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About This Game

Psichodelya pays homage to old-school style top-down shmups (shoot-em-up’s) such as DoDonPachi, Ikaruga, Espgaluda, R-Type Delta, Aero Fighters, Giga Wing, Raiden, and more recent Jamestown.

Players control one of 3 playable ships - dodging bullets and destroying wave after wave of enemies for points in either single or 2 player local coop modes. There are 5 manic levels, each with an epic boss and 5 difficulty levels.

Set in futuristic environment, two races of mechanized alien species wage air-warfare over Earth-like pieces of land. Each ship has a coloured shield that protects the player from bullets that are the same colour. Enemy ships are also colour coded, making them more vulnerable to player shots of colour opposite to their colour.


  • Easy to pick up and play, difficult to master
  • 5 huge levels each with huge epic bosses
  • 1 and 2 players co-op
  • Controls for 2 players on Keyboard or Gamepads
  • In-game leatherboards: local and global
  • On-line leaderboards
  • No two play-throughs are identical
  • Music by Dylan Barry (NPPD Rush, Super Killer Hornet: Ressurection)
  • 5 difficulty levels

Title: Psichodelya
Genre: Action, Indie
Ennoble Studios
KISS ltd
Release Date: 8 Aug, 2014


  • OS: Windows XP, 7, 8
  • Processor: Dual Core 1.6 Ghz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DX9 compatible with 128MB VRAM
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Minimal screen resolution: 1024 x 768


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my balls itch.. This is one of the worst expireneces of my life i now know how it felt to be the pig David Carmron abused.
I recommend this game to gypsy farmers who work on a loney Sunday morning when others are out playing sunday league, this game is the epitome of the EA servers and Rich Homie Quan attempting to speak english.
First of all the graphic are as useful as a homless guy to big business law firm, the gameplay looks as if it was made in 1920 and the title screen is able to give anyone a sezure.

BTW i only played 5 mins.. I'm a very hardcore fan of the shoot em up genre but the graphics and effects just look way too stock and bland to be enjoyable. A good game doesn't need beefy graphics to be enjoyable but you either go with retro and stay retro or you go realistic and go full photo realistics. But this game has semi realistic backgrounds and sprites but MS Paint effects. It feels and look unfinished... they over coplicated the game play to the point where even in very east mode the game is unwinable.

the fact is it easy for the developers to play a game they made because they know every milk and crannie to the game. but what most developers dont realize is not every one is into over complicated games where you die to quickly and easily espesially in very easy mode which is for the new players.

it wasnt a bad game visually but the gameplay itself was as a matter of fact a huge let down and im very dissapointed with them.

im sorry but a game thats unwinnable is an insault to gamers who spend there time and money buying a game that they themselves wanna win quickly. this is also why people buy arcade style games in the first place as a (5 mins) meditation to escape the real world and the last thing they wanna have is being constantly blown up and getting stressed out from it

personally this game needs to go back to the drawing board while visually its good the gameplay itself was an insault to gamers every where so for these reason i have to give Psichodelya a persoanal rating of 1\/10. Psichodelya
fast game with modern day graphics with easy controls that moves from location A to B to C and so on.

good game.

Personal Suggested Purchase Price: $0.49 Or Less During Sale. There is not much fancy stuff about this game, but it is more of positive then negative. Visual part is mostly fine, apart from projectiles(they seem overly bright and contrasty). Sound is ok, but it appears to live a seprate life from the game. Gameplay tries to mimic classic shmups and absolutely lacks innovations. Some may regard it a plus though. The levels lack ground targets. Separate word should be given to the difficulty. Difficulty setting does not seem to affect anything, but the shield capacity, so the easiest setting will be a hell for a player who is not good with this type of games. Concluding, i would say that the game left more or less positve impression and i can recommend it to all fans of shmups.. Watching the tutorial was more entertaining than playing the game.. Xevious on the NES was bad.
This game is even worse.
Paid .69 and still not worth it.
Music sucks.
. Watching the tutorial was more entertaining than playing the game.. This game doesnt deserve the mostly negative review its not that bad its hard but its a bullethell I wish it had a healthbar and the controller worked the menus but the controller does work ingame it does have a colored shield system to block colored bullets .... its fun

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