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Ghost Rock Full Movie Download 1080p Hd

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Original Title: Ghost Rock

Genge: Action,Drama,Western

















































In 1882, 20 years after an almost forgotten massacre took place, the only living witness to the crime, John Slaughter, returns to the town where it happened. Now finding the town run by the man behind the terrible act, Slaughter teams up with the mysterious gunslinger Savannah Starr to try and rid the west of one of it's great evils.
A "western" with people running around doing Shaolin kung fu. There's a "Chinese" character who looks as Chinese as my Aunt Sally, who has never seen a Chinese person in her life. All the bad guys are dummies, and even though they always have their guns aimed at the good guys at point blank range and could kill them at any time, never bothers to pull the trigger. This, despite the fact that the bad guy's head honcho (Gary Busey) has killed people randomly throughout the film, but for some reason always lets the hero go so he can come back for one of those final shoot-outs. The script by the star is nonsensical, even as camp. The martial arts is actually quite good, but in the background of a western, it's just...wrong. Also, did the female lead steal Sharon Stone's clothes from THE QUICK AND THE DEAD? Someone call the police.

4 out of 10 As an extra and conscripted stunt guy in this flick, I've seen this movie more times than I would have otherwise, mostly at the request of friends and family who wanted me to point out where I show up. Having joined the Corps of Unpaid Extras in the second week of filming and sticking around for Wrap-up Day, I was witness to the proverbial sausage-making. Michael Worth wrote a dime-store novel and called it a screenplay. Gary Busey quotes Shakespeare...nuff said. My friends say it's a pretty good movie -- AFTER I tear down their expectations. The martial arts were well-choreographed, the gunplay cheesy, and the T&A gratuitous. What's not to like? Continuity was problematic since much of the movie ended up on the editing room floor. Lindy Teague's part was pared down to almost nothing and who knew the one girl was Japanese until the "Arigato?" When they started running out of extras (and Old Tucson stunt regulars literally ran out over not getting paid), some of us got recycled as other characters.

The marshals arrive on the train engine because that's the only train prop Old Tucson Studios had. Remember, a large chunk of the budget must have been spent just getting Gary A-Busey and keeping him supplied with cigars. Cinematography was crisp and bright (they thawed Bernie Abrahamson out of cryogenic storage to put another big name in the credits)...that said, *I* would have dulled down the saloon lighting for a moodier, more realistic atmosphere. But what do I know? This low-budget movie has many faults but still makes for a decent adult night in front of the DVD player. Just tear down those expectations first.

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