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You - a writer, tired of living in a big city and all the fuss, which wants to get rid of anxiety, find inner peace and return to th 5d3b920ae0

Title: Last Answer
Genre: Indie
Taste Games
Release Date: 10 Jan, 2017


  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8 или Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-разрядная)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K или AMD


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This game definitely has the potential to be something big BUT they need to improve the brightness in the game first. I can see the point why they chose to set the scene very dark because it definitely helps with the atmosphere but it doesn't matter if you can't see anything throughout the game and don't know where you are or what you are doing. but still i would give it a 4.5/5 check out the walkthrough that i made on this game here: The description on this page says this game will be provided with "additional content afer its release." This is, of course, describing an Early Access title, but the game isn't classified as such. Bequest currently has 20 minutes of "content" before suddenly ending in a "Thanks for supporting!" screen. The 20 minutes consist of walking down looping hallways and up/down stairs until doors open up to the next area, and there are poorly timed, constant jumpscares throughout. That's it. That's the "game." You can find plenty of free games on Itchio/GameJolt with more quality than this, and almost exactly the same P.T.-clone gameplay. Just to name a few: Continuous. Dead Man's Journey. RE77. Repeat. Mind's Eyes. Hell, just play P.T. if that's what you're looking for - there's no reason to spend five bucks on a subpar, unoriginal ripoff like this one. If you're just looking for something scary for half an hour of fun, you don't even need to spend money. Google "Notes of Obsession" or "The House Abandon" and thank me later. Just don't waste your money on this garbage.. Short version: This is not really a game in its current state. It is very cheap, but your time is not. Bequest is not worth your time at the moment. The grainy graphics do conjure a bit of a sinister atmosphere, and the music and sounds help a little too. Because of this I wanted to give the game a chance. There really is very little to do. There is far more story in the Steam Store description than you ever get in the game. The actual voice acting of the main character is fairly well recorded, but makes little sense and contributes nothing to story or plot. The voices provided for the ghost or ghosts, are awfully done; people trying to sound 'horrifying' with a bit of reverb and altered playback speed it seems. There are no options except for language and volume, and if there is a way to exit the game without ending the process then it is fairly well hidden. There is no kind of interface to control things in the game other than WASD and E or F, which seem to be used interchangeably. I will not mention specific events to avoid spoilers: You have to interact with items to make another item available. This takes place in only a handful of rooms. It takes a lot of interaction to get from the first few rooms to the next. Every now and then an object falls over or an image appears. Even accompanied by a sudden, dissonant chord, they are not scary in this game. It seemed to me as though you have too much warning that something is about to "shock" you. At one of the major "shocks", it was impossible (in my three games) to know if you died, were knocked out or just pushed into the previous location. There is zero in the way of story or explanation of events as you go along. The game environment may have made for a good story if one was present. Perhaps it will in the future. At the moment, there really is nothing to see here except for someone making a few spooky looking rooms with Unreal Engine.. Start to finish in 22 minutes & a splash screen that informs me that 'This is just the beginning. Thank you for support!'. I won't be supporting it. Firstly, no full screen option & everything seemed to have an odd blur about it, I'm used to Unreal Engine & CryEngine indie games having an odd gloss to surfaces, but all the graphics seemed hazy & off-putting but not in an uneasy horror sense or a 'we tried to do a film grain' effect sense. Anyway, this starts out as one of those horror games where you have little direction (but not a 'we won't hold your hand' game) & you have to wander the map passing over triggers for some jumpscare or other & then wander the map again until something else that isn't particularly scary happens & when it locks you in a room or similar trope; the pauses for effect are way too long, you can take in the entire bathroom in about 2-3 seconds, but it makes you wait for another 8 to 10 seconds for the standard trigger of a thumping at the door. You get these too-long-delays a few times in an admittedly short game, but I've played too many of these types of games for it to not annoy me immediately so this might be nitpicking. It sticks with this style for the first 2 stages & then the game then becomes a P.T.-them-up for what felt like ages but was probably about 10 minutes of just corridors & occasionally a woman who was evil or injured, maybe we had something to do with it; there was a story with subtitles & voice-acting which were both adequate, but it was still poorly communicated as to why we were there & our involvement. It boiled down to a basic "did I?.what have I done?!?!' story & it wasn't worth it; it also seemed odd that they bothered to do voice acting but there aren't incidental voice acting parts from the player character like a ghost woman was literally on fire in front of you & you remain completely silent; are you paralysed with fear? Bugs: during the first stage, pressing F on things that aren't interactable doors won't trigger the door handle sound; but from the second stage onwards the game just plays that whenever hit the F key no matter where you are or what you're doing. Never know how much playtesting these games go through but seeing as this game is basically directional keys, mouse movement & the F key, there really isn't an excuse for not testing it thoroughly). Also at one point during the second section, there is dialogue that says something like 'what's happening? I can't move' but you aren't prevented from moving & then he has a conversation with his injured grandmother but there isn't any additional character models around, not even the ghost woman. This could be one of those 'this is a jumpscare where you should be forcing the players field of view to look at the jumpscare but you don't so it doesn't make sense' moments that you get in a lot of indie horror games on Steam, but who knows at this point.. Great game! It is a pity that short. I hope the developers will finish it.. Where do begin with Bequest? Well this game quite possible has some of the worst voice acting i've have heard! The games voice acting and canned sound effects are the least of it's worries. As a gamer looking for the next Allison Road or P.T, this isn't it. The scariest thing about this game has to be it's narrative driven story and thrilling gameplay "Sarcasm". Bequest needs alot of work before i can feel comfortable recommending it. You can heck out the video below for my full walkthrough and impression of Bequest. Its ok for the price, a bit short, and a bit too many Jumpscares. But it is what it is. I wish tho the sounds were better, some are very low, some very high. Sounds are so important in Horror games. But it surely has some potential. Russian trollware - No save (15 min long game so didn't need one) - Defauls in a 2k + wide resolution to look hardcore - Alt + F4 to escape to look hardcore - Game involves walking around tripping jump scares to progess until the protagonist gets locked in a dark room talking to his grandmother from this point you can't see anything and can't find your way out. Some people (I don't know how) got past this and a short time later game ends with a 'Thanks for supporting us' splash screen.. Ok this isnt a review just expressing my opinion i didn't like this game very much, jumpscares where terrible and atmosphere just wasn't there for me either.

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