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About This Game

The core mechanic of Lumbermancer is controlling both the lumbermancing wizard and the lumbermancered logs simultaneously!

This is the Lumbermancer. He has the power to summon log minions to do his dark dark dark dark bidding, to cast spells, and to collect the resources to progress through the stages. He can't directly slay the creatures of the forest though! And he can't defend himself! For that, he relies on...

These Logs! You can summon a log, and manipulate what type of log it is on the fly. Each of the four types serves a particular purpose. The shovel log can plant seeds to fill your wood supply, powering your lumbermancing abilities. The sword log can move quickly and perform melee attacks to kill the beasts of the woods. The torch log is needed to keep your Lumbermancer's lantern lit so that you can see your way through the dark forest. The arrow log moves slow, but can perform ranged attacks to stick arrows in enemy buns.

By controlling the wizard with one hand and your log with the other, you have to navigate your way through enemies and keep your Lumbermancer alive!

There are four main areas of the woods, plus an unlockable endless forest, a secret boss, and a shop.

In the shop, you can trade souls with Death to get powerful and sometimes not-so-powerful spells! Like lazer eyes and a naked code! You perform these spells with the hand that controls the wizard, through an ancient arcane movement of the joystick/keypad. Imagine doing a Hadouken in Street Fighter, but instead of a fireball coming out, you make a pig appear.

Even wizards with unimaginable powers aren't always on epic quests. In Lumbermancer, the stakes are pretty low. The fate of the world isn't in your hands, and there's no princess to be saved. BUT! It is lunchtime. And there's only one thing your guts desire...a sandwich. You know where to get the ingredients. Holy Toast from the Ghost King, Witch's Lettuce from the Bell Witch, Toadmatoes from the Swamp, and a slice of the Devil's Bologna. That's not to say that it won't be dangerous. These creatures won't give up their treasures easily...

Genre: Action, Adventure
Roger von Biersborn
Roger von Biersborn
Release Date: 28 Jun, 2016


  • OS: Windows 7 or Higher
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 250 MB available space


lumbermancer descargar. lumbermancer. lumbermancer pixel. lumbermancer. lumbermancer descargar. lumbermancer pixel

Let's be real, this game is hilarious and really challenging. The mechanic of controlling two characters at once is done really well. It's frustrating and brain bending enough to be a real challenge, but reasonable enough that you can master it in different ways.

The art and design is really excellent, and the music is also really cool. So impressed that it was all done by one developer. This game is massive value for money and is especially fun playing with a friend and taking turns.

Wasn't part of the kickstarter, and stumbled onto the game completely by accident, but so damn glad I did.. The art is amazing, the gameplay is gloriously janky. I'm not gonna say it's a good game, objectively, but it IS worth your time for three dollars. The music is good, the art is gorgeous, and the bugs are numerous. 10/10 would recommend. I wood write a decent review for this game but I don't want to come across as sappy. 10 out of 10 wood play again, this game is truly the cure to boardom. . Like wood? You'll like this game.. I wood <\/b> write a decent review for this game but I don't want to come across as sappy. <\/b> 10 out of 10 wood <\/b> play again, this game is truly the cure to boardom. <\/b>. https:\/\/\/2U07ceBigAE<\/a>

This is a game where you need to use both hands. It should be simple but certainly not for me.

Lovely art style and a simple premise that you can control wood and want to make a sandwich.
The music fits in well and the sounds do their job nicely

You can summon 4 types of wood to help you on your travels and off you go

Certainly recommended if you like the physical dexterity challenge of controlling two characters simultaneously.
. LUMBERMANCER is an action adventure game from Roger von Biersborn. Before we go any further, I just want to say that I backed this game on Kickstarter and I’m proud of it. Let’s get rocking.

The Good

Let’s take a moment to address both the title of the game and the profession of the character that you play as in the game: Lumbermancer. As a bearded male who has a proclivity for dressing in flannel, the term Lumbermancer thrills me at a spiritual level.

The art is wonderful. There isn’t a single thing in this game that isn’t entertaining to look at. Just wait until you have your own little log men slicing through ghosts like sausage. It’s seriously delightful.

The story of the game is one that I feel we can all identify with in some way: it’s one man’s quest to get himself a sandwich. While the quest shown in the game is easily far more epic than going to your local sub shop, it is, nonetheless, relatable.

The Bad

Absolutely nothing.

The Meh

Due to a physical limitation, I play nearly all games with a controller rather than a keyboard and mouse. I feel like this was an important disclaimer to put before my next comment which is more of a personal nitpick than an actual complaint. Sometimes, it becomes tedious to control both the Lumbermancer and his logs at the same time using the joysticks. However, I can see how using a keyboard to do this would be vastly easier.

Verdict: Yea

If you weren’t a Kickstarter backer, this game is only $3.99 on the...

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