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Original Title: Pirates!

Genge: Action,Sci-Fi,Western,Adventure,Comedy


















































Blackbeard LaCutte and his gang of pirates are stealing supplies from everyone in the territory, including medicine that is needed to save a young boys life. Brisco and Lord Bowler set out to retrieve the medicine and put an end to Blackbeard and his marauding ways.
Enter Blackbeard LaCutte a pirate of the seven seas who was forced off the seas and now rides the outland in a modified wagon that looks vaguely like a pirate ship. Blackbeard LaCutte is also one of John Bly's men who killed Brisco's father. Brisco is sent on a secret mission to put Blackbeard LaCutte out of business. Meanwhile Lord Bowler finds Socrates Poole in a bar and ferrets from him the whereabouts of Brisco. On his way to find Blackbeard LaCutte, Brisco rescues a family with a sick boy. While sneaking into Blackbeard LaCutte's cave to get medicine for the boy Lord Bowler & Brisco get caught. Blackbeard LaCutte puts them quicksand but they manage to escape with the help of Comet! Blackbeard LaCutte changes his mind and keeps Lord Bowler while he ransoms Brisco. Brisco escapes only to return with the help of the sick boy's father. Together they nab the pirate's henchmen and free Lord Bowler. Brisco has the final showdown with Blackbeard LaCutte by the same quicksand. Ultimately Blackbeard LaCutte gets sucked down by the quicksand.
*Spoiler/plot- Pirates! , eps 7, TV air date 10/8/93. A large group of stagecoach riding 'land pirates' break up Briscos plans for the last time. They are stealing all the settler's supplies in the territory.

*Special Stars- Bruce Campbell, Julius Carry, Christian Clemenson.

*Theme- Logical thinking and deduction can help criminal investigations.

*Trivia/location/goofs- Watch for Kevin 'Klingon from Star Trek' O'Reilly as the pirate sketch artist. Large rural scenes shot at the Tejon Ranch, Tejon Calfornia. The town scenes were in the old Warner Brother's Laredo western Street on the studio back lot. That has been demolished and rebuilt.

*Emotion- An episode with little or no sci-fi or fantasy plot elements, and as such the plot seemed very slow and plodding. Not enough surprise, action, comedy or drama. Pedestrian western fare.

*Based on- The producers and writers wanted to recreate the entertainment of the 30s-50s theatrical cliff-hanger film serials. Most were westerns or sci-fi. They succeeded.

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