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SpacerX - Dome Survivals Download Windows 10 Free

SpacerX - Dome Survivals Download Windows 10 Free

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About This Game

SpacerX – Dome Survivals is a hard core multiplayer, survivor FPS that mainly focuses on survival and defeat mysterious creatures. You have to start from the basics that are gathering food and building not just against other players, but against aggressive creatures as well. Team up with your friends, defeat everything and be the most powerful player.

You have essential needs to survive, such as thirst, hunger and keeping the ideal body temperature. If you do not pay attention to only one of these, you will not make it long. You should always ensure a sufficient amount of food. Furthermore, you have to pay a special attention to your clothing. If you wander for a long time, you’ll have to bear in mind that you need to pass through several domes, and you will be exposed to different weather conditions. You should always carry proper clothing with yourself.

Collection of materials and construction

The house puts pressure on its fundaments, if some of the supporting pillars of the house are destroyed, the whole construction falls apart that is why enhancing buildings is very important. All structures and objects can be painted to personalize your home. The shelter provides protection against the weather conditions for you and your values. By cutting down the trees from the wood and mining metal and other precious ores, you can make huge, multi-storey buildings by using complex, related parts, including ramps, columns, windows, doors, gates, remote control gates, trap doors, generators, wires, all kind of electrical tools, ladders and many other types of batteries. However, you have to be aware that the required materials cannot be found everywhere. Sometimes you need to go to dangerous places for more valuable materials.

You can find many different creatures and plants in the SpacerX domes. Plants should be watched and studied, some of them can be planted as well, thus providing nourishing and light food. Meanwhile, other plants can produce useful medicine and lethal toxins that you can use for your own goal. You had better be careful with the wildlife as well. Normally, during the day, you will encounter with tamed animals that are easy to hunt down and you can obtain a huge amount of meat and other materials. Nevertheless, the predators of the island emerge at night as well. Depending on their species they may cause minor difficulties or certain death. And do not forget that different kinds of animals dominate in each climate, so do not get overconfident! Be always very careful and prudent.

Development and learning

You will be able to develop and learn in SpacerX at the same time. Your learning is optimal if you fight, discover and experiment as much as you can. Then you can learn things that help you to build, construct and fight more efficiently, and survive. This allows you to build stronger walls, shoot more accurately or hide in the wild landscape more efficiently. During your development, you are going to learn the method of producing different building blocks, weapons and other objects. You can achieve more advanced tools and building blocks.

The mysterious place

Discover all areas because it’s worth it. Somewhere you can find valuable raw materials and rare tools. But be careful! The wildlife is extremely dangerous, and other players can also hinder your goals. Different areas have their own dangers and rewards. In some places, you can encounter with tunnels leading into hidden caves that can hide fabulous treasures.

There are some players who like to play in a team and rule together, and others who want to play and wander on their own. In the mysterious world of SpacerX, you can choose each path. If you are persistent enough, you will definitely be the champion and ruler of the domes. Just be careful to keep this position.

The world of domes is created so that old players cannot have unfair advantages over the new ones. The lonely wolves do not have to be afraid of the huge clans. We have succeeded in doing this by creating the diversified learning and development system. In the game, every decision, game style and direction has its own advantage and disadvantage. If you are on your own and wake up in a world where a huge tribe has been ruling for a while and are well-equipped and battle wise, you do not need to worry all the time to be hunted down by them. If you are clever and brave, you will have a wandering lifestyle. Because of your extraordinary camouflage and your fast speed, they will not be able to get in your way. They only swallow the dust, while you discover the world and collect the most precious treasures. But this was just one example of the infinite possibilities, where you can show what kind of player you really are.

Useful and useless

In the world of domes, every object, equipment and armour has its own purchase cost, and it is getting worse as the time passes or you use them more frequently. You should pay attention to the good condition of your equipment. You should not wear or buy such an equipment that you do not use very often and prevent you from doing your best. Consider well all you steps.

We have plenty of plans that we would like to realize and introduce them in the Early Access phase:
  • More items, weapons, armours and upgrades,
  • More crafting,
  • Gas-powered Vehicles,
  • More creatures, over 60,
  • More item skins, limited run-event skins
  • Mini-bosses,
  • Steam achievements,
  • More music and sounds,
  • Better SFX, more Music, Better UI's, Gamepad support,
  • VR support,
  • Performance improvements,
  • Balance improvements.

But the most important thing is that we would like to customize the game for our players. Thus we are going to get in touch with you and we will make use of your ideas in creating the world of SpacerX – Dome Survivals. 7ad7b8b382

Title: SpacerX - Dome Survivals
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Early Access
Extarzz Team
Extarzz Team
Release Date: 2017 Q4


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