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Explore a nightmarish environment, scrounge for supplies, and battle the un 5d3b920ae0

Title: Outbreak
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Dead Drop Studios LLC
Dead Drop Studios LLC
Release Date: 17 Jan, 2017


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows (7/8/10) 64-bit
  • Processor: Core i3
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omg this game is bad. Slow slow movement, boring boring boring game play, no action, overhead badly done 2D, really crappy attempt at ripping off Resident Evil 1 and 2.. Hey I got to hand it to you this game is really fun. Especially Co-op. I recommend buying this if you want a good surviver 2d horror.. If you like tank controls and the vibes from older survival-horror games(RE mainly), you're probably gonna like this game. If you don't know what either of those are or feel like, you're probably not gonna like this game. 15 bux(10.50 when writing this) isn't a bad price to see if you do like it though(+coop with friends if you actually do end enjoying it).. I'm a long time fan of the original Resident Evil Outbreak series, and I have to say that I have been waiting a very long time for an original game to follow its footsteps. In other words, I'm your ideal target demographic. I really want to love this game, but there are some issues that hold it back. I'll start with the big problems. 1. The Perspective. In Resident Evil, the cinematic camera angles limited your view and added a lot of tension to the gameplay. In Outbreak, the top down viewpoint allows you to see every threat coming at you from every angle, and the tension suffers as a result. Also, I feel less attached to my character and the characters of my teammates because I can only see the tops of thier heads. Characters make survival games interesting, they should be customizable, have back stories, voice lines, and be viewable in game. Otherwise the player is less driven to see them succeed. Also, when you were damaged in RE, you could see your character limp, which is great visual feedback for the player and is not possible with this perspective. 2. Level Design. The levels are built around exploration and key collection. Thats not bad, but it really feels like it's missing puzzles and set pieces. Scenarios in RE had scripted events and felt like more than just walking around, shooting all the enemies, and collecting all the items. I'd suggest adding map creation tools to the game to allow players to craft thier own adventures, and include the ability to make thier own puzzles and solutions. 3. Sound Design. Sounds could use some work. Voice acting, and more unique sound effects for certain enemies could add so much to the game. The music in this game is great, however. 4. Monster Design. Pink pigs? Come on. Also, enemies should be placed logically, with spiders in sewers, creatures in labs, and zombies everywhere. Right now those three enemy types come seemingly at random. The game needs boss type characters, and perhaps even a tyrant type character which is slow yet unkillable. Right now players just kill everything on "normal" mode, they should be required to run sometimes. 5. Graphics. They get the job done. Sprites can be good if done correctly. 6. Interaction. Players should be able to push objects, carry wounded team members, open and close doors. That's all that I can think of right now. Right now, it's hard for me to convince my friends to invest the small amount of money to play the game. The gameplay suffers too harshly from the controls, which I feel like is a problem that can be fixed by using a different perspective. I'd suggest either third person or fixed camera angles.. Old style survivor horror at its finest with puzzles to solve and zombies to kill. Single player AI is not bad at all, just incase you cant find a match for multiplayer. Optional new control schemes, and camera angles makes it easy for a console or pc experience. The atmosphere that this game has is very convincing, It feels like a completed game and there is always a real challenge no matter the difficulty setting. Overall you are getting your money's worth with or without the sales. The flashlight and laser bundle is basically the only dlc you will need for this game.. This game gives you a very similar feeling to Resident Evil Outbreak. Since we cannot get RE Outbreak or RE Outbreak File 2 (come on steam, you know we want it) this game is the closest we got for it. It's actually a pretty good game. Has some flaws but what game doesn't have flaws? This is a well made top-down survival horror and I do hope this game progresses and progresses in the right direction. Better to play with friends as well (just make sure they won't take every gun) The characters are a bit small (only 4) but hopefully that changes. The tank controls are not too bad, I enjoy them personally. The gun damage seems a bit off (the better shotgun shouldn't take 3 shots to kill a zombie) And last but not least, the feeling of never being able to have the game paused. Even in single player, where I had to quit after over an hour of work because I couldn't hold my bladder any longer. All in all, it's a good game where it is currently, needs some changes (which will hopefully be added) and the developer stays active with the community which is really good.. To keep it simple i'll write the Tl:Dr up top: This game is basically just a glorified Resident Evil-Inspired flash game on steam. The game in itself isn't extremely bad, it's not the worst game I've ever purchased, nor is it an entirely awful experience. My biggest complaint lies somewhere between how unfinished the game feels, and how the developers are pulling a "Capcom" move and ditching this title completely for their new game, which is fully 3-D and looks more like the survival horror game people wanted out of this. As for the actual gameplay, once you figure out which of the horrible movement mechanics suits you best you can finally start your adventure into the zombie/monster infected areas that.are mostly just all the same textured walls and floors room after room, some with awkward puzzles and others with randomly placed gibs or items. The game would get extremely boring if not for the fact that zombies will spawn just off-screen (and a few times right in front of us at certain points), to make it seem as if the undead were constantly hounding you as you progress. There's also a somewhat interesting backstory, but it's fairly easy to miss parts of it and wind up with fragments of the story by the end of the game, and a feeling of "Ugh, I missed something, didn't I? Damn it". Pair that with the awful mechanic of "Play on nightmare difficulty for the FULL story!", means that unless you cheat or have very skilled and loyal friends to play these levels over and over with until you finally perfect it, you'll probably never know the "Full" story through your own gameplay. -End of the Tl:Dr- Okay here's where i'd like to just rant about some of thethis game does. FIrst off, the game REALLY pushes this idea that "THIS IS THE TRUE SURVIVAL HORROR EXPERIENCE WOOO", and many other reviews claim that if you enjoyed earlier Resident Evil entries that you'll enjoy this. The problem is that this isn't actually THAT close to the old Resident Evil games. While it is fairly similar to the mini, and non-cannon series of "Resident Evil: Outbreak" games (Hence this game's name, Outbreak), they give up a lot of the "Survival Horror" feels we got in those old Resident Evil games by creating this game in what seems to be an awful engine. To make a short comparison, in the old Resident Evil games your friends (or decent bot A.I.) would cover you during puzzles, hold items for you, and genuinely feel like they're a key player in the team. In this game, enemies walk right through every doorway, one team member will pretty much always wind up holding all the keys and having to be tanked by others, and the puzzles aren't always that simple to figure out (not that that's entirely a bad thing, it just doesn't work well with the gameplay here). Not to mention, like I had said before, sometimes enemies will spawn just off camera, or "off camera for a certain player", so in our experiences we would sometimes have strong enemies spawn right in front of, or dangerously close to, the person trying to cover us- or worse, the enemies would spawn behind them in an "off camera" location, and murder the people doing the puzzle. If this hasn't deterred you yet, allow me to keep going. As for the looks, this game seems very similar to some sort of RPG-Maker game. There's probably only about 20-30 map props that they use throughout the whole game, which believe me ruins the immersion a LOT. Combat in the game is awful- you either stand still and fire a gun at enemies that charge into you, or you equip a melee and cast what my friends and I affectionatley refer to as "Wind Blade" at the enemies. If they reach you, then you will be grabbed, unable to be "saved", and take at least 1/3rd of your max hp as damage. Running from enemies is hardly possible since a light-jog is the fastest mode of transportation for your characters, so for the most part if you run you better hope it's to friends who have loaded guns and are ready to open fire on the monster chasing you. The characters you play as also have virtually no depth, outside of a few lines of text describing each one in the begining. Which bothers me a lot. In Resident Evil Outbreak you found out things about the characters, and even by the end of the game realized some of them had feelings for one another, some of them had things they wanted to prove, etc. In this game the most character development we found was that "Alexia" has a hairstyle that looks extremely close to a facehugger from the movie Aliens. This game isn't very fun outside of goofy antics, the gameplay is pretty terrible and leaves a lot to be desired, the story is barebones and underwhelming, and the game looks awful (No joke I could probably re-make half of these in MS-Paint, and make them look better). Character Animations.there are none, level design is awful and poorly crafted, and even if this game is worth the $10 pricetag it currently has, it's pointless to buy it since (as I said before), they're using the money from this game to produce a much better version which will not be free for those who have bought this version. Okay, so what would like to be different about this? Literally ing everything. A co-op survival horror needs co-op experiences to feel right. Tacking on a half-finished and almost broken multiplayer only enhances how poorly the game is made. Maybe allow teammates to save each other, or have some sort of better item-trading method at least. Instead of bragging about all the "SURVIVAL HORROR DANKNESS" this game has, actually CREATE some of it. How? Make the game flow better. I don't like feeling like my character is a statue that recently got posessed and is finally able to move after thousands of years. Maybe make some actual animations for the game- make the story.better in some way. Just something. Because right now this is a pretty pathetic attempt at a Survival Horror game, and while I'm pretty starved for those sorts of games, this isn't a good entry. Okay, on a lighter note though, what did this game do right? Well, it wasn't Resident Evil 5 or 6. And, for what it's worth, it really got my hopes up. Also, like I said, when we called out Alexia's facehugger hairstyle we actually had a good there's that.. what's with the South Park Characters? Yes, South Park meets Resident Evil. The controls are iffy as well. I was going in circles and then I pressed a button and a Lego hand came out. Yeah, it looks like a Lego hand. Doesn't do anything so I tried to steer carefully into something. Going in circles. Yes, what a waste of time. Can I have a refund? No? ok, it looks like a cute cartoon game so my son might like it-for about 3 minutes. Why associate this game with Resident Evil? Resident South Park. South Park Resident. Thank you.. Not worth 10.99 Controls are unusable, its a att

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