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Charlie's Conscious Download Direct Link

Charlie's Conscious Download Direct Link

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About This Game

From a violent exchange screaming at Bob for his wallet, to a fully legit career. Just make sure Charlie lives to see himself prosper; Don't let him die young.

This game aims to be very communally driven and is in full-blown development every day. As an [early access] video game, we at _TrackC Studios can assure you that it will be adamantly appended and built with the community in mind. Please understand, however, because it is early in the developmental stages, it could have unseen bugs and brittles. That is where you come in: Help us help you by creating the RPG game of the year.

Features as of now (Early Access v. 0.1.4)
- Carefully custom developed UI system
- Basic Economy
- Fully functional apartment complex, school system, job center, and shop
- Beautifully crafted post-processing effects that add character to the graphics
- Functioning Pedestrian AI Action Programming (Walk, change direction)
- Functioning Car AI Action Programming (Drive, change direction)
- Tutorial
- Runs smooth and without issue

Features projected in the next month [Release date unaffirmed] (Early Access v. 0.1.5)
- Basic Interaction with Pedestrian AI
- Banking (Physical)
- More access to the city
- Add more cars
- More jobs available at Job Center
- Add more people (All serve a unique purpose hopefully)

Long-term goals
- Fully functional, comprehensive town
- Bars, complete with gambling center
- Drivable and purchasable Cars at dealerships
- Loans (For big purchases)
- Guns (So for protection or for violent acts)
- Housing that is customizable
- Particle effects that enhance the graphical component
- Clothing
- Skateboards, bikes, and other modes of transportation cheaper than a car
- MULTIPLAYER; Has potential.

- More to come as functions become necessary or apparent. a09c17d780

Title: Charlie's Conscious
Genre: Casual, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access
_trackC Studios
_trackC Interactive LLC
Release Date: 21 Oct, 2018


  • OS: Windows 7 SP1+
  • Processor: Intel Core2Quad Q6600 2.40 GHz or AMD equivalent
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 650 or AMD equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 150 MB available space


charlie rose consciousness. consciously charlie

So right now this is a super Alpha game with just a couple of places to visit (apartment, jobs and a convenience store) and you have to jump to get over the curbs. The camera movement is really weird (mouse moves tilt your head more than turning it) but the developer is pretty into it and it has some good potential as a 3D life simulator. Probably wont be much to speak of until Q2 2019 but if you like voxel games and life sims it'll probably be good someday. I'll keep it instead of returning just to support the makers and will check back often for updates. I'm going with 'Recommended' because I've seen much, much worse in an alpha game and good developer interest.

EDIT: Already seems like a crappy moneygrab abandonware. No updates or posts since launch.

Update Coming Soon!:
Large update in the works! Just a few more features to finish.
So sorry about the wait, but the team decided to give the game A COMPLETE overhaul. We added new features and processes, so just hang in there! Launch date: This Christmas!!. And... We're off!:
The game has a steam landing page now, yay!

Charlies Conscious is planned to release October 21st! Get ready!. Charlie's Conscious v.1.0.12 Bank and Safe Patch!:
Bug fixes and additions!

v.1.0.2 coming this weekend!. Charlie's Conscious v.1.0.11: Bank and Safe Patch!:
Bug fixes and additions!. Charlie's Conscious v.1.0.1: Bank and Safe:
Thanks to all who have tried the game! You're in for a treat this next month! New updates every week! (Not to mention patches as soon as bugs are found)

This is the official changelog for new version 1.0.1 aptly named Bank and Safe


Banking system

  • Bank balance
  • Withdrawal and Deposit

The first implementation of a save and load syndicate!
Use 'e' to open inventory, then locate 'save game' at the bottom to save current state. When in the Main menu, click the 'load game' option to begin where you left off.

Primitive Inventory!
Use this feature by pressing 'e' when in game. Right now, it's able to tell you what job you have and where you live, but it will soon act as your main source of information rather than just the GUI.

Primitive Main Menu

Access to two more blocks of Milleville!
It should be said, however, that there is a building that has not been utilized yet. That is in the works to serve as a quick access clinic for the next update!

Stay tuned for new achievements, goals, and features! Next big update releases Saturday, 10/27/2018!

Make sure to review! We would love to hear your ideas for the game!

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