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Driven Out Activation Code [Ativador]

Driven Out Activation Code [Ativador]

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About This Game

Driven Out is a challenging 2d side-scroller with deliberate combat and beautiful 16 bit retro aesthetic. A farmer is forced from her home into a dangerous world in upheaval. Forced to fight dangerous fantastical creatures.

Luckily she has stumbled upon a magical contraption that creates copies of herself if she perishes. As long as this device has power she can place custom checkpoints. However it is a fragile device and if the enemies choose to attack the device it will quickly break.

Enemies are numerous and varied in this seamless world. The farmer has no combat experience but as long as she keeps her wits about her and read the enemies she can prevail. The enemies are also not without wit and might choose to attack the checkpoint if left unprotected.

  • Deliberate combat. Read the enemy and act accordingly.
  • Beautiful 16 bit retro art style with fluid animations.
  • Seamless world without any in-game load screens.
  • Checkpoints can be placed anywhere.
  • Destructible checkpoint, if left unprotected the enemies can choose to attack the checkpoints instead of the player.
  • Skill based combat. No character progression and no loot.

Title: Driven Out
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
No Pest Productions
Jens Kolhammar
Release Date: 2019


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Update - Alpha 1.35:
1. Battle
- Fixed monster Reinforcement formula when moving
between dungeon stage.
- Fixed monster attack damage formula.
- Fixed monster element damage formula.
- Fixed shield's shielding formula
- The abrasive repair weapon's durability.

2. Combination system
- Basic Combination Help button has been added at bench windows.
- A tooltip with an item name has been added to the help window.
- Combine equipment and ore in combination repair the equipment durability.
(The both of materials should be the same. )

3. Quest
- Various items will be paid for the daily quests.
- Reward EXP of the daily quest is applied flexibly according to level.

4. Town
- Monsters drop and miscellaneous can be sold to the store.
- The guards do not randomly tip but talk to each tip in turn.
- Guards dialog have been added & corrected.

5. Miner
- No more miner will be paid the miner's ore until a player gets it.
- Miner expertise has been modified with the chance of obtaining additional ore.
- Increases the level of miner's ore to increase the probability of batter ore.

6. System
- No more support for real-time save.
- As the item storage method is changed, it takes more time to load.
- If the item locker weighs more than, the heaviest item returned to the inventory.
- The effect of changing day and night has been modified to slow.

7. Bug
- Fixed a problem where a shielded attack would cause damage.
- Fixed the problem some daily quest.. Update - Alpha 2.2.2:
1. Bug
   - Fixed an issue where the wood drop rate was wrong.
   - Fixed an issue where the price was not displayed correctly
when items in the cart were removed when repairing items.

2. Develop
   - I am working on new map work for 40 ~ 50 floors.
     This will be updated in early/ mid-September.

. Working...:

It looks like this after the 20th floor. :D. Update - Alpha 1.31 - 1.31.1:
1. Tutorial
  - Modify the description of some tutorial sentences
  - Modify some description animation tutorial
2. Town
  - Stamina does not decrease further in town
  - When the player accesses a specific object, the name is automatically output
  - Automatically output NPC name when the player accesses NPC
  - NPC Tristan and guards position slightly adjusted
  - Added a guild ambassador related to the shield's cooldown
  - Addition of an effect that notifies bed activation when renting a bed of an inn

3. Operation
  - Keep the tool applied after completing the resource collection.
  - Multiple window scrolling does not work at the same time.

4. Bug
  - Fixed the difference between the time of penalty of weight gauge and message output.
  - Fixed the problem that the monster starfish cannot move in certain situations.
  - Fixed the problem that the amount of money is insufficient when the amount of money is exactly matched when renting the inn.

Alpha 1.31.1 Additional fixes
1. Bug
   - Fixed an issue where the NPC name was printed before the character was approached.
   - Fixed invulnerability check after blocking shield
   - Fixed some daily quests did not complete the phenomenon.
   - Fixed the problem that the quest description at the bottom of the mini-map is not updated when the quest is completed.
   - Fixed attacked using the collection tool.
- Fixed incorrect quantity of hammer provided in the tutorial. Update - Alpha 1.37.1:
1. Functions
   - The operation method of saving has finally been modified.
   - Fixed an issue where no sound will be heard when dropping
an item in Quick Slot.
   - Fixed an issue where no sound was heard when moving items from
the warehouse to the inventory.
   - Fixed an issue where item weight calculation in inventory was not correct.

2. Items
   - The weight of certain items has been reduced.
. Update - Alpha 1.36:
1. Add
   - Added a message that if you attempt to cast a skill during a cool time,
add a new message.
   - Fixed upgrade information for attribute resistance.
   - Information that attribute resistance reduces damage is added to
the guard's ambassadors.
   - Installed items that have been attacked by boss monsters have been
modified to crash.
   - Boss monster necklace drop rate increased to 10% -> 30%.
   - Some combat formulas have been modified.

2. Bugs
   - Fixed an issue where item information was not updated
when a character died.
   - Fixed the item is returned to the locker when you dropped another item slot.

3. Keep Watching
   - Item Balance
- Auto save. Update - Alpha 3.0.0:

1. Dungeon
   - Dungeons have been updated up to the 50th floor.
2. Monster
   - Depending on the dungeon added, you can fight more monsters.
   - A new boss monster has been added to the 50th floor.

3. Quest
   - Up to 50 levels of main quests are available.

* Always good. Thank you for pressing.. Update - Alpha 1.34:
1. Functions
  - The amount is displayed when gold is acquired.
  - The quest reward item and the name of the item obtained from
the box will be displayed.
  - Durability reduced significantly when a shield is used.
  - You can now acquire items that have fallen into the thorny field.

2. Quest
  - Some quest ambassadors have been modified.
  - Daily quest rewards have been fixed.

3. Resources
  - The stage of the appearance of some resources has been adjusted.

4. UI
  - The combination information in the help window has been changed
and added.
  - Fixed some typo fixes and item descriptions in the Korean version.
  - The font size of the numerical display of EXP has been revised.
  - Fixed the problem that the tooltip window blinks when checking
the details of the quest window's compensation.

5. NPC
  - More guard tooltip has been added.

* Keep watching
  - Daily quest details and rewards will be constantly adjusted.
  - I am considering additional methods for lack of description related
to the combination.. Update - Alpah 1.30:
1. Object
- Various objects have been added to the dungeon.

Added a variety of designs to make the dungeons look more colorful through from feedback

- Barricades have been added to the dungeon.

The barricade is destroyed immediately when the player attacks, but it receives damage such as a trap when it reaches.

- The color of copper ore has been changed.

2. Bug
- Fixed the phenomenon that a monster starfish cannot move when it meets a settled item.

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