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The Buffalo Sabres make the first of two visits to South Florida on Thursday, February 28th with a stay in Sunrise to version of the Florida Panthers; game time is 7:30 p.m. The Sabres make going back trip to Sunrise exactly one month later on Thursday, March 28th (7:30 p.m.).

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First Friday, run by Steve Wilson, offers a Friday lunchtime meet up, usually in the pub the have a glass or two and internet connection. Simple. You are free to mingle, network, chat and its FREE - although you submit for really own drinks! Of the based in Sussex at this moment but are franchised and available about the country, they also have breakfast clubs but again these their very own issues.

Be creative in every aspect. Being merry is work. If you train yourself to look for the unique in whatever consumes the minutes in your day, you're likely to find everything more interesting. Send funny and different Christmas cards this the year. Surprise your usual card recipients with hilarious Christmas cartoons. A quality laugh never hurt anyone and in case you are the reason for that laughter-BINGO!-you get the prize.

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