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By the creators of Close Your Eyes. A classic 5d3b920ae0

Title: Take the Dream IX
Genre: Adventure, Free to Play, Indie, RPG
Yai Gameworks
Yai Gameworks
Release Date: 1 Apr, 2016


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the concept of jumping around within ones mind (i'm assuming only played first few min) is original however the puzzles are a bit touph i couldn't get past the ghost in the cabin in first few min of the game witch took all the fun out of it .. Take the dream IX is a 2D horror game made with RPG Maker. You play as the girl "gwen" thats about to go to a festival where she met here true love 1 year ago at the same festival. (She is lesbian so its a girl yes). The girl she is in love with is called Flora. At the start you search for Flora in your home town but can't find her. Then you go to a cliff with a beatifull view where you see here looking at the view. You get in a conversation with her. Eventually she wants to ask you something and it goes like this. "Gwen this may be a silly question but i want you to answer it seriously". Gwen is like "Sure". Then she starts with "I.i. was wondering etc. But then out of no where a random ghost/ghoul comes and takes Flora. Your journey continues where you will find many obstacles and challenges you need to pass to save flora (and minds ;3). -Take a very good look at the story line because if you look back it all fits togheter beatifull- I kinda hate horror games and I didn't know that this was one, so troughout playing i got some pretty hard jumpscares. Be warned :D. I love deep story's like this one i only had the feeling sometimes things weren't really serious and that kinda ed up the deep storyline feeling. I was kinda surprised with the end tough because you didn't expect it and the game breaks the 4th wall a lot of times which gives enormous minds.. I think there is a bug where you are in that purple map after the palace scene, and you go down the hallway and nothing happened, I've walked down the hallway for more than 10 times. Solved: go down the hallway then go up for 1 to 2 times. At the beginning the story was fine but when you go deep the story get awkward and messy. The music and the demon king's voice were annoying.. This Game Broke My Brain In Several Ways (In A Good Way). Imagine Ryan breaking my ing spine.. I just can say. WOW!.this is a really good game with a great history ( 10/10 ) (^^)/. Take the Dream IX is a RpgMaker game about Gwen and her true love that's just been kidnapped! Oh no, You gotta go after her! It has some horror aspects, and it plays with certain fourth wall notions, along with a cast of interesting characters, each with their traits and stories, however little of it you may get to know. Now, it's not your regular horror game, it will NOT rely on cheap jumpscares or overused zombie-whatever, but rather on atmosphere and the uncertainty. All in all a great experience for a medium-lenght rpgmaker game, highly recommended if you enjoy some midly psichological horror.

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