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Parking Cop Simulator Download For Pc [portable]

Parking Cop Simulator Download For Pc [portable]

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About This Game

Do you have what it takes to be a Parking Enforcement Officer? Now you have the chance to show it!

You will take on the role of Randy in the first week of his new job as a Parking Enforcement Officer. You will inspect cars in parking lots, on busy roads, and in suburban areas, and hand out fines to parking regulation violators. However, if you make mistakes, Randy's job security will decrease. If it hits zero, or if you exceed the allotted time to complete the inspection of an area, Randy will be fired from his job. It is your job to keep Randy's job security high throughout the whole week and get him safely through the game's twenty levels.


  • Ability to Hand out Fines to Parking Violators
  • Busy City Life
  • Fascinating Parking Regulations
  • 20 Exciting Levels with Time-Limits!

Title: Parking Cop Simulator
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation
Shoho Games
Shoho Games
Release Date: 15 Dec, 2017


Not hard. Just a lot of remembering.. it sucks
. pretty decent little game; the only thing i dislike about it, is that the resolution is odd,. Great game, but please add fullscreen to the options screen.. Nice little game to pass time.
It becomes tricky at a certain point, because you only have limited time to check all cars on your map.
(The map changes at each shift)
It's kinda funny. It's a cute game. I can't pass level 2. I interact with all the cars and it never progresses me. Time runs out and I get fired. I also try to fine the car for occupying a space for too long, and I get a message that says I was wrong, reason 'No Ticket'. I don't understand the reason 'no ticket'.. Launch day, and no reviews to go by. But for $1.50, why not give it a shot.

First impressions.
Graphics are fine, nothing spectacular, a nice anime design that is expected for this price range.
Game play is a bit odd. I fined a care for double parking, had the correct fine amount and was told I made a mistake. It doesn't say WHAT you did wrong, so no idea what I did.
Several times I was marked off for using the correct fine for what I thought was the correct violation, but either te amount was wrong or it wasn't as late in the day as I thought. I issued a ticket for a time violation, but I was wrong again.

This makes it very frustrating having no idea what it was that I did wrong. Dev's should look into maybe a quick message with the "You made a mistake" that says why.

This is a game that is annoying the first couple times you play. However, as you play it more and memorize every parking law and each fine, it gets much better. First play though I made it a whopping 3 days before being fired. The last day every ticket was wrong. :P

This is a game I will try a few more times, hopefully updates will fix the little things. Unsure of the lifespan of this game in my play list.

Worth the $1.50? With that one tweak telling me what I did wrong? Sure.. Absolute trash. Do not waste your two dollars on this mess. The parking clocks make absolutely no sense, I can't figure out how to use my guide book, and it's clearly a poorly made RPG maker game. Some of the violations don't make any sense. For example, in level two there is a car parked in front of the church that looks pretty legally parked, however if you choose not to ticket it then it tells you that the car was blocking a driveway despite the fact that there is nothing making it clear that the area is a driveway. Another car on level two is a busted up husk of a car on the curb next to the church and I figured that it's probably been there for more than a week and it's parked in an unauthorized area so I called up the tow company to get it towed. Turns out that the broken down car frame was only violating the curb parking law. At this point, I requested a refund.

There is definitely a good idea here, but the execution is absolutely terrible. Try again.

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