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About This Game

Waking up trapped in a tree, with no recollection of anything, you must explore a strange fragmented city floating in the sky to learn who you are and where you fit into th 5d3b920ae0

Title: Youropa
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
frecle ApS
frecle ApS
Release Date: 27 Jun, 2018


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel I5
  • Memory

English,Danish,French,German,Italian,Czech,Japanese,Korean,Polish,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Swedish,Norwegian

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It's a good puzzle metroidvania. This game is amazing. It looks nice and plays well. The puzzles are not too difficult, but not a total cakewalk. The level editer is a bit clunky, but does work. and its one of my favorite game to make puzzles for. As you progress the game adds new abilities for you to use, however I don't think they are used to the full potetial. Overall I take the only drawback I have is that its a bit short, but you can still get a good 5-6 hours at least out of this.. Anyone could watch the trailer above and know that this game is very cool and when you play it you'd know the game is extremely fun but I also wanted to call out attention to frecle as a developer. I had a pretty bad problem starting the game on my 4k display and I added a comment to the Discussions and before too long, frecle had fixed it and extended me to test it out on a private internal build. He did in fact fix it but also so many devs would have ignored that Discussion or just not even given it a second thought but he actually followed up and made sure his fix fixed the game (which it did). Devs like that who also have the skill required to create Youropa should be supported and he'll be on my radar from now into the future. Also the game totally rules and that definitely doesn't hurt either.. Bought this blind based on other reviews which I don't usually do, but it was completely worth it. An original concept that works very well with the creative level design. Despite the fact that it was made by a very small team had nice production values. Takes around 4-5 hours to beat but has plenty of replay value, so the price is worth it.. One of my favorite games is Prey 2006. It had revolutionary new mechanics such as portals and gravity paths that let you walk on walls. I felt quite reminded of the that game as I started walking alongside walls and taunted big purple dudes as I was hanging from the ceiling. The puzzles are quite challenging in the same way Portal is challenging the first time you play it. The game mechanics and physics are just so alien to you that it takes time for your brain to adapt. This game honestly should be as popular as the original Portal was, but that's the plight of indie gaming on steam: no one notices you among heaps of triple A boring brown cover shooters.

Beta Update March 9th : Hi Another busy week is ending with a new beta release! Here's a quick overview of what's changed: 60Hz Mode: - The game defaults to 60 Hz mode, and all known issues have been fixed. - Fixed camera in fan - Fixed train stopping incorrectly - Fixed vegetation painting in editor Map: - Improved performance, so it should run smoothly for everyone. - Rendering fixes. - Added Cassette display when expanding a level - Added Graffiti display (when you've collected it) - Added Powerup display (when you've collected it) - Adjusted Main Game map slightly Audio: - Fixed some incorrect mixer settings (wall jump audio and more) - Added arm swing audio - Adjustments to danger music Levels: - AirStreamTower - Umbrella respawn fix - PogoJump - Fix for counters General: - Added additional Analytics events - Added setting for frame dropping or not (may not work 100%) - Performance improvements - Disabled map/overview in powerup sequence - Disabled map/overview in outtro sequence - Disabled map/overview while driving - Default to 1280x720 fullscreen when starting the first time. Rendering: - Fixed "Counter" to display number correctly - Created actual models for Tower parts - Improved rendering of Depth Of Field - Improved rendering of light volumes - Improved dithering on character transparency Next week will be all about getting the intro sequence going, and some minor fixes to the starting flow of the game, based on all your lovely feedback! Please let us know of any issues you encounter, and keep sending us feedback via email ( or on the Beta Discussion forums here! Have a great weekend!. Release Candidate 0 : Yes, we are nearly there for the release! It's hard to believe it's finally happening - more than 10 years after we started working on Youropa - but what a great feeling it is! As always there are a million things we wanted to fix, but not enough time. We've been going over your reports and our own lists, to find out which details should make the cut. It's been some busy days, but we're pretty happy with what we've got. So without further ado, here are the changes in the latest update - which will be the last before release barring some unforseen incident: Renderer - Adjusted frame timing decrease stuttering, should result in smoother framerate - if you experience a performance decrease please let us know! Achievements - Icons added to Steam Achievements - Corrected the number of cassettes to unlock the K7 achievement from 130 to 139. (Frenchmen will understand why it's K7) Options - Show all input methods for mouse/keyboard input Options - Sorted resolutions correctly Options - Only show options if there is an actual choice to make Controls - Arrow keys can now be used to control the camera Vehicle - Fixed not being properly reset after falling out of level CrumblingBlock - Improved performance Onesider - Audio/Animation sync fixes Wires - Animation adjustments TargetButton - Fix for not returning to upright position after being reset Vehicle - Fixed brake light not turning on/off correctly You - Don't render in Main Menu You - Suction effect on feet when walking on walls and ceilings You - Fix for turning during Overview if carrying specific objects You - Fix for look direction during Overview You - Fix for sidestep animation not playing when on walls / ceilings You - Suction sound when jumping off wall You - Fixed issue in collision callback that could cause crash Dog - Added missing audio to some animations Crash Barriers - Made physical instead of static Hedges - Adjusted collision material Portal - Pushing back while standing in portal activates teleport Portal - Fixed immediate teleportation when picking something up while standing in portal Metro Train - Fixed lights pointing in wrong directions Metro Tracks - Fixed texture tiling Map - Corrected transition in/out of map Map - Transition to level during loading Spot Light - Nicer shadows Spot Light - Volumetric light fixes Audio - Adjusted logo sound Audio - Adjusted day time music Audio - Adjusted dog biting and snapping Audio - Hard landing audio adjusted UI - Fix for incorrect rendering of very slim elements UI - Minor adjustments to layout and button/tooltips Level - RunGate move pickup! Translations - Added missing translations to French (thanks Jeremy) As always, the fun doesn't stop just because we release, so if you do find bugs or things you think could be improved we would be happy to hear from you. Send us an email at and we will do our very best to help you out.. Launch Day! : Its finally, finally release day! We hope all of you enjoy what weve been working on for so long, and we are excited to hear what you think of the game. Thanks to everyone who helped out during beta testing by reporting bugs and suggesting improvements.. Happy You Year! : The first update of the new year brings minor tweaks to gameplay, rendering and fixes a couple of nasty crash issues. We're working on getting the "create while you play" aka "playground mode" ready for a first round of testing, but it's taking a little longer than we had initially anticipated. We hope to have an update for you on that very soon. Here's a list of changes for this version: Crash - Fixed issue with Alt+Tab where directx device was not reset in correct order Crash - Fixed issue where texture compression could crash Crash - Fixed issue where using Overview during power up sequence would crash. Share - Added UI for level previews etc.. Beta Update - May 30th : Hi, After a great showing at Nordic Game last week, we are back to fixing stuff! Some issues are just much easier to spot when watching people play! Here are a list of changes: Gameplay Fixes: - Improved Look/Overview tutorial - Fix for triggers responding to other items on levels with reset mechanism - Should fix crash + missing box in multiple levels - Spraycans can no longer weigh down a button - You - Added collision push back when carrying an item, to prevent it from being dropped on the other side of a thin wall/fence - You - Clear oil when restarting - You - Disabled overview/map while painting - You - Fixed stall when falling into a portal while dead - You - Fixed kicking through fence / thin wall - Dog - Cannot jump while already in the air - Added AreaLock element, to lock combination panels when they are solved. - Corrected collision settings for multiple elements Crash Fixes: - Fixed crash/stall in IK - Should fix stall when picking up items - Fixed crash related to trails (skidmarks/oil) - Should fix crashing in Crazy Car level Rendering Fixes: - Improved culling performance by 500-1000% - Fixed issue where reflections weren't updated when starting the game - Fixed issue where reflections weren't updated after alt/tab in fullscreen - You - Fixed running in air when being pushed quickly from a piston - You - Fixed running animation while pulling back during vertical slide - You - Improved hand posing while carrying items WIP. - Crash barrier - Adjusted model - Lamp Modern - Fixed glows - Properly turn off light volume on lamps being kicked Audio Fixes: - Fixed birds in trees to correctly match time of day. - Fixed audio on lamps being kicked. - Occlusion partially working again. WIP Editor Fixes: - Settings UI adjusted - Grid properly hidden when exiting Editor Level Fixes: - CamsAndBoxes - fix for fall damage - WallWalkAround - fixed Billie Jean Button not locking - RainyCityCenterEnd - minor adjustments - Tiny Tower - minor adjustments As always let us know if you find bugs or think something could be better! Use the feedback form or send an email to to let us know.. Creator Mode - Preview : We've finally gotten to a point where we'd like you to take the Creator Mode (name is not final) for a spin.. Beta Update : Hi We've been fixing things, and here's what's new in the latest beta patch: 60 Hz - Switch in Options Graphics Fixes 60Hz Mode: - Character controls fixed - Jump Height fixed - Ground collision fixed - Editor movement fixed - Customization movement fixed - Overview movement fixed - Rumble works correctly - 99% of things are working correctly in 60Hz now. Known issues in 60Hz: - Camera has issues when inside a fan - Train stops incorrectly General fixes - Intro - Rope attached correctly to you in start sequence - Intro - Rope swing fixes - Intro - UI fixes - Quickly leaving a paint platform doesn't lock you anymore - You will drop a carried item when entering a paint platform - You will drop a carried item when entering a powerup platform - Teleport effect for objects respawning - UI fixed start sign - UI fixed paint platform instructions - Restarting on a wall works :) - Teleport camera smoothed - Camera sequence when painting graffiti - "Wall Jump" audio - Fix for dropping an item when entering overview Level fixes - Dog Chase - fixed floating sign - Upside Down - fixed floating block - Oil Slide - fixed switch As always please report your experience at the end of the session and send us feedback either to or on the Steam Discussion Forums! Thanks for keeping testing!. Pre-Release Update : Yes! We've finally finished getting the last big parts in place, so from now until release it's all about polish and tweaks! Changes in the latest update include: Outtro: - Finished outtro sequence, if you've already played it, try it again. It's so much better now! Other Fixes: - Loading - Improved level loading by a few seconds pr level - Loading - Fixed missing UI when loading with the map visible - Title sequence - Added required logos - Title sequence - Animated Youropa logo - Performance - Removed debug checks for invalid model matrices - Map - Fixed issues related to zoom / move - Create Mode - Default level has a single block, so you don't fall down as the first thing - Create Mode - Fixed keyboard settings for "Set as Starting Level" - Create Mode - Starting Level is now displayed below the level name - Car - Model updated - Powerup Platform - Fixed "spawning box" being deleted after interaction. - Overview Tutorial - Improved visibility of "vantage points" and made text popups match map tutorial. Animation Fixes: - You - Improved carrying animations - You - Improved Inverse Kinematics - You - Improved animations related to the last abilities Audio Fixes: - Powerup Platform - Audio resets correctly - Fruit Baskets - Impact & friction audio - Trees & Bushes - Impact audio - Metal Ball - Impact & friction audio Thanks to all of you who have provided invaluable feedback and found bugs we could never have found on our own. You've really helped us a lot! As always we ask that you leave feedback if you encounter something weird, or feel something could be improved via the questionnaire at the end, or send us an email at!. Beta Signup : On Monday (March 26th) we are sending out the next beta update and a new batch of keys for the closed beta of Youropa. If you want to join the fun, and haven't already signed up for our mailing list yet, now is the time to do it! Go to and sign up now! If you're already signed up and aren't already beta testing, stay cool and wait for Monday :) We're sending out a limited number of keys, so you need to be quick to get one. So even if you are on the list we cannot guarantee you'll get a key.

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