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About This Game

Get ready for a game so stupid you would rather show your browser history than admit that you like it! Lots of action, explosions and yes, it's a penis-tank in the trailer.

What? You need more reasons to play "2 Ninjas 1 Cup"?

- Challenging gameplay with instant respawns
- Silly plot with voice acting so bad it will make you cringe (don't know which one is worse)
- Explosions. Everybody loves explosions
- Original gags. Terrible, but original.
- Penis-tank

Now we're sure that you want to play it, so here's a list containing things "2 Ninjas 1 Cup" doesn't have:

- 3D helicopters
- Answers to "Will Trump start the World War III?"
- A proof that Hitler knew about the concentration camps
- A diet plan for Yo Mamma who is so fat she broke your family tree

So what are you waiting for!? We need you to bring the cup back! 7ad7b8b382

Title: 2 Ninjas 1 Cup
Genre: Action, Indie
Release Date: 3 Feb, 2017


2 ninjas 1 cup pl. 2 ninjas 1 cup pl. 2 ninjas 1 cup. 2 ninjas 1 cup

This thing is a blast! Watch our gameplay of it Here

Insane voice acting
Beating a level actually feels like an accomplisment
Difficult in all the right places

I broke 2 lamps, a keyboard and the ligament in my thumb.. pretty good game. spent 99 cent's and i dont give a ♥♥♥♥. One of the most frustrating games I have ever played. Do not buy if you have anger issues.. So I decided to livestream my efforts of maybe doing well at this game on YouTube @

Here is what I found out after two hourse of recording:
1. This game is super difficult!
2. I suck at platformers!
3. I am a pink ninja, with a kilt!
4. People in the livestream had difficulty countintg the amount of deaths I had after round 2
5. This game is super difficult!
6. The cup is a lie!
7. It has nothing to do with that other video!
8. I am not able to pass even the second stage!
9. I hate one block platforms ...

Seriously though, great game for the price, I would highly recommend trying to stay as calm as I tried to be.

Good job developers!
. (update: I take it all back. This game is flawed and not worth the aggravation. It's bad enough that your character will go from a dead stand still to rolling off the edge without you pressing anything at all, but to expect me to dodge hornets on tiny sand blocks followed by a f*cking fire tunnel without a checkpoint after the f*cking mess that was the hornet bit?!?!?! F*ck this game.)

Good game with acceptable stupid humor. I am enjoying it and the devs take suggestions on improvement. Good going guys\/gals!<\/span>

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