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About This Game

Save grandpa and grandma's farm from foreclosure in the wacky and wonderful Farm Frenzy 4! The Farm Frenzy series of casual sims gets a makeover in this ALL NEW sequel. Choose and dress your character, and then get busy saving the family farm! Buy and care for a variety of animals, collect the goods they produce and then manufacture products for sale in town, keeping a close eye on your bank account and the clock to make sure you balance your resources well. Perform challenging tasks for colorful characters, protect your farm from bears and moles, and earn a trophy on each of the game's 90 levels to unlock dozens of achievements!
As you enjoy the brand new Farm Frenzy game, each click of your mouse will award you the money you need to complete your tasks. You can also look for hidden items to fill your meter faster! What's more, with each trophy you win, you'll earn items you can trade for temporary boosts. But the best new feature: love is in the air! Just introduce the chicken to the pig and see what happens!
Virtual farming has never been more fun than in Farm Frenzy 4, so grab yer overalls, roll up yer sleeves and get ready for an egg-crackin', cow-milking, sheep-shearin' good time!

  • • 90 levels
  • • Four huge worlds
  • • 40 achievements
  • • All age’s entertainment

Title: Farm Frenzy 4
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Strategy
Alawar Entertainment
Buka Entertainment
Release Date: 1 Aug, 2013


  • OS: XP/Vista/7/8
  • Processor: 2.2 GHz processor
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Video 512 MB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 2 GB available space


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For casual game, this is really fun. I have never played any of the prior Farm Frenzy games except the demos. FF4 is a surprisingly addictive game. I am used to buying and playing high-budget AAA games and playing a "casual" game like FF4 is a different experience for me.

I was introduced to "time-management" games recently and I am enjoying this genre because it requires a bit of fast-paced thinking, not just clicking. FF4 can get a little hectic and it takes a while to get through the entire campaign. It is very difficult to collect all the Steam Achievements due to how many rounds there are in the entire campaign.

As many reviewers have noted, the broken English in the game used is pretty bad. It is a bit distracting if you are trying to immerse yourself in this game. How hard can it be to find one American editor to clean up the broken English?

The sound effects are good and functional. The cartoony graphics works for this game. Again, my biggest criticism is the poor English being used. I am not a grammar Nazi, I simply object to what appears to be laziness on the developer's part to find someone who knows conversational English to edit the text.

Aside from that quibble, I have no regrets getting FF4. As usual, I wait for a 66%-75% sale before I buy as to minimize the risk of paying money for a bad game. Yes, I know Steam does refunds but with all the games I have and available today, I am simply not into paying full retail price for most games.

FF4 is a cute but challenging time-management\/strategy game. Don't let the cutesy graphics fool you. It does require some strategy to get through to the very end. I highly recommend FF4.

UPDATE: I still prefer FF4. It is still the best version of the FF. I tried the sequels after FF4 and I really disliked the style and the mini-games. I was greatly disappointed in them which reinforces my love of FF4.. I intended to just run this game to get the card drops and that was it, but I played it a little bit and enjoyed it enough to continue even after the drops had finished to the point of pretty much completing it ( but didn't get all of the achievements ). I found the game to be pretty fun and would like to get the other games from this franchise at some point.

It's just a small game with quite a few of levels that have specific tasks you need to do. Not much else to it, but for what it is, I think it is enjoyable. It is also a bit quirky in that the pigs "lay" meat ( I wish it worked like that in the real world, honestly ).

As far as cons, my main gripe would be that apparently animals can starve even when they are surrounded by food, which makes getting the achievement for keeping all of the animals well fed rather difficult.. I rather enjoy the Farm Frenzy games, and while this one plays basically the same as the others, the graphics are clunky 3D. I wish they had stayed with the classic 2D art of the previous games. The English is incoherent in places and overall it is a poorly made game in the series.. Nice Timing Game. i Loved it since Farm Frenzy 2 Pizza Party. This one's a doozy. Engrish abounds (e.g. "I must help me get to home"). Gameplay is nothing new, you click on stuff so you can click on more stuff, then click on something else. The time management portion is iffy. I never really felt stressed out about the time limits and some of the earlier levels are much harder than the later ones. Once you figure out the basic "engine" and how to build it with your starting material on every level, it can feel like more of a chore then the other farm frenzy games. If, like me, you like winding down with casual cow clicking, pick this up on sale. Laugh at the awful translation and take it for what it is - shovelware of the highest degree. That said, it takes about 25 hours to complete (gold star on all levels), so it's actually pretty good value.

The Farm Frenzy Franchise (ooo alliteration!) doesn't really set a lofty standard of gameplay, but this one fails completely. I won't be buying others in the series after this.. ===[ \u2764 Audience: ]===
\u2610 Kids
\u2611 Everyone
\u2610 Casual players
\u2610 Pro players

===[ \u263c Graphics: ]===
\u2610 Potato
\u2610 Really bad
\u2610 Bad
\u2611 OK
\u2610 Good
\u2610 Beautiful
\u2610 Masterpiece

===[ $ Price\/quality: ]===
\u2610 Full price
\u2611 Wait for sale
\u2610 Average
\u2610 Refund it if you can
\u2610 Don't do it
\u2610 Free

===[ \u2623 Requirments: ]===
\u2611 90' PC
\u2610 Minimum
\u2610 Medium
\u2610 Fast
\u2610 High end
\u2610 NASA computer

===[ \u263c Difficulty: ]===
\u2610 You just need 2 arms
\u2611 Ez
\u2610 Easy to learn \/ Hard to master
\u2610 Hard (first few hours)
\u2610 Dark Souls

===[ \u06de Game time\/length ]===
\u2610 Really short ( 0 - 2 hours)
\u2611 Short ( 2 - 8 hours)
\u2610 Few hours ( 8 - 12 hours)
\u2610 Long ( 12+ hours)
\u2610 Endless

===[ \u266c Story] ===
\u2611 It doesn't have
\u2610 Still better than Twilight
\u2610 Average
\u2610 Good
\u2610 Fantastic

===[ \u00a7 Bugs ]===
\u2610 Game itself is one big BUG
\u2610 Bugs destroying the game
\u2610 Lot of bugs
\u2610 Few Bugs
\u2610 You can use them for speedrun
\u2611 Nothing

===[ \u2726 Others: ]===
Multiplayer: No
Singleplayer: No. aneh tapi seru. It takes 34 hours and i got 85% achievement unlocked...
,sure i mean 34 hours spent to clear this game. (all gold medal lol)

If you think to earn all achievement from this childish -looking game,
think again. Some of them are not easy as you think.

Super-click to boost production time is gone, if you play all previous
Farm Frenzy series, you should know what i mean but there is a timer
that exactly show when your product is done instead so you can
manage your production line better.

Graphic is quite good for a first time-full 3D farm frenzy. camera angle
can be adjusted but i prefer top view most,

Sound and music is okay too, dunno what to complain about it. haha

Luckily, i bought it with a discounted price but that's not too expensive
that much to buy at the full price, come on... it's worth to try :). quite enjoyable. A great game when you want to relax and unwind after a long day

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