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About This Game

RASHLANDER is a physics-loaded lunar lander roguelike that feels like spinning across an icy road and nailing a perfect parallel park. Inspired by arcade classics such as Sinistar and Asteroids as well as neo-retro games like Downwell, RASHLANDER's controls are simple, pure, and easy to learn with successful gameplay relying heavily on a little luck and a ton of skill.

The procedurally generated levels force players to build ability instead of learning set patterns, paving the way for a challenging experience and truly triumphant wins. Discover a dense network of game-changing upgrade systems and life-giving fuel stations—all while attempting to achieve the highest score in this skill-based, physics-stuffed tribute to the golden era of arcades.

After not quite seeing eye-to-eye with an all-powerful global entity known as GovCorp, a small team of terraforming researchers are forced to flee Earth in a hastily-prepared escape rocket. Things are a little less than ideal, however. Navigating a ship equipped with a highly explosive plutonium core nestled in the nose and a perpetually low fuel supply can get a little squirrely. You’ll need to skillfully slingshot around levels—dodging interstellar debris, scraping past gravity-heavy asteroids, and avoiding GovCorp drones—to successfully crash-land onto the goal-marked warp pads. Careful though, you’ll want to land your ship feet-first unless you’re a fan of incinerating your entire crew in super-explodey collisions.


  • Neo-retro lunar lander roguelike: offers a modern arcade experience to hardcore gamers, with a strong pick-up-and-play appeal. Was originally made for physical arcade cabinets.
  • Upgrade system: players can utilize a dense network of upgrades as they play, adding flavorful twists to the gameplay with each upgrade.
  • Secrets: numerous secrets for players to discover from abilities and alternate paths to as-yet-unconfirmed time travel.
  • Impactful visual style: minimalistic and beautiful art design featuring wonderfully contrasting color schemes and dynamic shadow effects.
  • Professional soundtrack: synthesized, beat-heavy bops by Fat Bard, whose prior compositions appear in work for Disney, WB Games, and Butterscotch Shenanigans. The soundtrack perfectly aligns with the frenzied emotions evoked as players progress.
  • Twitch integration: Twitch integrated gameplay featuring viewer driven events, chat meta games, and chat members appearing as helpers or enemies in-game. Enables streamers to interact with and engage their communities.
  • Score tables: Overall and Daily High-Score tables appeal to speedrunners and high-score-chasers, both of which have seen a sharp rise in popularity, especially in the streaming communities.


Genre: Action, Indie
Ryan Davis
Release Date: 25 Jul, 2019


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