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In 1994, the Swedish engineer, entrepreneur and adventurer Malte Stierngranat was buried in a pyramid that he had designed himself. The pyramid was erected almost half a ce 5d3b920ae0

Title: Bosch's Damnation
Genre: Adventure
MDNA Games
Tri Synergy, Inc.
Release Date: 14 Mar, 2014


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pros - gorgeous environments are presenting with colorful first-person photographic stills.. Although this isn't a spectacular game, it's not a terrible one either. I would recommend if you can find it on sale and you're a fan of the whole pointy-clicky mystery/adventure genre. I wouldn't pay the full $11.99 for it by any means, but with a good sale it's a reasonable time-killer. This is one of those games where an option between "yes" and "no" would be helpful. The "maybe" button would be appropriate. This is a typical first-person point-and-click mystery that suffers from a somewhat lackluster plot and occasionally tedious locations, but is redeemed in my opinion by the beautiful scenes themselves and an interesting sub-plot that interested me more than the main one (one being a current mystery and the other being a fascinating pseudo-historical background story). The locations are photographic (rather than animated/graphical) and lovely. However, the locations are also sometimes far more sprawling than they need to be. With 360 degrees of view (four static views per room), if you're someone like me that is used to games that are packed with useable or inspectable objects in every corner, you'll find yourself getting annoyed with the sheer expanses of emptiness. I probably could have finished the game an hour faster if I didn't feel compelled to check every nook and cranny for something, anything, that I could use. And then, there are times when you finally find something you can interact with, and it turns out it's just there for the hell of it. You can poke it and prod it, but then you have to put it down and move along, all the while wondering why it was even there. There is full voice acting for this game but they sound absolutely bored out of their minds. Very, very "blah" dialogue. What to do next isn't always that obvious, but there is a handy in-game guidance system in the form of your player character's notebook (although it would have been nice to see incremental hints; there was one part that I just wanted a quick shove in the right direction and instead it gave me the entire solution to a puzzle in gory detail). So if you can find it on sale and like this type of game, it's worth a go, especially if you've exhausted your supply of comparable games.. Beautiful point and click adventure game that is very light on plot and puzzles besides simple inventory- based or "find the key" ones. While the photo-based graphics are immersive, the large world could have been utilized better with more interaction points (there were suprisingly few for a rendered world that large). I do not know a lot of Swedish history, so several of the museum locales were interesting (mannequins?!) but I could only interact with things in 1-2 rooms out of 6 (seriously there were whole rooms with nothing to do in them). The puzzles in these locales weren't related to any of the objects in the rooms, aside from a random abacus and Bosch painting, so could have been done anywhere. It would have been nice to have the puzzles better utilize these locations (maybe I could have learned something). Would recommend in the under $6 range.. A mellow point-and-click mystery game with real photo graphics and Hieronymus Bosch paintings! You will probably use the hint function a bit, as some of the objectives and items are not obvious. I actually overlooked one item, but fortunately it did show up somewhere else. Kudos to the developer for thinking of that. >.>; I found it pretty interesting, being partly Swedish myself and curious about the culture.. I recommend this if you like point and click adventures. It's a murder mystery set in Sweden with interesting locations and easy but satisfying puzzles, partly due to the fun hint system which I used a bit too much:) The visuals are real photo's and look fantastic and along with a weird and wonderful soundtrack create an atmospheric game. Well worth picking up, especially in a sale.. I learned about Carol Reed games when I was adding profiles for Neoseeker. Given the fact that I frequented a lot adventure games sites, I naturally was drawn by the Carol Reed series (which was at the 5th game I think). I've immediately liked the quality of the photos and the concept of being a foreigner in Sweden. Unfortunately, back then, I couldn't order MDNA games. And with my life evolving, I"ve kinda forgotten about them. I knew about Bosh's Damnation after adding the profile on Neoseeker last year but still, I didn't order anything. I don't remember if I saw it going through Greenlight. But when I saw the title in the upcoming list, it was wishlisted. And when I saw the release, I didn't hesitate to spent money for it. So in other words, what's a Carol Reed game? It's a game about a young woman, loving Sweden and solving cases around like a private investigator. This time, a cleaner called her about the disappearance of his employers. Carol began to investigate until the family is giving a sign of life. Carol forgot about it. but in the summer, is brought back into the family's business as the daughter's boyfriend is found dead at a barn and the murder isn't from yesterday. Guess who will snoop around? It's a point and click game, you find objects, you use them, you solve puzzles thanks to clues and you speak with people. The game is done with real life pictures and real people. There is no video inside but you can see differences in the pictures: people are making differents expressions, if you open a door, you'll see it open. It could be a walking simulator as you're walking from scene to scene without having to search something and each close-up doesn't bring everytime a clue or an object, just a nice view. and the fact that in real life, you would have looked at that. In other words, Bosh's Damnation, which is the 10th game in the series, is trying to stick to reality. The soundtrack is quite good, the mystery is well done too and the voice actors are also good. But the quality of the pictures and the beauty of some are also the strongest points for the game. I really enjoyed it. Even the hint system is quite interesting. I recommend it, mainly for those who love solving mysteries.

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