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Alexander Shorokhoff Chrono Regulator CR01-3M Cheap men watch online

Great Replica Alexander Shorokhoff Avantgarde watches review

Alexander Shorokhoff Chrono Regulator CR01-3M Cheap men watch online

Brand Alexander Shorokhoff
Item Type Replica Alexander Shorokhoff Avantgarde Collextion
Movement manual winding
Case Stainless steel
strap Stainless steel
Case Diameter 43.5 mm
Height 13.65 mm
Dial Color Blue-gray
Clasp Type folding clasp
Glass Sapphire
Gender Men
Functions Minutes, decentralized hour hand at 6 o’clock, decentralized second hand, decentralized minute counter, chrono and summing up function, date
Boxes common box
Model Number AS.CR01-3M

Cheap Franck Muller Vanguard Watches replica Alexander Shorokhoff is a Russian designed, German made watch brand known for their eccentric, avant garde designs. No watch showcases their design aesthetic better than this Babylonian, a wild, but attractive, hand wound piece.Alexander Shorokhoff is one of few watch brands that have a direct relationship with their namesake. In this case, Mr. Shorokhoff, the founder, is still running the company. Contrary to what the name would suggest, these watches, though Russian designed, are German made..

The Babylonian is a watch that honors ancient astrological tradition, as its name would suggest. Astrological symbolism is scattered throughout both the dial and case back which creates a very unique and interesting piece-it’ll get noticed. This is definitely a watch for those who want something different and unique, and quite likely, an excellent conversation piece. Its beautiful hand would movement keeps it relatively thin and makes the back of the watch almost as attractive as the front.

Naturally, the zodiac covers the perimeter of the mainplate. Also worth noting is Shorokhoff’s trademark over sized 60 minute marker at 12:00. It’s not quite as remarkable as on some of their other pieces, like the New Moon I recently reviewed, because unlike that watch, this watch has no numeric hour markers, instead relying on a chapter ring of minute ticks. Thus, it’s less out of place here, although as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, Shorokhoff design is intrinsically rebellious, so it really fits in any of their designs. Linde Werdelin Spido Speed Watches Review

Alexander Shorokhoff watches are wrist-born works of art lauded for their unique dual citizenship that combines German precision with Russian spirit. The two focal collections, Heritage and Avantgarde, are inspired by culture, though each from a different perspective. The former is dedicated to the 19th century and combines classic design with traditional engravings, skeletonizing, and enameling. The latter is inspired by avant garde art and suprematism, the Russian art movement of the early 20th century. “Every watch tells a story,” founder and namesake Alexander Shorokhov explains.

Grenon points out that unlike most companies in which watches take shape in an assembly-line fashion, “Alexander wants each watchmaker to take ownership of each piece, therefore the entire watch is built top to bottom by one person,” he says. “At the end of this process the watchmaker fills out a card with the quality control checks, water resistance check, and timing results. At the bottom is her or her signature, and this card is given to the customer at the time of purchase.”“The Heritage collection features completely hand-engraved movements and starts at around $4,000,” says U.S. distributor Ray Grenon, who first noticed the watches in a shop window in Switzerland and became intrigued by their bold design and incredible value. “The Avantgarde collection starts at only $1,300 and still features many hand-engraved components. Straps are made from shrunken leather, and they are extremely soft and comfortable.”

The ETA or Poljot movements powering the timepieces are all re-worked in-house - bridges are embellished, surfaces are refined, and gears are decorated. “We skeletonize and hand-engrave the movements and assemble them after this process,” Shorokhov explains, adding that the company also develops its own modules, citing the regulator and chrono-regulator movements as examples. Replica Chopard mille miglia watches price

Alexander Shorokhoff Chrono Regulator CR01-3M Cheap men watch online Alexander Shorokhoff refers to this watch line as “Art on your Wrist,” and that is very apt. Art is very personal, both in terms of what you appreciate and what you choose to acquire, as a reflection of your individual tastes. Are all of these watches the type of items I could see myself wearing daily? No, but each one has a charm or quirky appeal of its own. And, yes, there are a couple of them that I would easily wear every day for a given season of the year (except that there aren’t well-defined seasons where I live).

What we are looking at today are just some of the watches from the Alexander Shorokhoff Avantgarde line. I had the pleasure of trying on each of the following watches at Baselworld 2015. Unlike most exhibitors who display their new watches as the immense Messe show halls in Basel each Spring, a couple of years ago, Alexander decided to instead showcase his watches at the Landesgartenschau (in the Hadid Pavilion) just across the border in Weil am Rhein, Germany. This calm oasis stands in stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of the Messe. Manning their art show like exhibit is Alexander and his family, who welcome you as a friend and treat you like family. It is all very different from the all-business vibe in the big brand booths just a couple of kilometers away in Basel.Something I’ve noticed at Baselworld is that when you are speaking to an actual watchmaker (or movement designer), they notice and comment on what you are wearing. In the big corporate booths you could wear a cucumber on your wrist and no one would say anything about it! Needless to say, Alexander notices what you wear and is eager to talk about it. Like the AHCI (independent watchmakers) I’ve run into at BaselWorld, watchmakers like Alexander are typically humble, approachable, and nice people to hang out with, proud of their wares, but without any PR spin in the conversation. Versace cheap watches for men online

It took a few years but I think you can now get Alexander Shorokhoff in the USA. aBlogtoWatch friend Ray Grenon, and proprietor of Grenon’s of Newport in Rhode Island reached out, letting us know that they were now carrying the brand. Grenon’s is one of those rare watch stores in the US that carries cooler small brands in addition to some of the big boys. Ray proudly carries brands such Louis Moinet, Cyclos, Magellan, Louis Chevrolet, Alexander Shorokhoff (and a lot more) next to more popular brands such as Tissot, TAG Heuer, Cartier, and Oris. If you live near a store like Grenon’s of Newport or such that takes a chance on smaller more unique brands, we can’t help but encourage you patronize them, otherwise it would be the same dozen or so brands everywhere. So having said that, allow us to review a cool, rare watch from a small indie brand.

I’ll get to that quirk right away. It isn’t a deal breaker, but it is odd, and the one negative thing I have to say about the Avantgarde Lefthander’s Chronograph timepiece. What is it? Well the hour and minute hands have no lume. No, Alexander Shorokhoff isn’t required to offer lume to make the watch great, but the hour indicators and large minute indicators DO in fact have lume. So you have a sort of “night tease” as part of the dial display is coated in SuperLumiNova, but the necessary parts (i.e. the hands) aren’t. Otherwise I love the shape and design of the hands. The hands are even in white, so lume painting them wouldn’t change the design at all.

You may be challenged to even find this specific watch on the Alexander Shorokhoff website. It is in the Avantgarde collection, but you won’t find it in the Automatik Chronograph area. In fact, this dial design is offered in a few similar versions. From what I can tell, this almost exact combination can be ordered with a manually wound movement, automatic movement, or lefty style automatic movement. Each of these watches has a different movement and unique personality. A personality that I’ve come to really like. If you want to find this model you’ll need to look in the LINKSHANDER UHR section under Avantgrade watches - which I totally would have missed.

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