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About This Game

Can you reclaim your ancestors’ land? Evil forces have taken over the once fertile land of Fortiana. You are the only one who can storm the castles and claw it back from the hordes of dragons.
Experience a new type of strategy and arcade game. Fence off parts of the battlefield to corner your enemies. Collect catapults and power-ups to besiege the fortresses and take on dragons. But beware! As you progress through the levels it gets harder and harder. The fortresses become much larger and the monsters more vicious. Can you emerge victorious and reclaim the land of your ancestors? You are knight Fortix, the sole hope for the desolate and tortured land of Fortiana to become the fertile land that it was before.

Key features:
  • New, yet familiar gameplay
  • Fantasy setting
  • 22 levels of increasing difficulty
  • Family-friendly / no violence
  • Simple controls suitable for all ages
  • Easy-to-learn, hard-to-master
  • Likeable, cartoon-like characters
  • On-line high score chart

Title: Fortix
Genre: Indie
Nemesys Games
Nemesys Games
Release Date: 14 Apr, 2010


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Fortix is a small game, in which you need to attack castles. But their defences can be much stronger than you. I hate that Black Dragon! Anyway... The game is very cool. It's fun to get the achievements, they are not that hard.
For this genre, the game it's cool and can be played on the most of computers. 10/10 I Highly reccomend this game!. As it stands, however, I found Fortix a mediocre experience that just didn’t grab me as much as I thought it might.. This is a nice enhanced variation of the old arcade game Qix. It's fun to play and well worth it's low price. Recommended!
. This isn't really a "new type of strategy and arcade game." It's like Pacxon, which I used to play in middle school. Except this has a more structured sequence of levels, and of course, is medieval. The land you're trying to take back is called Fortiana but aside from this there isn't much of a story. The game is really fun though.

Easy 100%

8/10 Medieval Pacxon. There's something about it's simple nature that makes it fun and original.. it's qix with a medieval setting... what more can you say... it's just awesome!!!. Priced at $0.99 it is hard not to get your money's worth out of this. It is a graphically updated version of Qix that I had on the C64 many (many) years ago now. A simple premise but addictive nonetheless. It is a short game but would still serve as a quick and easy time-filler once you've beaten it.. This game makes you feel that your $1,69 was well spent.

It has simple machanics that will entertain you for 20 levels.

Fortix also have Cards.

My recommendation? Buy it. It will worth.. What the description doesn't explain very well is that this is a Qix clone (classic 80's arcade game), mashed up with RTS elements. If you enjoyed Qix, you'll probably like this.

The game is very polished and attractive, and the gameplay is engaging. The menu system is difficult to manage, and suggests that this is a console port. No matter. The game plays fine, because it plays best with a keyboard. Only the menus are goofy.

I'm gald I bought this. It's fun entertainment for a few hours.. This game... this game cannot be decribed with mere words. It is THAT good. I advise any and all gamers of any backround and skillset to purchase this work of art. Very fun, high-stakes time killer, great game. A+, 10/10, A/5.

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