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Event Horizon is an exciting space 2D action/RPG game. Take command of a space fleet and start your galaxy exploration mission. Battle hostile aliens, conduct scientific research, capture resources, trade, build new ships and upgrade existing ones. Thousands and thousands of star systems, ferocious battles and surprising encounters are waiting for you.

• Millions of stars to discover
• Hardcore dynamic battles
• Over 50 individual space ships with options for modification
• Over 100 guns and modules
• 10 Unique factions with powerful flagships
• Exploration of planets d859598525

Title: Event Horizon
Genre: Action, Indie, RPG
Pavel Zinchenko
Pavel Zinchenko
Release Date: 20 Dec, 2018


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Combat is bad. No tutorial.. Now that the dev has finaly updated the pc version i can say its a fun game at a very reasonable price so if you like space games with asteroids style controls try it on the phone and buy it on pc if you like the phone version its definently worth it to pay once and never have to worry about in game purchases again. Very addictive as is! If you take a moment to learn it. The planet side stuff def needs work. I can see it was meant for mobile but with tweaks and adjustments this could be a great little PC gem.

I've had tons of entertainment so far just trying to unlock stuff and exploring the systems. The high cost of ships and items is a little daunting with how much you need to grind to get them then unlock their premade structure (that could use some work). Better explanations of weapon sizes and slots would be nice also.

Then again it is early access and the dev is looking for feedback so lets do just that! Instead of the one neg review I saw posted like 3 days ago... that person sounds like they got stuck at the start menu because there's quite a bit to do as is not just a few "buggy" screens lol. I originally got this game on my Android phone back in late April 2016. A friend of mine bought it for me here on Steam awhile ago.


-Huge variety of ships and weapons, with many weapons featuring differing gameplay mechanics
-Customizing ships is easy and pretty rewarding, and can get quite complex if you aim to optimize your builds.
-General space combat is well done for the most part
-Pretty nice variety of tactics which the AI will make use of
-Wide variation in ship visual design and apperance, especially between factions
-Overall well-done progression in difficulty and complexity
-Features random alerts/encounters which can range from ambushes (which sometimes can be very difficult to fend off) to finding an abandonded ship that can be salvaged and used.
-Game takes up only ~90MB because phone game and is very light on system resources.
-Is a nice little game for killing time (although this aspects lends itself more to the phone version)


-Can feel pretty grindy at times, and the initial few hours of gameplay can be rather slow-going.
-Music gets pretty repetitive and you will probably want to mute it eventully
-Plays a little funny with mouse and keyboard (I highly suggest using a gamepad or joystick)(the touch controls of the phone version aren't bad either)
-Has a planet exploration minigame which gets pretty repetitive and has only minor effects on the main game (unless you randomly get very lucky and find something actually useful)
-All UI is optimized for use with a touchscreen, and so looks and feels a little strange on large screens
-Developer is 404 can not be found as of the posting of this review

As for the Android version vs the Steam version, overall the twoare pretty similar, with the main difference between them being that the Android version is F2P with ads and microtransactions, and the Steam version is a simple pay-to-own-forever and has no ads or microtransactions. The main gameplay impact here is that shops which sold items for premium currency in the Android version, now sell said items for large amounts of standard ingame currency.. this is a great game, though it is quite unfinished. though i mostly have played this on my phone (before i discovered that it is on pc), i still feel able to comment on this.

some good/bad points:

o the gameplay is not very diverse: sure, there are many ships and modules, but the fighting gets REALLY boring 10-15 hours in (as said before, i have played a lot on my phone, too). it takes a long time to get better ship classes, and thus the player will use 1-2 ships for a long time until a new ship class is unlocked.
o it takes an EXTREMELY EXTREME amount of time to get good ships, money, and tech.
o no story
o planetary exploration is not worth it until the player either has A LOT of money or A LOT of research invested in it.
o some, though few, bugs.
o very few & very rare special encounters, and they quickly become boring too.
o traders usually don't have good things.
o it's the same music every time.
o faction research is rare.
o it is hard/takes a long time to figure out the game.
o there can be no real/game changing changes to the ships, such as an extra gun.
o it takes a long time to undermine bases.
o bad/no descriptions of modules.
o the player can not use it's mouse to move it's ship.

o the player can modify their ships & the modules are well made.
o it is possible to buy tech from traders.
o stable gameplay.
o cheap and fitting price.
o the enemy has different play styles (altough the guerilla/dodge style is really frustrating and boring).
o good game.. please add mouse support to match grind
update the steam version has not get any update since x mas 2017 but the mobile versin is on 0.15 already. Very grindy game and quite some room for improvements. I mean bindable controls, anyone?! I really had to use AutoHotyKey to get special skills on my mouse. But although the game seems quite simple on first glance, it's also very addictive. Once you get started, you will want more items. Bigger ships and better weapons to try new tactics and to pay THEM back what THEY did to YOU. :) Yet if it hadn't been possible to get it to afk-auto-leveling to some degree, I had probably given up a long time ago, before the RSI syndrom kills my hand and arm completely. Anyway, it's still getting updates as of 2019 and I bought it 2016.. Awesome and fun game. My video and full reviews can be found by following the links below. Here's the short version.....

If you like retro space war games, but with way more depth, then this is an excellent game. Never played any of these old school games? No problem, pick this up and have fun as well. It has (limited) exploration, good game depth, lot's of spaceships, great battles, strategy, and nice gameplay mechanics. The upgrades and technologies available are impressive. Even in it's current state, which is way better then I expected, it's worth the price tag without a doubt. It is more completed then expected. You get a good game that can only get better. It gets an 8 out of 10 from me without hesitation!

Pure Gameplay video:

Full English review:

Volledige Nederlands Review: I would like to see this game advance with its progress in the future. There's a good concept for a game here, but it doesn't really translate to the actual game. Some ships can just out maneuver your ships and stay out of your firing range. Each battle is repetative and not very fun. I'm sure later on in the game there is more variation, but the first 20 minutes or so of playing was really not enjoyable. If you're looking for a successor to FTL or something similar, this isn't it. 4/10.

Update 0.12.3:

  • new faction and boss
  • new ships and weapons
. Update 0.12.2:
  • extendable hangar
  • simplified planet exploration
  • many new bonuses in the skill tree
  • new ship and gun
. Update 0.13:
  1. Old arenas are replaced with online arenas
  2. Ability to build improved ships
  3. New ships, weapons, and modules
  4. Turkish translation
  5. Easter egg (can be found on planets)
. Update 15.4:
. Update 0.14:
  • Improved physics and effects
  • Chinese translation
. Update 0.13.1:
  • Added starbases
  • Many new techs can be found on planets
  • Drones have been rebalanced
  • Many bugfixes and improvements
  • Italian translation
. Update 0.17:
  • Quests
  • New secret faction

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