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GTGD S2: Just One Dev Activation Code [key Serial Number]

GTGD S2: Just One Dev Activation Code [key Serial Number]

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About This Software

Welcome to GTGD S2 the awesome sequel to GTGD S1, the video tutorial package that helps a gamer turn their dream of developing a game into reality.

ATTENTION: With the release of Unity 5.1, GTGD S2 is now obsolete, so please don't buy this unless you'd like to see how to setup an Amazon EC2 instance, or setup a combined first person and third person camera system, or just support my efforts. I have a new series in development, GTGD S3 and it should be available on Steam February/March 2016.

S2 was made with Unity 4.3.4 and the C# programming language. You can use the free version of the Unity game development engine.

With S2 you will learn

1. How to implement smooth Mecanim animation across the network even with latency as high as 250ms.

2. How to build and deploy your own Unity Master Server on an Amazon EC2 micro instance. Your users will be able to host their own public game servers, from their own home, and players will be able to see those public servers thanks to your Master Server. No need for expensive third party networking solutions.

3. How to build a powerful combined first and third person camera system. It features:
  • 1st and 3rd person views with smooth zoom.
  • Orbit so that you can rotate the camera around the player and with smooth snap back.
  • Dynamic collision avoidance.
  • Player head tilts with camera.
  • Basic over the shoulder option.

4. How to build an effective and simple networked player database.


S2 comes with a fast launcher that gives you quick access to all S2 resources. The launcher will open the tutorial videos, which are in .m4v format, in your default media player. The videos are in 1080p. b4d347fde0

Title: GTGD S2: Just One Dev
Genre: Education, Software Training
Release Date: 4 Apr, 2014


Yes this the best app to learning unity from nothing!
Im 13 years old and im dreaming to develop about game from 10 years old and i got nothing XD
But now i fjust recently found this and recently bought it!
And im very sure this is where im star to develop a game after 3 years XD
Very recomended and better buy S1 first!
Hopefully i can understand this and "Coding" Thing XD
And yup my wish for this app is i hope they will add subtitles, so i can more easily understand!

9\/10!. Payed for it because I wanted an introduction, but just couldn't get the hang of it.. This product was a direct copy of the thinkings of my complex brain, I taught everything to this developer and he knows it. You may be wondering how this is possible, but I assure you it is. I tapped into the quantum field and delivered all of his knowledge to him while he slept, he peacefully accepted this, and used it without my knowing. he is just rehashing my knowledge into a whipped up pile of doggy do do
. This complete pack of tutorials is amazing! it is so clear and just perfect to understand thank you so much for making this GTGD very well made, i'm impressed! Cant wait to be seeing S3 of these tutorial series!. Best Unity 4 Tutorial series.

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