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¿Mis Plantas de Cannabis Necesitan Iluminación Lateral?

Cuando se cultiva una planta de cannabis en interiores, la luz generalmente proviene de una lámpara de cultivo ubicada en la parte superior del espacio de cultivo (armario de cultivo). Esto significa que toda la luz se irradia hacia la planta desde arriba. Sin embargo, cuando se cultiva cannabis al aire libre (cultivo de cannabis), el sol…


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¿El Mejor Lugar para Cultivar Cannabis en Casa?

¿Qué lugares tiene disponibles en su hogar para cultivar? Este tutorial le ayudará a descubrir el mejor lugar para cultivar tus plantas de cannabis en interiores (cultivo interior casero). ¡Tómese un poco de tiempo para planificar su cultivo ahora puede facilitarle las cosas en el futuro!

Estos son algunos de los lugares más comunes donde los cultivadores colocan sus plantas:


Dormitorio (en una carpa…


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La Evaluación de ECO Farm Kit HPS/MH 1000W de Doble Casquillo Compatible Con Controlador

1、Probamos su espectro

Ahora cuelgo esta lámpara en posición vertical y la dejo plana. Según mi práctica anterior de evaluación, primero configuro un sistema de coordenadas para la medición del espacio para esta lámpara. Como se muestra en la figura a continuación: Desde la parte inferior de esta lámpara, que es el punto central de la superficie de la perla de lámpara, verticalmente hacia abajo, es el eje Z. Desde el punto central de la superficie de la perla, la línea central…


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18-6 VS 24-0 Horario de Luz para Cultivo Interior

Algunas personas mantendrán las luces encendidas las 24 horas durante la etapa vegetativa, mientras que otras mantendrán las luces en un horario en el que tienen 18 horas encendidas y 6 horas apagadas todos los días.

¿Cuál es mejor?

La respuesta depende del cultivador que preguntas, e incluso puede ser diferente de una planta a otra. La mayoría de las cepas de marihuanas(cultivo de marihuanas) están bien y florecerán…


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Solución a Los Pulgones

Evite usar insecticidas del sistema nervioso, como malatión, Dursban (clorpirifos) y Orthene (acefato). Están etiquetados para su uso en muchos árboles de sombra y plantas ornamentales para el control de áfidos, pero no son seguros para usar en el cannabis. Si algo no es seguro para usar en plantas comestibles, entonces es probable que no sea seguro usarlo en cannabis (cultivo de cannabis).

1.) Verificar regularmente si hay…


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advance led lights houston tx

Trimlight is an innovative, patented lighting system that allows customers to have permanent, exterior lighting professionally installed on their homes and businesses, eliminating the hassle and worry out of hanging Christmas or holiday lights ever again!

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cannabis grow supplies

Grow Supply Shop carries all of best products and offers the best advice to get you from seeds to plug status in the fastest, most economical way possible.

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Some Great Facts About Tattoos As Well As The Tattooing Process

The other day the Universe led me for amazing video online. Tale showed the relationship between these directory sites who rescued a lion from a bad situation, looked after it subsequently took it Africa collection it release.

This element has a tendency to stimulate gastric acid secretion. The caffeine in coffee sometimes secrete this acid. Hence, you will need stay far from soda has caffeine. That you simply you look into the labels correctly.

The last book I'd like to talk…


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What Causes Muscle Loss

My first two students are graduating this year. Makes me feel pretty old, but the actual beside the aspect. These two gentlemen have been for my studio for 6 years. I am so proud associated with accomplishments! Between them, they've made top chairs at local, regional and state competitions, performed in numerous solo recitals, and i have led their respective bands to higher accomplishments because with the high level talent. They are aiming for scholarships a few time prestigious schools in…


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All Natural Day Spa In Memphis

A no gym workout is ideal for any people who aren't members of a gym, and don't have any equipment of their very own. There have been fascinating methods devised whereby people may use their own bodyweight as a tool to build tendons. Here we show you the secrets of the no gym workout.

If you want "immediate results," surgery may be an alternate. But surgery would also take months to get prepared for and the healing time afterwards get as long too.

Then it hit me: what about…


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How A Person Get Bigger Muscles? Appropriate 2 Factors To Get Right

It concerned nine on a Thursday week. It had been a long week, what with my wife roping me into her perennial obsession with gardening, kids of the neighborhood crawling from their schools and homes to incessantly ring our doorbell demanding popsicles, and high stress to team members to sneakers. I needed a haircut. My lawn needed trimming. The list went on.

If infant were born this week, he/she has over a 99 percent chance of survival with very mild health problems. Your baby would…


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Lose Weight - The Easiest Way Or Most People Way

I have always felt our personality has a major influence our attitudes towards food and workout. I remember my sports playing days specifically how active i was and by domain flipping ate. I was so active that know mater what i ate it would burn discount. This should come as no surprise to a lot of people! Every week another new fad or eating plan comes out, claiming weight loss miracles. Unfortunately such as category creation 'fall off the rails' for some reason or another.

If… Continue

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Quick Acne Treatment - Figure Out How To Cure Your Acne Fast

While some consumers are naturally blessed with perfect skin, others have to work a lot harder to get that it. However, with some effort, shining, luminous skin is definitely something you can get hold of! This article will tell you what to consider to get stunning skin you've been dreaming of.

Nowadays, researchers are continuously studying herbal medicines and its healing advantages to consumers. Besides lower cost, herbal medicines have no adverse bad effects that…


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Nokia N97 Mini Deals - Contains Big In Small Package

LED, short for light-emitting diodes, is often a semiconductor light source. It appeared for the moment you see in 1962 in electronics as a practical component. Since that time it rapidly evolved, and so we will find LED technology in a large collection of internet addresses.

If you have been focusing on abs exercises in your workouts, then you need to alter your work. We've been conditioned to think that "spot reducing" the stomach fat by doing situps and…


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