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Zombie Parking Download By Apunkagames

Zombie Parking Download By Apunkagames

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About This Game

Zombie Parking - computer indie-game in the genre of third-person shooter and survival
horror. The game is developed on Unreal Engine 4 for Windows, Mac, Linux platforms.

The goal of the game is to hold out as long as possible beating attacks of the living dead, who become stronger, faster and more dangerous with each killed enemy.

The player has a shotgun and machine gun in the arsenal. There are also canisters with gasoline on the level that can be used in combat.

Besides, you can get the following items by killing enemies:

  • ammunition for shotguns and machine gun
  • first aid kit
  • bulletproof vest (blocks part of damage)
  • double damage for 30 seconds
  • unlimited ammo for 30 seconds
  • impenetrable shield for 30 seconds
  • zombie destroyer (kills all zombies on the map)

At the opening of the achievements in the Steam, will be added some improvements.

  • Exploder: Jerry cans will cause double damage.
  • Exploder Advanced: Jerry cans will not damage the player.
  • Exploder Master: The radius of the explosion from a Jerrycan will be twice bigger.
  • Double Unlim: Unlimited ammo will last 50% longer.
  • Double Shield: Shield will last 50% longer.
  • Double Damage: Double damage will work 50% longer.
  • Brains Destroyer: Headshots will make double damage.
  • Shotgun Begginer: The speed of shooting from shotgun will be 75% faster.
  • Shotgun Advanced: The speed of reload a shotgun will be 75% faster.
  • Shotgun Master: The damage caused by a shotgun will be twice larger.
  • Rifle Begginer: Rifle will reload twice faster.
  • Rifle Advanced: Double magazine for a rifle.
  • Rifle Master: Rifle will make twice larger damage.

A partial support of a gamepad is added to the game (adjustment for Xbox). The interface navigation only by mouse or touchpad. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Zombie Parking
Genre: Action, Indie
Release Date: 14 Apr, 2016


This is a simple yet fun Zombie game. Great for killing a few hours or just getting a bit of frustration out. As the name suggests its set in an underground carpark and its the only stage. You have a shotgun and an assault rifle and just kill zombies till they kill you. It's nothng new but a nice Zombie grinder the achievents arn't out of reach and you can get alot of them quickly with just a few taking some effort. Ammo and health drops appear as well as some power ups so you can play as long as your skill\/patience will allow. If you like to slaughter Zombie's for no good reason then this is the game for you.. All you do is run in a parking garage and kill zombies. After 4 mins it gets boring really quick. 2 weapons and same zombies over n over again... One of the worst shooters I've seen. Very simple, no substance at all, no challenge, poorly designed game mechanics, awful hit detection, annoying achievements. The is about 10 seconds of content before you're simply running in circles repeating the same thing for several hours.. game needs alot of work done to it
Pro: You get to use a shotgun and an ak to kill zombies plus the graphics are pretty cool as well as the music
Cons: icons to get health shield and ammo are ready to use right away, perhaps leaving it for 5-6 minutes before spawing into the world.
Zombies move slow, a few run but it doesnt really feel like a run and gun shooter if i can move around my enemy in a circle
For now i give it a 5\/10. bought the game for 49 cents. Well worth the price. Nice little run and gun time killer. Awesome game.. It's like the movie "Snakes on a Plane". Theres no real story or plot here, just delivers what it promises. Zombies in a paking garage. 10\\10 for truth in advertising. It's mindless fun as well.. I drove to work on Friday and I realized I had a half I was heading in the parking garage I found myself running around with a shotgun and M-16 killing zombies.

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