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"It's a planet where everybody is dying unless they can recover something, but to recover cheap rs gold it they are going to have to go across the universe and battle the most incredible force ever faced by humanity." How that plays out and all the options are up to you. Or "there's a horror buried beneath a dam and you're going to have to dig beneath the surface of the water to find whatever ancient horror is there to save this curse that's spreading throughout the country", something like that, boom.

Mike Patrick, chef and owner of Rizzo's by Michael Patrick, is switching up his menu for his third year participating at the fund raiser. "I did duck breast the first couple years," he says. "I've been doing this braised pork cheek for a couple weeks now. I want to add them to the new menu at the restaurant. It's very tasty," he adds. "It's braised, slow and low, for a couple hours." Patrick brought samples of the pork cheek and grits, and they're tender and savory, dressed in a creamy sauce.

Statin drugs work by blocking the action of the liver enzyme that is responsible for producing cholesterol. Too much cholesterol in the blood can cause a buildup of plaque on the walls of the arteries. That buildup can eventually cause the arteries to narrow or harden. Sudden blood clots in these narrowed arteries can cause a heart attack or stroke.

Adhesive (without leaving residue), these keychain looped lenses are compatible with just about any phone (or tablet) sporting a rear camera, and with starburst, kaleidoscope, and wide angle options, they make your photos pop and your videos totally trippy. Best of all, they run just $15 for the set, so they are excellent stocking stuffers for the shutterbug in your family.

Other findings were less somber. Timber, struck when workers were digging the foundation of the vehicle security center, turned out to be an 18th century boat that had been encased in landfill when that part of lower Manhattan was developed in the 1800s. The Hudson River once flowed through the site, and the area that became the original World Trade Center had been a slip. Archaeologists couldn't identify the ship's origins, but they did find a clue to its provenance: a button from a British soldier's Revolutionary War coat. Other discoveries included cattle bones from a 19th century slaughterhouse and a 40 ft. pothole about 110 ft. below sea level, which geologists determined was carved some 20,000 years ago by glaciers that had picked up shale and sandstone from the Palisades in what is now New Jersey. The ice age terrain had to be filled in with concrete, covered or blasted away to ensure a level foundation for 4 World Trade Center.

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