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Store Manager: Cellular Edition Ativador Download [key Serial Number]

Store Manager: Cellular Edition Ativador Download [key Serial Number]

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About This Game

Store Manager Cellular Edition will be the most comprehensive and accurate retail store simulator ever created. As an ex- store, sales, and district manager in the cellular world myself, as well as being best friends with a current store manager, I feel I am right at home when making this game.

This game incorporates all the actions a store manager has to do. Find employees by searching through resumes. Each resume is randomly generated with names, old jobs, education and more. Each one of these individually affects that employee's "ability skill". That skill is much needed in many situations. If a customer comes in knowing what phone they want and you have it in stock, a salesman with a higher ability will be able to sell them on the accessories they need, driving up the profits on that sale. If you don't have a phone in inventory, a higher ability is going to be needed to persuade a customer into a phone you do have in stock, and ensure they are going to keep it without returning it later.

You have full control over the inventory! Every day you must order new phones to keep your inventory fresh for the customers! A new phone comes out that's a dud? Well you better discount it to get it off the shelves! As it stands right now there are 16 different phones for customers to choose, all from 8 different manufacturers divided up into three different OSs. There are accessories made for each phone and the player can decide how hard they would like their game to be. The player can choose to control all accessories down to which ones product by product, or if they don't like that amount of micromanagement they can choose to instead just buy a bulk of accessories that work for every phone.

The customers come into the store, most with an idea of the type of phone they want. Customers can have their mind changed on what to purchase, but if they don't like it they will come back and return their purchase. Each customer has their own unique name and data to keep track of. Keep those customers happy and they will tell their friends about your location. Other customer traffic is based on advertising campaigns that you as manager must select. Peak customer hours change frequently so you better be on top of the schedule.

In the beginning you are running a small shop that can hold four employees. Two of them can be working at a time. There is one opening shift and one closing shift. Don't neglect your workers by not scheduling them, and on the contrary don't over work them. Doing these things might get them fed up just enough to quit! You must schedule your employees correctly from the time they come in, to the time they break, to the time they leave. But be careful! Schedule breaks during peak customer times and the employee might not get to break that day, resulting in a fine for you!

As you gain profits it is up to you to upgrade all the displays and looks around the store to drive up customer ratings, giving more free word of mouth advertising which drives up revenue! You can upgrade individual displays as well as things like the flooring, backroom and more! This isn't all for aesthetics. Customers like clean and modern stores! The better it looks, the more money they might be willing to spend!

This game will be available for the PC, Mac OSX to start with a Linux build coming shortly. The Linux build is completed, I just don't have the proper tools to test it thoroughly. It will be happening soon! d859598525

Title: Store Manager: Cellular Edition
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Vue Simulations
Release Date: 31 Mar, 2017


store manager cellular edition

abandoned by the dev... do not purchase! why does steam continue to show abandoned games is beyond me. I guess it's just boring... It's a bit interesting in the beginning but then it just begins to be repetitive over and over again every single day.
I look forward to new additions in the future that hopefully will add more functionality but at the current state, it's a no-go.. Dont buy, wait for updates and answers from the dev. seems to be abandoned.. It's not worth its price at the current stage. Developers promised in june 2016 major updates during 2 weeks time. It's September now and no updates. Do not waste your money on this until this updating issue is fixed.. Well, can't say it'll be as helpful as it is entertaining. Here's the game in all it's glory.\/watch?v=dvFJWjUlFrs\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" id=\"dynamiclink_0\">https:\/\/\/watch?v=dvFJWjUlFrs<\/a>

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