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"One of the most interesting and promising experiments in making large, complex games I've seen on the Vive." - Many A True Nerd

Title: Left-Hand Path
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Strange Company
Strange Company
Release Date: 10 Nov, 2017


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I got stuck within like 30min in this game (didn't now how to progress).. OK, this is of course *very* early on in the development cycle, but so far the game is shaping up to have an excellent atmosphere and presence, and is making great use of mechanics only available today on the Vive. The spell system is unique and promising, and the story really compliments the environment nicely. I'm excited to see where this title is going, and happy to recommend it to anyone who relishes a 'real VR' experience.. So i've played this game for about 40 minutes, and have yet to complete the first ritual for the key. I know exactly how to do it (read the guide) but I would stop playing after being scared by the first undead guy who always seems to sneak up behind me. So I've restarted the game 3 or 4 times so far, and the first guy still scares me into quitting the game every time.. About a half hour in. I really want to give this game a chance, but it's the only game that I've ever been frustrated getting past the tutorial which I never achieved. I feel like I'm holding the wrist of the left hand. One of the signs required to pass the tutorial just never registers no matter how precise I am. This game is not oculus friendly in the slightest.. This game is still early in development, and as such I recommend this game with caveats. In Left Hand Path, the player navigates a dark, foreboding realm casting spells and discovering the world. In particular, the spellcasting system is a delight to use, and prompted me to buy it in the first place. By holding the trigger on your off hand, your in-game finger leaves a trail of wispy light, which you can use to draw out runes in the air. These runes will cast spells, varying from bolts of colorful energy to conjuring flame, and even complex rune rituals which require drawing different runes in different compass directions. I would play a game just for these mechanics, and they're done well here. On the whole, the mechanics of spellcasting are combined with a more challenge-oriented combat system, and shadowy, meancing world. A concise summary of Left Hand Path is basically three words: "Dark Souls VR." This is a game that does not shy away from killing the player. It is most rewarding to those who are patient, careful, and plan ahead. Many first encounters will undoubtedly prove lethal, and death will be a familiar friend to those who forge their way through the 2-3 hours of content. VR brings the punishing difficulty and survival horror tension to a whole new level. I legitimately jumped when I met my first few enemies, and jumped again when enemies I thought I had seen before turned out to be new, faster versions of themselves. In a room with four torches to light, I found myself terrified of lighting all four torches, since everyone knows lighting all four torches means something's about to happen, and in Left Hand Path, "something" is frequently "monsters." The game's teleportation mechanic has a cooldown between movements, so even though I could blink across a room at any moment, I practically felt like a character in a horror movie trying to start their car as the shambling horrors approached. I like feeling scared, and I really like how well Left Hand Path scared me. So! Should you, proud fellow Vive owner, purchase this game? Depending on who you are, my answer is "Yes" or "Yes, but later." I'll explain. Are you a Dark Souls fan? Does dying early and often please you? Do you memorize attack patterns, enemy locations, and plan out each encounter, including escape plans if things don't work quite right? Is a game too easy if it's not trying to rip your face off and ridicule your inexperience? Then Left-Hand Path is for you. Even in its early access form it's packing enough combat and enough exploration to be worth $15.00. The VR experience transforms deadly combat with enormous enemies into spine-chilling encounters with monsters your eyes are convinced are inches away. And the developer is working hard to make the game fairer, so each death feels warranted, and each kill feels earned. It's a great game now, and I expect it to be a fantastic game soon. Are you more of a Vanishing Realms fan? Do you like exploration, fantasy magic, and adventure? Does reading intricate lore and learning to cast new spells motivate your every move? If so, this game has what you're looking for, but you may need to develop some fierce VR spellcasting skills to get to them. If you're not frustrated by trial-and-error style progression, where knowing isn't half, it's pretty much all the battle, the world of Left Hand Path is a fascinating and enjoyable romp. As more content is added and death feels fairer, I think this game will go from being "fun, but hard" to "fun and hard." I can't predict the future, of course. This game will feel a little rough around the edges, particularly in the way items are picked up and the experience between play (menus, death) are handled, but the core gameplay is fun. Drawing spells in the air feels glorious. And in my opinion, the game is only going to get better.. this is a decent game, and more so if youre into magic and the like. the spell system has tremendous potential but i feel it needs more visual and sound feedback to show youre this powerful wizaed. also it should a warning to how scary the game could be as its more like a horror game as well.. Excellent Game! One of the more atmospheric in my collection. I have actually screamed out loud during some play sessions. Highly reccomended.. Not sure why there are so many good reviews for this game. Feels much to early for early access. Visuals are very poor, game is overly dark for no good reason (even after the first patch). Enemies (zombies) are poorly animated, make almost no sound, glide faster then their walking animation, and just run in a straight line for you. There is no indication of your health, and no indication of taking damage, the enemies just kinda slap at you. The spell casting seems like it could be fun, but its been put into a game that otherwise feels like "students first time in unity (I'm just assuming that is the engine)". One of the only games I have felt I need to review, just to warn others away from this game. I have over 30 VR titles and this is the only one I will be asking a refund for.. Haven't play much of this game yet, but other than Brookhaven Experiment it's the first game to make me jump from fear. The dev is really active on Reddit and seems to be doing his best to address any and all concerns. From the little time that I did play, I throughly enjoyed the system of writing runes with one hand and having your staff execute it. Overall I think that Left-Hand Path has a ton of potential and I will be following it closely to see what it becomes.

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