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Did you love the smash hit The Mirror Mysteries? Try the next installation in the series and continue the saga! Tommy is all grown up and on the hunt for the mirror that ch 5d3b920ae0

Title: Mirror Mysteries 2
Genre: Adventure
Gogii Games
Strategy First
Release Date: 10 Apr, 2014


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I enjoyed this one a little more then the first one. The story took place many years after the first one, and although they did embelish the first ones story, it barely contained the family from the first one. The mirror in the sequel was way more sinister though. In the first one he seemed like someone who was wronged and was taking revenge. In the second one he was out for world destruction. The graphics were better and the HOG sections had every piece reveal another piece, which the first one was hit or miss. Overall I say it was 49 cents well spent. Not sure if I'd want to pay more for a game that offered about 3 hours of game play.. Glitch at the mailbox outside the house in the beginning tried under different profile name this time not taking the mail first that covers the keyhole. Played this before in a free trial on another computer so I know how it works, Can't get the second light bulb so theres no proceeding the hint button just points to the mailbox, have the key but it won't work.. Edited Review: Initial Review Negative: Bugs, Crashes, Game stopping A relatively easy point and click hidden object game that suffers from low resolution and game ending bugs. The first encountered was in the first hidden object scene. It could not be played around and the game stopped due to the bug. Even on sale, it's not worth buying this until the bugs are fixed. Revised Review: The scenes are lovely and detailed. It is a pleasure to have a hidden object game that is not solely about horror. Although the game does not support wide screen resolution or larger resolutions well, it can be played in the windows 7 operating system with modified settings. (It still crashes at unexpected times. I missed a mirror shard quite deep into the game. As I followed the hints back to it, the game crashed predictably before I could get back to the shard. This made the game unplayable.) Please see other forum posts for details of Windows 7 bug fixes. Having Started a new profile in order to play through from the beginning, and perhaps not miss the mirror shard that caused the last game-ending crash, I find the angel-wing bug back. The game crashes again, despite the fixes. It looks like it would be fun to play if not for the bugs.. Not as good as Mirror Mysteries 1, and actually quite different from it. A different style of graphics, different voice acting, and all in all a rather sloppy production. The first one was quite charming, but this one is just silly and weird. There's more variation to the game-play, and more mini-games, but it's even shorter than the first game.. The graphics are improved from the original game. A bit juvenile, but pleasant none-the less. You still manage to get roped into the spirit of the game. I would purchase the sequel if another one pops up.. Nicely done game, original hidden object scenes, interesting puzzles. Unfortunatelly too short.. A big improvement over the first one, but the game lacks decent resolution controls. Good music, voice acting, puzzles and scenes. The story is a bit awkward, I never got the idea that the mirror was an evil in the first one.. Innovative ideas with the hidden object search. You look for items that build new items, that in turn unlock items to build items. Unfortunately, this just serves to pad out a rather meager three worlds, and the game itself can be completed in under two hours. If I were a petty person, I'd ask for a refund, but I picked this up for dirt cheap anyways, and it does have the occasional redeeming moment. Grab it on sale, or get another game like Nearwood.. Too short. Less than 2 hours for a HoG. Very simple. On the whole a very average game.

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