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About This Game

Premium Bowling is a realistic and easy to play bowling game with multiplayer, virtual reality and mouse play support.

The game provides a leisurable environment to spend time with friends and other players while enjoying physically realistic ten pin bowling. For competitive players we have real time multiplayer competitions, daily and weekly top lists, long term player ranking and bowling leagues.

Game Features:

- Allows you to play Ten Pin Bowling, keeping game high scores and series high scores
- Player Ranking, Leagues, Daily and Weekly Tops
- 720Hz Physics Simulation tuned to perfection with Pro-level bowlers
- Local Multiplayer Support
- Online Multiplayer Support
- Three Gorgeous Bowling Alleys: Retro Lanes, Paradise Island and Luxury Strikes
- Many Oil Patterns that affect ball hook and reaction, and wear out during gameplay
- Many Balls with different physical properties like weight, hook, length and oil carry
- Virtual Reality Support: throw like in real life with VR headset and controllers
- Traditional style playing is also supported with Keyboard and Mouse controls
- More Coming, join us and Stay Tuned!

What players have said about Premium Bowling:

"Really great physics and just figured out today that you can do local multiplayer, which really makes this a great party game. It feels like real bowling and i'm just so happy that we have this on vr."

"I have been looking for a realistic bowling game in VR for a couple years now and I have finally found it."

"This is the best bowling simulation I have played. It is just great fun, alone or with friends online."

"If you like bowling and own a vr headset this is a no brainer."

"This game is the closest I think you can get to real bowling physics without physically throwing a bowling ball. A must buy for someone who enjoys bowling."

"This is the real deal. We need to get visibility on this publisher as fast as possible, because they actually know how to create a realistic experience with real physics."

"This game is weirdly realistic, and is hard to master, but easy to learn, just like real life bowling."

"It absolutely meets all expectations. The hooking physics are amazing and you can pick different hooking balls and you can also change the oil pattern. The reactions are different on any of the setups you choose and that's how it is for regular bowling."

"It's to VR bowling as ------ ----- ------ is to VR ping pong. Physics and movements are spot on, you guys nailed it."

"Theres nothing else to say but that this is just the best game out there."

"Out of all the VR bowling games I've played this is the first that actually gets it right." 7ad7b8b382

Title: Premium Bowling
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Sports, Early Access
Release Date: 26 Sep, 2018


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 or newer
  • Processor: Intel i5 2013 or later
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 840M
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 2 GB available space


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Theres nothing else to say but that this is just the best game out there. Hi, Been having trouble loading game since Sunday March 3. Been coming up as
Checking with the server if you already have an account

Owner Account's Data lost. Please re-install the game and log in to restore.
Have tried uninstalling and re-installing and still comes up with issue

Really enjoy the game but unable to play :(
Can you please fix the problem.
Thanks. Was super excited but it won't even get past the "connecting to steam" screen.

"Update" It was just a server issue, everything is up. This game is probably the best bowling game I've played, VR or not. Awesome job to the devs and especially grateful for their fast response.. If you like bowling and own a vr headset this is a no brainer. I just wish my old man shoulder would let me play more.. If your like me then you always wanted a bowling ally in your house, unfortunitly the Gods who are in charge of that type of affairs decided that its not in my cards..
But we can say screw them, by buying this game, and just like that you are the master of your own home bowling ally..
Now if they can only make a indoor VR swimming pool with a bunch of sexy ladies in skimpily clad bikinis.... Has great potential but the devs have killed it (for me anyway) by having a non removable aiming thing overlaid over the lane. They say they are going to inrroduce an option to to remove it and I will change my review to positive when they do but until then I woldn't recomend buying it.. One of my favorite games for getting a bit of VR exercise without over doing it. Physics are impressive and I find myself bowling about the same as I did in real life when I had time to bowl regularly. Graphics are also pretty impressive for VR. Would recommend to anyone who has an Oculus Rift and enjoys bowling.. The game itself is amazing. I've spent hours playing it after buying the game. Although at present the game is in Early Access but it is good enough for me. But i prefer it to have more bowling balls or maybe branded bowling balls like Storms and others as to improve it's realism, and also more alleys please.. This is probably the best bowling game on PC right now. It's the only one i've seen with realistic oil slicks, and physics.

I just wish it had more bowling alleys, and ball designs.. Probably one of the best bowling games available to date, seriously. Gameplay is fantastic so far, very smooth and it's definitely an incredible upgrade from Sadetta's Bowling Evolution game, which will always remain a classic to me. I really enjoy the gameplay, and the fact that you can actually loft the ball several feet in the air! I do wish they could lower the height of the camera so you can see your target better though. Even if you don't loft your shot, the camera still seems to be quite high, and it's harder to look where you're throwing it. There's also a couple bugs in the game so far, that I'm sure the developers will address in the future. Like somebody already mentioned, the bowling balls do at times disappear from the rack and will no longer be able to pick them up/throw them. I've also noticed they do seem to still be there, but they're only visible if you move your mouse far to the left or right side of the screen, and the missing ball might appear on the left or right side, maybe. I've also noticed some physics issues with the pins. Sometimes I'll throw the ball right at a pin and it just rigidly stands there, maybe rotates a small amount, but doesn't fall or do anything, and the ball just bounces right off of it.

Apart from these things, the game is fantastic! Very enjoyable gameplay and the graphics are awesome.

Version 1.5 with Custom Balls Released!:
Now it's possible to create your own custom balls. Other major improvements include VR keyboard and bumper rails. Version 1.5 also comes with a lot of smaller fixes and improvements.

. Version 1.0.7 Released!:
This version improves physics, greatly improves VR throw control, fixes a couple of bugs and adds features that our players have requested.

* Now it's possible to hide or completely disable VR Aim
* Option to change play area orientation in VR from Settings
* Option to see hand trajectory after throwing in VR
* Option to lock play area in VR
* Oilpattern visibility is now persistent
* Thrower position indicator on floor (shadow)
* Heavier balls are thrown a bit slower than light ones
* Camera angle change timing improved
* Improved throwing instructions
* Fixed a crash that was caused by NaNs in physics simulation

We have got a lot of feedback requesting features for making the player feel even more like being inside a bowling hall. Like pin machine sounds, working ball return machine and picking the ball up from the ball return machine, improvements to sounds and so on. We just want to say that we have heard your feedback (Thank You!) and we'll work on "immersion improvements" in the next update.. Version 1.3 with Leagues and Merits Released!:
Premium Bowling 1.3 with Leagues and Merits is out now! Competing in leagues and hunting merits is yet another exciting way to enjoy the game.

- Weekly Leagues have one and Monthly Leagues more events. Events define the hall and oil pattern to be used and players have only a few official series attempts in each event. Winner of a league is the player who scores the highest sum over all events.

- Players have ELO-style League Points that are awarded from leagues to players who were involved in the league. There is a Global League Top that updates after each league.

- Permanent Merits are given for Top 3 league finishes and Top 5 weekly rankings (subject to change in the future). Merits, league history, and other interesting stats about the player are shown in Player Info View which can be accessed by clicking player's name in top listings and league player listings.

Next up will be Paradise Island level and custom balls. We'll tell more about them in the Steam Community Hub / Reddit / Discord!

. Premium Bowling 1.1.0 Released:
This version comes with a lot of new features and improvements. The largest improvement is making ball machines functional and having 3 balls per player available in the machine. Other major improvements include better VR throw control, improved online game and increased movement area.

We are already working with version 1.2.0 which will come with another level! We'll post more about the development in community hub, stay tuned.

. Version 1.4 with Paradise Island is Out!:
The sun is shining, waves are gently lapping at the beach and seagulls are singing somewhere in the distance. Oh Yes! This version lets you play in the relaxing atmosphere of a beach bar! What could be better than taking a mini vacation after a heavy day at work and scoring a couple of strikes?

Other major changes include more intuitive mouse controls, standing pins display with integrated throw speed and RPM and improved ranking calculation. There's also quite a few smaller improvements and bug fixes.

. Early Access Version Available Now!:
Premium Bowling is a leisurable and realistic ten pin bowling experience that players can enjoy together locally or in network, in VR or with mouse and a display.

Join us now to take advantage of our early access price! You'll also have maximum time to give your input and affect future development of the game.

You can try Premium Bowling for free by downloading one hour full featured demo.. Version 1.6 Released!:
We swapped the game engine to a lot newer version. The change affects all major parts of the game and every main feature has been reviewed and changed a bit. The new version should have improved stability and compatibility. The most noteworthy changes are improved physics, VR controls, bloom in VR and online multiplayer.

For the next version we are aiming to add avatars, achievements and private online halls. Join the development discussion at our community hub or discord server!. Version 1.2 with Retro Lanes has landed!:
This version is one giant leap for the game and comes with a divine looking Retro Lanes bowling alley. We have also continued towards ultimate realism and full bowling experience by adding and improving sounds, throwing and physics. Based on feedback from pro level bowlers, normal throw speed and lane friction have both been reduced to more typical levels. Throwing in virtual reality feels even more real.

Demo has been extended to allow 12 games or 1 hour of playing, which ever lasts longer.

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