game is really sweet. I love the story and the pacing. It keeps itself grounded with lots of dialogue and doesn't play all of its cards at once. The story will build up and then switch topics or scenes, perhaps not immediately getting you what you want, but it does this to make a more realistic story. It's a very interesting (and sexy) twist to the whole time travel thing, and it's backed up by interesting characters you'll come to actually care about. It's not just ecchi all the time, there's a lot of character building going on too. Sure, there are going to be gamers that will dismiss these characters immediately and disagree, but if that's the case then you're in the wrong neighborhood.

It's got boobs, they're big. This is meant to be appealing. If you aren't interested in big anime breasts, then this visual novel will probably not appeal to you. And for that matter, if you're looking for porn or hentai, this game will also probably not appeal to you. It's certainly a niche title. And you should be able to tell from the art and screenshots if you're interested.

It also has a lot of untapped potential, since the series poses questions, makes remarks about time travel, technology, biology and temporal anomalies. The Time Window is a mysterious marvel itself and despite being THE time machine, it's not entirely the focus of the story. The story's focus is more on character development as these interesting, amazing (and visually appealing) characters react to the unfolding events around them surrounding the Time Window device. It's got some interesting views on time travel and it's certainly got a unique twist on it.

Some can claim the game is short. If you're clicking through the story and just looking at the art, or going for "the sexy bits" you're probably not getting what you should out of the game. It's a read. It's meant to be leisurely and fun. It took me 4 hours to get through it all and I probably didn't have to do it in one sitting, but I did. I was hooked. I can't wait to see more. Having played and beaten both games, I just feel like I haven't gotten enough. I wanna know what more happens to Tensai, Kyo, Rose, Michelle and Kenji.

The breast expansion was the appeal picking the game up, but the story endeared itself to me and now I'm hooked. Definitely a fan.. This is of course a visual novel, not a game for those of you who are unsure. There are currently only about 2 options throughout the game so for the most part, the story is linear.

That being said, if you own Time Tenshi 1, I would highly recommend this game because it has everything from the first game with a bunch of improvements. Most of the growth scenes are "animated." They're mostly just gif level, but I was very suprised by this aspect.

If you don't own the first game, I would recommend playing the first game. It has quite a bit important character development and explains a lot of things that may not make sense (although, we all probably get lost in the time travel "explanations" a bit). It is not technically a hentai game as there is no "sex" or actual nudity, but it is still a pretty high quality visual novel that deals with a lot of BE.

Overall, I really loved this game and I sincerely hope they continue the story as it looks to be hitting a very interesting point. The overall story was very interesting and definitely was unexpected imo. Furthermore, I loved that the growth of the girls seemed to be frequent and when you least expected it.

With some hope, and a sequal, I hope they make full animated movements like many top quality graphic novels these days, but I highly recommend this to giantess and BE lovers. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!. I have a thing for this stuff.
Basically doesn't require hands as you have to make 2 decisions.. This game takes a huge step forward from it's original predecessor, Time Tenshi. It took everything we perverted fans loved and added more to it!

I'm a big fan of BE, so I was very happy to see a lot of it in TT2. However, It would've been nice to see some variance to this already rare genre. Slower growth process going on throughout the story would be great or perhaps having the BE overlap from one time trip to another. I'd love to read a scene that talks about the girls not being able to go back to the size they were before. Just a suggestion :) The warping of the drawings in the first few time travel scenes was a notable first step towards a needed animation upgrade. My hopes are that your budget will improve enough so that the possible TT3 will have more drawings that describe the BE process and 'motion' of their assets ;)

In regards to the size of these girl's chests, well, Silver Cow Studios doesn't hold back at all in that regard. They did a great job illustrating their story as an indie company. Dare I say that I hope in Time Tenshi 3 they get... even bigger?! This fan wishes so!

My hopes in the future are that we can receive a game with more overall quality animation involved, more scenes where the girls talk more about their bodies(because it's just plain sexy), and of course even more BE and bigger curves!

Great job, Silver Cow Studios!. You can play this game one-handed

69\/10. This is a great Visual Novel. I didn't believe what some people were saying about the very large bust sizes. I assure you, they are VERY VERY large. But it works, somehow. Great V. Novel, good endings, some lack of unique art when it came to accessories being added in the game, but that's warranted. Did I mention BIG BOOBIES? Though my question still stands. When Tensai stays in the room when the girls are horny af, what actually goes down?

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