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The Lost Mythologies Activation Code [Patch]

The Lost Mythologies Activation Code [Patch]

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About This Game


Thousand years ago, The civilization was almost completely wiped out after a great war.

Centuries had passed, almost no one remembers the once glorious empire.

But, when the ancient history strikes back, you, the half god protagonist has awaken to prevent it to repeat itself all over again...


This game's main focus is to show how much we're capable to do at a short period of time, but since we thought the result wasn't actually sellable, we decided to release this game for free.

This is a student project, it may contain various issues and we CANNOT guarantee these will be fixed due to the reason mentioned below.

We're planning to start a studio after graduation and Military services(according to Taiwan law we have to finish it unfortunately).

For those who liked our work please stay tuned, hopefully we may roll out some information about our next project when we're back on business. b4d347fde0

Title: The Lost Mythologies
Genre: Action, Free to Play
Basaltic studio
Basaltic studio
Release Date: 28 Jan, 2016

English,Traditional Chinese

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Nice butt, everytime I go up the stairs I see butt.
Butt > boobs in this game.. they need to make this game so it works better for windows 10 I love playing it yet it lags a lot on windows 10 and it lagged on windows 8.1 and windows 8 as well when I played it on them.. Pretty mediocre game, IMO. 4\/10

It's a pretty simple UI. Health and and spell resource bars in an easy to see area.
And nothing else. That's literally your entire UI.

From the tiny bit of the game which I've played, the storytelling could be a lot better.
Of course, the introduction all text-based with no voice-over so it was tedious to read, even as someone who can read and write Chinese.
The intro sequence is both too long and too short. For something that's not very engaging and lacking any real depth, it's too long. But as a text-based introduction, it's far too short. Only fluent Chinese readers would be able to read the entire sequence the first time it's shown, and that's if they focus on text only.

The best and most redeeming part of the game.
It's made in Unreal, so there's already a pretty solid graphical floor.
Main character design is a bit illogical- Clothes seem kind of restrictive on the chest, and very<\/i> loose on the bottom.
Great eye candy in animations though. The skirt has some pretty amazing physics.

Mob enemy design is alright.
Boss design is pretty good.

But we're almost all here to watch the protag show her stuff.

Also, it's a sickening amount of motion blur whenever you do 180s.
Which brings me to my next point:

For a fighter, it could at least give instructions and\/or leave a handy tip bar on the side.
F to dash.
Number keys are skills.
But all that I could read when it first popped up was that WASD is movement.

Also the targeting and turning system.
There was this 'Lock' option in the options menu which I had no idea what to do with.

It has the potential to be good.
But it's poorly optimized and lacks a lot of staple settings of any game of the genre.. It wouldn't even let my launch the game for it kept freezing everytime I kept trying to start the game. I will not download this game ever again since it won't even launch, so yea.... Not worth the time.. It's a great game and i would like to see it become a full RPG game. I was looking for an ability tree and skills and such until i reilized its a 20 min. game. I hope the developers go somewhere with this game.. 's not very good is it. This is a very short game with some rather good graphics. Would love to see a more finished product in the future since this is a student project. Will be keeping an eye on the makers of this game. Controls are simple and honestly, the quick tutorial at the beginning is not really needed. AI could use some work, but honestly I enjoyed playing this game. Would recommend for a quick play through since it is free!. By no means is this a complete game. If this is a student project, it can be considered pretty well made. There is definatly room for improvement.

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