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Super Lemonade Factory Ativador Download

Super Lemonade Factory Ativador Download

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About This Game

Post World War II, a region in political turmoil. Andre’s father offers to give him his lemonade factory – but on one condition; he and his wife, Liselot, must journey through the entire factory, a task that is easier said than done. Andre and Liselot must combine their unique abilities to make it through each room together. Along the way they’ll meet a cast of characters including the foreman, the chef, a food inspector and a general who wants the factory to supply drinks to the military, now engaged in a new war.

SINGLE-PLAYER CO-OPERATIVE PLAY Liselot can double jump, push small crates for Andre to climb on and talk to other characters. Andre can smash big crates and carry Liselot. Switch between the two characters to combine their abilities and get both of them to the exit.

A BUBBLY PLATFORMER WITH SUBTLE FLAVOURS As you talk to each character, their personalities and stories are revealed. Beneath the bubbly and bright surface Super Lemonade Factory touches on mature themes including labour relations and the moral dilemmas of running a business in wartime.

MAKE YOUR OWN LEVELS Use the same tool and assets as the developer to create brand new levels for Super Lemonade Factory. Import them straight into the game and play your own level.

JOURNEY THROUGH 72 LEVELS There are three worlds – warehouse, factory and office, each with 12 levels. Unlock hard-core mode and an additional 12 levels per world by collecting all the lemonade bottles.

RETRO PIXEL ART AND SOUNDTRACK Featuring 8 bit pixel art by Miguelito and an original chip-tune soundtrack by Easyname, Super Lemonade Factory drips with charm.

ONE OR TWO PLAYER Control both Andre and Liselot on your own, or switch to Two Player Mode for local co-op play. Sorry, this is no online multiplayer.

  • Two Player Split Screen for local co-op. There is no online multiplayer.
  • Write Your Own Dialog For Your Own custom Levels.
  • Powered By Flixel and the Ogmo editor.
  • Over 436231 virtual soft drinks served world wide.

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Title: Super Lemonade Factory
Genre: Indie
Release Date: 15 Mar, 2012


Superrrrr simple and really fun, for the night when you dont have the energy to play something that envolves pew pew, or when you wanna think about something a bit different (by what the characters say, its fun to figure out their lives). This game has the right jokes in the right places, but it has powerful statments as well. Worth the money, with no doubt :). Some games just grab you...this is one of those times. So simple, yet so entertaining. The sounds, movements, controller ability, are all great!!. Fun little platformer. Not worth $5, but hey, on sale it's a great buy.

EDIT (10\/15\/2014): I figured I'd elaborate on this review since it's sort of just a flat statement.

This game is a port from the mobile versions. It runs seemingly capped at 30 fps. At first I thought it might have been a compatibility issue with my 144hz monitor, similar to the ongoing issue Spelunky HD faces currently (which still has yet to be resolved, btw), but that wasn't the case. The game is just capped. This hinders the platforming, for which this game is advertised.

That issue aside, having forced myself to play, this game was still enjoyable. It took all of those 1.3 hours to beat, not rushing through anything. I didn't go for 100% because the low framerate cap eventually became too much to handle.

The artwork is great, but the music is not memorable.

To conclude: for 1.3 hours of gameplay $5 is not a bargain in the least, but yeah, on sale it's a worthwhile purchase.. all voiced by the same guy and is to lazy to add more detail than mario 64, yu put together the rest. Super Lemonade Factory is a fun little game about you earning your father's inheritance, a giant super lemonade factory (hence the name).

Whilst it is nothing groundbreaking, it's a fun little piece that you could certainly rack up a good few hours in. As a 2D Side scrolling plat former, it plays pretty basic. You must switch between two characters, and use their abilities to help one another get past a certain obstacle, obese managerial officer or a harmless office plant. The game offers three game modes, Normal, Hardcore, and Old School, each of which are basically a different difficulty, but the Old School mode really puts you in your place and requires quick thinking and a\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665ton of lemonade.

With what seems like a playful story, the character dialogue unsurfaces some mature issues about this post WWII world, making each of the 72 levels that much more satisfying to play through.

Overall, I have enjoyed my time so far in the Super Lemonade Factory and I plan to do so for a short while more.

+ Lovely visuals and accompanying soundtrack
+ Some deep story elements can be found underneath it's bubbly surface
+ Plenty of levels and achievements to keep you busy

- Not a big fan of switching characters
- Some puzzles are cramped, often there is not a lot of room to move and items you need can get stuck in corners


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