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World Boxing Manager Ativador Download [crack]

World Boxing Manager Ativador Download [crack]

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About This Game

World Boxing Manager is a game in which you develop and manage the careers of young, hungry boxers desperate for glory. You scout and recruit fighters from a pool of amateurs who come to train at your gym - it's up to you to decide who to mold into championship material. Build their careers up in regional events until they are ready to make the leap onto the world stage and fight for world titles.

Can you develop a world champion fighter capable of unifying all of the titles in his weight class? Try this game and find out!

Fighter Training

  • Train specific stats, or train a whole set of stats according to a desired fighting style.
  • When a fighter has an upcoming match, he can begin a training camp.
  • Gains made during training camps occur at a much quicker pace than during regular training, but are temporary and only apply to the next match. Thus, the player is able to tailor training camps to whomever his fighter is fighting against next.
  • This also means that part of the player's responsibility as a manager is to find a balance between the longer-term, permanent development of his boxers and the short-term rewards of training for and winning matches.
  • Hire trainers for bonus training camp gains. However, if your trainers end up training too many fighters at once, their effectiveness will suffer as they are forced to spread their time out between multiple fighters. It's up to you to determine the best way to prioritize the trainer's time.
  • Make sure that you schedule enough time before each match for your fighter to make weight. Different fighters cut weight at different rates, so if your fighter takes a long time to burn it off, you'll have to account for it.


  • Pit any two of your fighters, professional and amateur alike, against one another in training matches in order to see how they perform in actual matches.
  • If one of your students manages to knock out one of your pros, it might be worth it to train him instead!
  • Fighters are able to learn Traits, which are permanent boosts which increase their effectiveness as fighters. The only way to learn new Traits is to spar.

Match Making

  • Set up matches against fighters all over the world.
  • You obtain more money for winning, but gain more experience from losing. It's up to you as the manager to either cherry-pick easy opponents for money or try your luck against better opponents in order to move more quickly up the rankings.
  • Hire cable and PPV networks to air your fights for extra money and exposure. However, this can backfire if your fighter loses!

Fight Night

  • Call out instructions during the match and between rounds in order to make adjustments as you see fit.
  • If your opponent has a weak jab, stay on the outside and pick him apart; if he has a weak chin, get in his face and smash it in!
  • After the match, you can view statistics in order to determine where your fighter needs to improve.

Title: World Boxing Manager
Genre: Simulation, Sports, Strategy
Release Date: 9 Dec, 2016


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fun in depth game. Since the recent update the game crashes no less. Also, when you win a world title you cannot defend it, its as if you didn't win one at all, but this is fine for regional titles. Also, when you win a world title it does not appear in your list of titles which is not good for a record-junkie like me. I have stopped playing the game since this, its just simply time consumption with no satisfaction and it takes way too long to train someone into the perfect boxer - even with a perfect gym and equiptmenmt.. You will either love this game or hate it(There is no middle ground here). The game does lack a tutorial and you will spend few hours trying to figure out what to do. Once you figure things out be ready to grind because you will not win easily in this game. All in all i say that this game is worth 5 bucks and you might spend over 100hrs playing it. It is a good game and i highly recomend it.. What thell is wrong witth this game? I hire trainers, cant assign them...then when I matchmake, my guys never make weight. This has happened on every fight I booked. Definitely not worh 4.99. I have yet to see a boxing match because I cant train my guys or book them properly. SOmeone tell me how to even get these guys trained properly...

EDIT: Okay after playing the game, its not a bad game. Pretty repetitive and alot of time in looking for marketing, matchmacking, etc. Problem with this is there is no way to tell who will reject or accept your offers for marketing. Such a slow build trying to build a gym and reputable fighters. I Think I have been 2 years in now and still got bunch of unknowns.

Another issue is the realism. So I thought I was having my well trained guy with double digits in offensive category going up against a can fighter with bunch of 1s. The 1 somehow knocked my guy out, which the dude is like bad grafik, bad gameplay. most things dosnt make sense... training is just stupid, like when you train for a match, well you cant be sure if boxer makes weight, and you cant do S... to make boxer make the cut. and game very quickly becomes boring. no real sound, the game might have been fun .... in the 80´s ,.... you dont have much influence on things and no talent meter or anything like that...
a bug waste of time and money. This game is brilliant for the price. While it lacks depth, it is good fun while you enjoy it.. Nice game like it so far im 18-0 as a coach one of them has 16-0-5 ko the other 2-0-2 ko. It starts slow but then you get richer after each fight didnt fought for a belt yet cant wait and see what happens.It would be nice if the devloper will add the height of your boxer like taller guy has a bit better jabs and crosses agains smaller guy and smaller guy has better hooks and uppercuts just an idea im throwing in but overall good game for the money you paid for.i played fight night round 4 ps3 this all type of boxer:Inside Fighter,Outside Fighter,Brawler,Counter-Puncher,Unconventional,Boxer and Boxer Puncher.Defense style:Text book ,Philly Shell and Cross.All Styles:Upright,Balanced,Textbook,Peek-A-Boo,Power,Wild,Mummy,Speed,Slickster,Smooth,Hyper and Crazy each has their strenghs and bonuses this is where i got it from this game manual page 2 ,3 giving ideas: this could be the most rubbish game i have ever played. The UI and mechanics take a while to get used to but once you do its a fun game however once you get one-or-two boxers to the top and fully upgrade your gym (Doesn't take more than a few hours generally) there is little-to-no challenge anymore.

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