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Starting a Guild How to start a guild or legion in an MMORPG. Starting a guild in an runescape gold MMORPG requires some thought and decisions. The more people you involve in these thoughts and decisions the harder it will be to take action. It is strongly suggested that you do the following alone or with 1 or 2 very close friends who you know and who think like you do. Warning: if you tend to disagree with the people who will help you, this will very much so slow you down. Too many cooks spoil the broth!

Information systems (IS) studies highlight that IS usage, a pre requisite for IS diffusion, may be difficult to attain when usage is voluntary because users can resist using the system. User resistance may be overcome through the application of organizational controls. Control theory explains how users' actions and practices are shaped in line with organizational guidelines and procedures. This paper reports on a qualitative case study and shows how formal control mechanisms (behavior and outcome controls) can have a positive and conclusive impact on IS diffusion. The paper makes three contributions to knowledge. First, it proposes a model of IS diffusion, which explains how the application of outcome control mechanisms can lead to IS diffusion despite user resistance. Second, it suggests that IS diffusion paths are iterative, rather than smooth and linear. Finally, the paper demonstrates that despite a lack of reward expectancy, sanction expectancy can be effective during an IS diffusion process.

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