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About This Game

IMPORTANT: XLR is an Early Access game that is still under active development. That means many aspects of it are still rough around the edges, or are just plain missing. We rely on the community model of testing and iterating with our customers, so if you’re looking for a finished product, you should wait for our full release later this year. Seriously, this is a WORK IN PROGRESS.

Most simply put, XLR is a multiplayer team based arena shooter.

In the world of XLR, a future humanity is fighting for its survival as companion AI has become the dominant life form. Some AI have deemed humanity a scourge worth wiping out, while other AI have deemed humanity an endangered species worth preserving and honoring as the AI progenitors. Most remaining human factions have banded together under a new super banner called the Earth Recovery Consortium (ERC) to pool resources and form strike teams for continued survival. Their most frequently pressing objectives are to raid hostile AI-controlled facilities for energy, technology, and supplies. While most of humanity agrees that ERC goals must always be met for continued survival (ERC goals coming soon to matches), invariably every sub-faction has its own side agendas for each mission, in hopes of one day wresting control from the other side of the AIER war.

You’ll party up into factions (with friends, or just join a random match), then land in a drop ship with your strike team at an enemy facility. After selecting a metaframe for your consciencess to intertwine with symbiotically, your team will deploy to various battlegrounds.

Don’t worry, If you need some training, you can always go up against some simulated enemy combatants in singleplayer training mode.

Choose to play as any of 9 player classes:

  • Hawk: Like to plan and strike from afar? Then this is the metaframe for you. Keep tabs on the enemy by tagging them with your binoculars, then take them out from a distance with your sniper rifle. Or deploy your holodouble to mislead the enemy, then silently strike from behind with your knife.
    Locomotion: slide
  • Slayer: Are you a tried and true Soldier at heart? If so, get down to brass tacks with your laser rifle and laser pistol. Engage in close quarters combat with your machete, or toss out a timed grenade to break up a fight.
    Locomotion: slide
  • Bliss: A monk that seeks the answer to one question: “Why are you hurting yourself?” (coming soon)
  • Shadow: Are you like ninja? Move about with stealth, using your zipline baton. Then Cut down your enemies with your katana. If need be, slow them down at range with your throwing knives (coming soon), or vanish in a puff of smoke with one of your smoke bombs (coming soon).
    Locomotion: slide or zipline
  • Logi: A futurist who is going to be a LOT of fun. (coming soon)
  • Tang: Take an aggressive stance with your minigun and shotgun. Then incite a little mayhem and confusion with your gravity knuckles (coming soon) and gravitronic grenade (coming soon).
    Locomotion: slide
  • Thermo: Feeling a little moody? Burninate everything in sight with your flamethrower. When things get too hot, flip the barrel around to activate your freeze pistol (coming soon). Throw in an incendiary grenade for good measure, and finish up with a dash of thermo mace (coming soon).
    Locomotion: slide
  • Ballisto: If you love calculating angles and bounce shots then this is the metaframe for you. Wreak havoc with your grenade launcher, then charge in with your plasma pistol (coming soon). Don’t forget to maximize damage with your warhammer (coming soon) and proximity mine (coming soon).
    Locomotion: slide
  • Zoner: When you're in the mood for some good old fashioned flow state, just pull out this metaframe’s dual pistols. All the while confounding the enemy by rapidly using short range teleportation to jump to new vantage points. Defend or attack with your energy shield (coming soon), and turn the tables on the enemy’s plans with a swap grenade (coming soon).
    Locomotion: teleport

Many of XLR’s player classes use a slide mechanic for locomotion. We’ve done a lot of experimentation and testing, and we believe we have found a reasonable solution for reducing motion sickness (or even eliminating it completely for many players). Please let us know in the forums what your experience with it is.

We recognize that some players are more prone to motion sickness than others, so we’ve taken steps to ensure that you never have to use the slide locomotion mechanic if you don’t want to. All interactive elements before you enter the combat arena are positioned to fit inside your play area. And during combat, choosing the Zoner class will result in only using teleportation. 7ad7b8b382

Title: XLR
Genre: Action, Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access
Metaware Limited, LLC
Metaware Limited, LLC
Release Date: 5 Apr, 2016


  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon X2, or equal at 2.0 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 970 or better
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c-compatible, 16-bit
  • Additional Notes: Requires Vive controllers


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No updates since august... Well it was cheap but it still feels like a mistake.
There's not much to do ingame in solo other than trying the locomotion methods and testing all the weapons on the small spidey bombs. It gets boring after 20-ish minutes.... great tower defence cant wait to see what gets added.. great tower defence cant wait to see what gets added.. Tried this one with a few friends last fall and I was frankly not impressed. I don't know if the game was having a particularly bad day - worse than its average, but everything went wrong, from losing ability to reload, to spawning miles *above* the map, to losing connection to players or host. We wanted to play a few quick matches and ended up just retartings the game three or four times, through a one hour session maybe clocking in 5 minutes of actual gameplay.

Not even worth two dollars IMO. There are better things out there for your cash, more functional especially; even for two bucks. The lack of updates probably seal the deal on XLR. Unfinished, unpolished, barely functional.. Changed review THIS GAME IS A GRAVEYARD. After the update, it's a new game. Still WIP now (buggy too) but is going to support lot of features missing in other multiplayer shooters for Vive: a better locomotion (it seems comfortable too), a better weapon management (inspired by H3VR), classess of soldiers, a better graphics.. Honestly, this game isnt good. The weapons lag behind your hands so far that it is difficult to be accurate, but with the way guns operate, im not even sure the developer wants you to be accurate. Using the grips to pick up\/drop everything feels sloppy to me, but thats more of a preferance really. The way you open your inventory and teleport is just bad. Text lags behind movement and blur, so if you want to read it you have to be perfectly still.

I wanted to do a Pro\/Con system for this review.... but I honestly cant think of any pros! I've owned the game for a month and I haven't seen a single improvement. Can't recommend this game until MAJOR changes are made.

Edit: 7\/23\/16
Well they have made major changes to the game and it's so much worse now. They have made it into a multiplayer arena shooter, that no one plays.. Note: This is an Early Access review.

I've always been a fan of tower defense games, and have played the crap out of them ever since I discovered them in WC3. As soon as I got my Vive, I made it my mission to check out XLR as soon as I could.

My initial impression was that it was pretty good. It is really a combination of a FPS and a TD, and it combines the two well. The game starts with you in a central command room, and you are given moments to assess your environment in a globe that lets you peer in and out of, before waves of enemies start approaching your location.

You can either start building towers from the overview, or teleport right into the action by twisting your controllers 90% to a side and pulling the trigger. You are equipped with a building tool that lets you drop towers where you are pointing, and also a gun \u2013 something you will almost certainly need to use as the game s

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