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About This Game

Don't Kill Her is a narrative game shaped like a slow-paced platformer. Whether it be woods carved in the memories of olden days or great steppes shaped by the darkness above, the areas you explore are the fruit of Her very own creation. A world conceived especially for you, its sole purpose being for the player to find the answers to the secrets it holds. Indeed, your progression through this eventful universe packed with bewildering encounters is quite straightforward, as the real challenge lies elsewhere.

For now all you need to know, is that many mysteries lie ahead in the world of In-Between. Pieces of the narrative puzzle are scattered everywhere. Understanding Her true intent will require using your observation and deduction skills wisely.

Behind every location hides a compelling story, extraordinary landscapes and hidden places to uncover. Most importantly, every little aspect of this creation holds its very own purpose and is part of the greater whole that is Her plan.

The lands you will tread upon are also home to a whole cast of colorful individuals. Your actions have effects on your relationships with them. Friends or foes, the move is yours to make. Each character plays a specific part in unlocking the enigma that surrounds Her. Their backstories are also key to understanding the bigger picture.

In order to keep track of all the pieces of the puzzle, you will learn how to use memories. All along the adventure, you are given the opportunity to print screenshots whenever need be. A very precious tool that enables you to connect the scattered fragments of information you will gather.

The In-Betweeners are also capable of using memories. T.H.I.S., their own special social media allows them to share their opinions and stories. You will be able to browse through this data and collect important information regarding their lives. T.H.I.S is an essential tool that will not only help you figure out whom you’re dealing with but also how the characters will react to your actions in the In-Between.

Tread lightly. Everything is connected: dialogues, details in the environment, posts on social media. Assembling these elements is the only way to solve Her mystery.

Don't Kill Her aims to offer the player a unique and challenging narrative experience. Her plan, Her desire. Beware, prepare yourself for a journey beyond your wildest imagination.


Title: Don't Kill Her
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Release Date: When it's done


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