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Assetto Corsa - Dream Pack 3

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Welcome to DREAM PACK 3, the newest add-on content pack ASSETTO CORSA.
This package adds to Assetto Corsa the legendary circuit of Brands Hatch (UK) 5d3b920ae0

Title: Assetto Corsa - Dream Pack 3
Genre: Indie, Racing, Simulation, Sports
Kunos Simulazioni
Release Date: 15 Dec, 2015


  • OS: Windows Vista Sp2 - 7 Sp1 - 8 - 8.1 - 10
  • Processor: AMD Athlon X2 2.8 GHZ, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHZ


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If it were just for the Abarth 500 Assetto Corse and Brands Hatch, I would still buy it, both are awesome!. Totally work the $4 on sale to throw the Ford Escort around Nordschliefe. Put in 100 litres and leave the rest stock. Giggled like a school girl. Just need Sabine now. Have no idea what the other cars are doing. Don't care.. Firstly i do highly recommend this pack, more then the second pack and ill go into why. Tracks: In this dlc you get both configurations of Brands hatch, the full circuit and the indy circuit. Personally i think its better then Barcelona, it has a got of bends, many fast corners and the laserscanning really goes to show how much the elevation changes on it. Its a serious amount of fun regardless of the car class that you will be utilizing. Cars: Lotus 25: The 25 is a bit crazy, those tyres barely provide any rubber contact and you really feel it, drifters will really enjoy it because its all about being able to hold a drift and being able to do that in an extremely fast manor. Lotus 72: The easiest way to explain this one is to take teh 49, bolt a spoiler to it and throw a more beefy engine in it, its hellish but that makes it fun, its a challenge but its not to the 98t point where you always end up in a ditch with missing fingers and half a spine. It also acts as the rival to the ferrari 312t which is great because it means there are options in that class now. Abarth 500 Assetto corse: Personally I'm not a fan of this car, while its nippy and quick it just feels like its holding back a bit, dont get me wrong its great fun in a race but when its compared to a pack of monsters it falls up a little short. Lamborghini Gallardo: There are two sides to this car, the standard one is nice but its pretty much like the Audi R8 introduced not a long time ago but you just wish that there was a seventh gear. Then there is the monster that is the S3 variant. This behemoth has a bi-turbo that can spit out up to 1200bhp, it is unbalanced as all hell but it rockets off in straight lines like a bullet train, there is monumental levels of fun to be had with it. Lamborghini HURACAN SuperTrofeo: At first glance you might think that this is just like the GT3 variant however its much faster and its part of its own spec series, this gives even more options for potential leagues in the future and if you want competition then it goes up againest the GT2 cars and the single GTE pretty well. Ford Escort RS 1600: For a lot of people this is the star of the show, its simple, its basic, it has power, it has a great sound, a lovely interior, the list of things i can say just goes on and on. I dont think anyone can drive this without a smile on their faces(apart from my mother, she crashed at T1 and thats the end of that) McLaren 650 GT3: My personal favourite, you cant help but love the british beauty, building on the 12C this thing of beauty fits in with the ever increasing GT3 line up of Assetto corsa. It may slack in the straights but it is a whole beast in itself when you enter those corners. Mercedes AMG GT3: I don't like this car, this not bad, kunos isnt at fault, everything about it is great. Its just that its a Mercedes so its my mortal enemy and you know whats great about enemies, the better they are, the better it is to knock them down. Im going to be honest, there are very few dlcs out there that can offer quite the depth that this dlc achieves, its definately worth getting.. The Lamborghini galladro superleggera stage 3 got 1200+ hp , must try! Good DLC overall, hope to see Japanese cars soon. Brands hatch looks and feels great! The cars . oh well tbh the cockpits could use some more 3d detail and sharper textures. I have seen nicer freeware ones that you can just download. Overall recommended but i waited until it was discounted on Steam. The Sim needs some major feature updates it is just not a complete Race Sim yet. They should rather concentrate on that than pushing out new DLCs.. Kunos Simulazioni Has hit it out the park! The Ford Escort is an absolute blast to drive on Brands hatch. If you love Assetto Corsa and have the previous 2 DLC. Why are you even reading the reviews? It's exactly like the previous 2 in terms of content. So a must buy for me. You get a bunch of high quality cars of all types and classes. And an iconic track to drive them on! All that for a steal sum of 7-10dollars.. Assetto Corsa keeps on getting better, Dream Pack 3 adds some great new cars into the game, loving the lambos. The new track is great, you can tell the circuit has been laserscan and is just amazing. For only u00a35 loads of new content.

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