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Operation: Matriarchy Activation Code [Xforce Keygen]

Operation: Matriarchy Activation Code [Xforce Keygen]

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About This Game

Operation: Matriarchy is a science fiction first-person shooter.

In the 24th century mankind has formed itself into the Federation of Earth, and has colonized several other planets. However, around 2350 a mysterious virus ravages the colony planet of Velia, targeting only the females within the population. They are transformed into brutal killing-machines, while the males are enslaved for use as sustenance or as subjects for genetic experiments. Having now evolved into an aggressive hive mind, the Velians turn on the Federation, instigating a brutal war.

The game begins seven years into the conflict, when the player character, Senior Sergeant Paul Armstrong of the Federation, finds himself forced to take on the Velians when they attack his ship. a09c17d780

Title: Operation: Matriarchy
Genre: Action
Madia Entertainment
Buka Entertainment
Release Date: 20 Nov, 2005


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this game is♥♥♥♥♥♥poor
i cannot recommend to anyone. Ugh! Don't bother. Even though I spent less than half an hour on this I seriously doubt I'll go back for more. Would have been a good deal at .99 but at 6 bucks leave it alone. Seems like a good story at first but poorly done, mindless enemies, bare minimum controls. Much better available for less coin. Could not play at 2K res because all the info was off the screen. Dialed back the res and it didn't fill the screen. Did not have any problems with running the game, 965, 16 GB ram, 1070, 7200 HDD. No glitches encountered.. I haven't played this for along time but i remember it growing on me and really getting into the journey.

It's probably what you would call an old skool low budget game now ,doesn't really compare very well to modern games.

But i did have fun with it at the time many moons ago.

On a sidenote it looks strangely familiar to a newer game called Return to Planet X
Though i haven't played that one ,just looked at the store page images.. Good old game.. Very good fps game. Nice oldscool graphics; actionfull gameplay and 150% fun :)
Try this..

Diet System Shock 2.. it's the kind of obscure game that makes you keep going just to see what it has to offer. full disclosure my name is payde fore the clown. at birth, i mysteriously hatched from an egg. i don't have a mom or dad.***

thats right, all the king's horses and all the king's men have put payde fore the clown back together again, and i am indeed here with another life-altering payde fore review!

how do you want to be remembered? that is what the devs of this game asked themselves. do we want to simply make another doom clone or do we want to do better? fortunately, they chose to make something more, something incredible. it goes beyond being just game. it looks deep into our souls and reminds us of the absurdity of it all.
it dares to remind us that we are just like pavlovs dog. pavlovs... steaming... hot... dog.

can i say this is an objectively good game? no, of course not. you will likely rage quit on level two because you won't just find the key cards laying on the floor out in the open. much like the pavlov dog, you've come to expect that. this may upset you. you may search the same floors over and over for those darn key cards, hoping the game will reward you with that open door to advance. this leads to some of the big questions that this game encourages you to ask...
'what else have i been conditioned to do? how am i like the pavlov dog?'.

i don't want to spoil everything, but i can assure you that this is a game that offers priceless rewards to a deep thinker. i understand not all of us are like that. the devs chose to reach for the stars rather than dumb it down for consumption by every man, woman and child. i respect and admire that decision. it is both a shame and a necessity that some among us are left behind unable to understand the greatness.

in the end, i am split over how to rate this game. are you a deep thinker? do you enjoy mental mind mysteries and breaking down the boundaries that exist inside your own mind? if so, you NEED this game. i loved every second of it! i even recorded a lets play video that will be played at my funeral. however, if you are a simple person looking for something to unwind with after a long day of sweeping floors at work, i must recommend that you look elsewhere for your entertainment. sadly, this is not the game for you.

thanks for reading another payde fore review. feel free to check out the new payde fore curations group at for more games that have payde fore approval!. For f*ck's sake, DO NOT BUY game. even if its 50 cents.

If you really really want to play this game, You should download community patch to run this game. This game DOES NOT RUN without the unofficial patch.

Everything, EVERYTHING in this game is sh*t. im not lying. im not exaggerating. EVERYTHING about this game is pure fu*cking garbage, no, garbage is better than this vomit sh*t.

graphics, visual effects, story, music, sound effects, level design, monster design, gunplay, animation, AI, gameplay, HUD screen, option screen (FYI, options not working. WTF), english translation, glitches, technical issues ...... just everything in this game is terrible.

im sick of this. im sick of f*cking horrible games on steam. What the f*ck is Steam doing? isnt there any quality control in steam store? We dont have No One Lives Forever, Soldier of Fortune or Tribes Vengeance, but we got these trashes? What the hell is wrong with Steam?

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