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Kanji Training Game Ativador Download [Password]

Kanji Training Game Ativador Download [Password]

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About This Game

Ever wanted learn kanji, but can’t seem to stop playing games long enough to learn? Then play Kanji Training Game. Learn Kanji and the accompanying components, Katakana and Hiragana. Have fun and memorize a kanjis with Kanji Training Game.

Kanji Training Game is a game that helps you memorize a symbols of Japanese writing system in the form of a game. Memorize 1006 symbols of Kanji, Katakana and Hiragana, and level up as you advance through the increasingly complex alphabet and words of the Japanese language. Have fun and learn a beautiful writing system with Kanji Training Game.

- Full Kyōiku kanji list of 1.006 symbols
- Hiragana and Katakana game mode.
- Steam trading cards.
- Kanji Adventure mode a09c17d780

Title: Kanji Training Game
Genre: Casual
Targhen Games
Targhen Games
Release Date: 23 Sep, 2015


kanji training game. kanji learning game mega

This is NOT good to LEARN any of the three Japanese writing languages; Katakana, Hiragana, or Kanji. There are no explanations or tutorials on how to learn the material and I feel the hints come in too quickly for you to engage with the tests. I would recommend something else and use this as a way to REVIEW what you already know.

That being said, I enjoy the music that accompanies the game and would recommend it as a quick (but not comprehensive) review of Katakana and Hragana.. Game of the Year 2015 Award. Original review: I was excited to see something that would make it fun to learn over a thousand characters but unfortuneatly this doesn't. You basically guess at tiles and when you pick the right one it disappears immediately so it can't stick in your mind. It's not the way to teach and it's not fun. The first very simple fix is to show the meaning on hover so one has time to absorb. There is obviously an origin to each character and many characters are similar so it should get into those things in a 'training mode' and provide some hooks for learning. I WILL spend more time with it but I hope the devs study the human learning process and align this 'learning' 'game' with that.
Review after an update: Better because the right choice does not disappear but it's still not training. There would need to be some kind of 'fun' schooling or training mode before each test to be both fun and educational. I am still spending time with it because I really want to learn the characters so I hope it's expanded and I can give a thumbs up.. This is a good game if you are learning Japanese.. okay so I think this is actually a good quick use tool to reinforce your learning of Japanese.

its no good for anyone not wanting to commit any time to learning, and I would NOT recommend this game to anyone that isnt using other means to learn the language as this is only good as an exercise tool to test your progress with.


comes with charts - so you can use the charts to memorise the characters and get them in your head, then use the game modes to test that youve memorised your sheeeeet.

Has Hiragana which is the basic of japanese language learning, Katakana is also included; you can progress through the written languages, Hiragana, into Katakana, and finally Kanji.

I havent started the Kanji yet but it claims to have the standard level 1000+ characters. Its a tool that will help me if i keep at it.


no sound - there are no pronounciation sounds for the characters (hiragana/katakana) so you cant use this game on its own to learn the language unless you find another resource to teach you pronounciation.

doesnt / will not - teach grammar, this is just a character learning tool, you wont be able to construct sentences without learning from another source.

STROKE ORDER - this game will not teach you stroke order, this does not seem important to us none Japanese people, however the Japanese are very passionate about perfection when it comes to writing, and as a result they have a specific stroke order for how they write out their characters (Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji). only using this tool alone could result in developing bad habbits when writing out these characters.

This game is best thought of as Find Walley. Depending on how well you know your Japanese characters you will either find this game easy or struggle. Hence you have to learn from other sources.

final note; I dont like how the Kanji learning section is, feels messy and poorly structured.

OVERALL I RECOMMEND THIS GAME.. I used this as a memory aid to help me keep my katakana & hiragana in mind while i am taking Japanese 122. If thats all you want, to be able to recognize those characters it's useful. But it does not explain or teach these well. It's more of a memory aid to remember what your learning, kinda becomes addictive to see how fast you can do it.I played this game daily most of the semester. Cheap price for the help. description maybe from non native english speaker. it's flash cards with some music/drawn scenes.I keep it on my laptop and play offline. probably have 40 hours on it ,not the 4 shown.. This game is very simple. It gives you a character from the Japanese language with many options to choose from. This is helpful for memorizing and quickly identifying the characters. Many people are quick to point out that there are no lessons in the game and that it won't actually teach you anything, however after being tested on several kanji that I didn't previously know I found out that looking at all the options and trying again and again to figure out which one it was made me remember it much better than simply being told, this kanji means this. Also I found being quizzed and getting a little better over time, due to learning, oddly addicting.. I am leaving a review to counter balance all the negative ones.

As others have pointed out, this "game" is more or less just a series of tests on kana and kanji, and it might be stressfull and overly-time consuming to use this to learn kanji from scratch.

However, if you are learing Japanese elsewhere and would like a way to test yourself and practice kanji recognition, this game is really, really, great, especially for the price. I am teaching myself Japanese, and having a way to test/practice with kanji is hugely helpful, and I have not seen a program that does it in a more accessable and enjoyable way for the price.

tl:dr: if you want to learn Japanese from scratch you might want to start somewhere else, but if you have a little knowledge of kana and kanji already, and want a way to practice and expand what you know, spend the $5 and get this game.. I never thought I would see a game like this on Steam. I like it a lot. Just passed Grade one Kanji and had fun doing it. The characters are nice and clear. The music is very nice. It looks complex, but it is surprising just how quickly associations are made. Thank you for providing this game. I would like to see more like it.

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