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Malayalam Movie Download The Man In The Iron Mask

Malayalam Movie Download The Man In The Iron Mask >>> DOWNLOAD

Original Title: The Man In The Iron Mask

Genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Family































Teenage boy from a small village learns that he is in fact the secret twin brother of the current corrupt king of France. The four musketeers ask him to replace the king, but in a way that no one finds out about the switch.
With Burbank Films Australia they have adapted classic literature that is difficult to adapt even as a live-action film or series. The work of Charles Dickens is especially true to this, and Man in the Iron Mask by Alexandre Dumas is also no exception. I was expecting another Three Musketeers from Burbank, their adaptation and on its own merits of that story was disastrous. Luckily Man in the Iron Mask is much better, even if it doesn't fit with the best(Wind in the Willows, Peter Pan and The Hunchback of Notre Dame) or worst(Don Quixote, The Odyssey, Prisoner of Zenda) Burbank Films Australia animations. The character designs for my tastes were a little on the crude side, some parts of the story were rushed and I was mixed on the effectiveness of the additional characters, I can completely understand why they were included as Man in the Iron Mask is a more adult story but considering the tone of the story they seemed out of place to me. However, the backgrounds are very detailed and handsome-looking and the ballet/fireworks scene was fascinating. The music is rousing and often very beautiful, especially in this scene. The writing is not simplistic or childish, in fact it is witty with a somewhat melancholic tone to it at times, the story is mostly engaging with some exciting set pieces and the characters while not as complex as in the book are at least likable and you can tell who is who. The voice work is decent. All in all, not bad if not amazing. 7/10 Bethany Cox
Although this part of Burbank Film Australia's "animated classics" series is cleared (in Germany) for viewers of any age, and it throws in some funny animals (fox, crow, mice) to make youngest spectators happy, it delivers its story quite seriously, and does not deliver a happy end at all - instead, it ends with Philippe, iron mask fixed to his head, looking down from the island prison and echoing "longue vie au roi!" (Long live the King!) This may cause children more experienced with kiddie movies to wonder, and ask questions. And if parents are familiar with the true story of the masked prisoner (see e.g. Wikipedia), interesting discussions may ensue.

In the usual Burbank style, the backgrounds are painted quite nicely, while 2-dimensional cartoon figures act in the foreground. The art of animation has advanced very much in the 20 years since this was made, so it may appear a bit flat in comparison. But the production values are solid, and around the middle there is a very fascinating stage show/ballet/fireworks sequence, a feast for the eyes (mine at least).

Though at 52 years of age, I'm probably not in the intended audience, but I liked this film quite much (especially in French dub). Pity that the era of Burbank only lasted a few years... this is the third I've seen (after Jekyll & Hyde and Hunchback), and I liked all three of them.

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